Call of Duty Community Laments Envy of ‘Legendary’ Team as Esports Branch Shuts Down


Call of Duty Community Laments Envy of ‘Legendary’ Team as Esports Branch Shuts Down

A bittersweet symphony has been played in the ears of esports fans. As the roaring voices of the OpTic Gaming brand continue to cascade through the sky, echoing off the green walls with the drumbeat of a victor, Team Envy’s harmonies have finally been outshone, as the legendary vinyl track of noisy neighbors has finally been outshone. It ended.

Team Envy has officially closed its doors on its esports album following a successful merger with OpTic, and while the decision has been welcomed as a smart business venture, the end of the Envy era has marked a sad day.

deeply rooted in Obligations folklore, along with many other esports ventures, the legendary legacy left behind by Envy is now mourned as gamers take to social media to remember the impact of the boys in blue.

Team Envy Closes Esports Branch After OpTic Merger

The end of Envy came with the rocket league the roster eventually moved under the OpTic brand ahead of the RLCS Spring Major in London. The team’s rebranding came after last year’s merger, in which the Dallas Empire was dropped in favor of the Obligations league team OpTic Texas, a move quickly imitated by Halo and VALORANT equipment

Following the closure of esports brand Envy, owner and founder Mike “Hastr0“Rufial and the equivalent of OpTic Hector”H3CZRodríguez took to YouTube to discuss the merger.

Speaking on the H3CZ podcast, Hastr0 said: “I said to myself when we did this, ‘it might not make sense to foster multiple brands and spread out our resources’. But I said ‘let’s see what happens’. So we started building again with both brands and I saw a lot more potential with OpTic and what we were doing.”

“The green wall accepted me. With everything that had happened, I felt accepted by OpTic. For me, it didn’t make sense to take a lot of resources.”

Call Of Duty Pros Cry Team Envy

Team Envy (nV/EnvyUS) are best known for their Obligations history, being the only organization to reach four World Championship finals, winning one in 2016. The iconic “boys in blue” received close enough to every notable veteran of the scene during their 12-year tenure in Obligationstouching the hearts of many superstars we know now.

Patrick “painsPrice was one of the first to take to social media, sharing an image of the pantomime villain doing what he did best: beating OpTic.

Current CDL Major pitcher and former Team Envy Joe player”MerKDe Luca also shared some old-school snaps, with the likes of study“Astacio, Matthew “Formal” Piper and Jordan”jkapKaplan.

The winning duo of the Austin World Championship”slasherLiddicoat and BryanApathyZhelyazkov also relived a passionate moment under the Envy banner.

Team Envy not only acted as a hub for top talent in Obligations history: They even encouraged gamers to make it to the pro game in hopes of representing the brand.

Despite being one of the few players to have represented the blue jersey, Dillon “To attachPrice also took to social media to show his admiration and appreciation for how they influenced his career.

Now Team Envy will rest, at least as an esports brand, but that does not erase the memories of its Obligations legacy.

Since achieving the biggest comeback in the history of Cod esports (overcoming the 0-10 deficit in Uplink versus eUnited), to winning a championship ring under the noses of dynasties, to simply being an elite-run business with avid fans, Envy will be remembered as one of the best Obligations organizations in history.