Benjyfishy Retiring From Fortnite Expands List Of Pros Leaving The Game


Benjyfishy Retiring From Fortnite Expands List Of Pros Leaving The Game

Last week news broke that Benjyfishy was retiring from pro Fortnite. Instead, the player will switch to Valorant. This didn’t come as much of a surprise to everyone, the player has been streaming Valorant almost daily for a while now! However, Benjy retiring from Fortnite means the game is losing one of its most recognizable pros.

He’s also not the first player to jump out of the game lately. Is this the start of a rotation for Fortnite esports or just a general renunciation of attrition?

Benjyfish retires Fortnite

Benjyfishy retires from Fortnite

For a while, Benjyfishy has been in the top tier of players in Europe for Fortnite. He may not be the best Fortnite player, but he has been at the top tier from time to time. Sadly, the player has never actually held that FNCS champion title, but has come close many times. He has also placed well in the World Cup. The player has often been known for his great mechanical ability. This could make it perfect for transitioning into competitive Valorant.

Benjyfishy has been streaming Valorant quite regularly lately. While he hasn’t worked as hard as some on Fortnite, it’s clear that his interest in the game went beyond variety content for streaming. Benjyfishy retiring from Fortnite probably isn’t the biggest surprise at the time. The player will leave a game to try to compete in Valorant in the future.

Benjyfish Twitter removes Fortnite

Speaking of his retirement, Benjyfishy said:

“I recently fell in love with Fortnite, I used to be able to play it for eight or 10 hours a day, but even last season I was only playing during tournaments. I’ve been playing a lot of Valorant recently, on and off stream, it’s really the most fun I’ve had playing it, probably since the Fortnite World Cup or playing trios with Mitro and Mongraal.

It’s clear he’s having more fun with Valorant, but can he successfully transition into a new game as a pro?

Can Fortnite players move to Valorant?

You might think that games like Valorant are a lot less casual than Fortnite. However, high level Fortnite encourages a lot of mechanical skill. The grind required to get high level building mechanics goes beyond what many games expect. Many Fortnite players have found success in other titles thanks to this. BenjyFishy retiring from Fortnite leaves him free to play in a game like Valorant.

Given that he was one of the best mechanical players in the game for a while, Benjy is in a good position to start in Valorant. The abilities may not translate 100%, but the sheer mechanical skill of playing Fortnite at this level will help Benjy in whatever game he’s moving into. He has a good chance of ending up playing pretty high-tier Valorant, and we’re sure he’ll make an appearance on a roster soon.

A good example of a Fortnite pro using their skills in other games at Jojopyun. He was a Fortnite pro who left the game and has had great success in LoL ever since. LoL isn’t even a marksman, but his time in Fortnite prepared him for this career in LoL. In that game, he won a recent 2022 LCS spring playoff.

Fortnite players may not have abilities that translate as quickly as Overwatch does to Valorant. However, they are definitely poised to enter other games with much success if they apply the same grind. Retiring from Fortnite, BenjyFishy has the potential to lead Valorant to gain a pretty skilled player.

Is Fortnite having trouble retaining pro players?

Benjyfishy’s retirement from Fortnite is a loss for the game, but he’s far from the first player to leave lately. Chapter 3 has seen quite a few professionals stray from the title. The most notable was Saf.

Saf’s reasons for quitting were a bit different than BenjyFishy’s for retiring from Fortnite. He cited problems with organizations that led to his disillusionment with the game in general. However, he also quit at the start of a new chapter, which would have required a lot of grinding and adaptation. Zayt also retired at the end of last year. Matsoe also left the game due to exhaustion. Fortnite needs to play to be creative and it matches up pretty regularly to stay on top of the stack. Even with the game’s impressive prize pools, this will take its toll on players.

Fortnite Chapter 3 has been quite successful in the wider games. While some pro gamers seem to be walking away, the game has brought back top streamers like Ninja and Tfue. This would seem to mean that the issue isn’t entirely with how Epic is updating the game. Players across the board seem happy with Epic’s content. Players leaving seems to have more to do with exhaustion and the way Fortnite players have to push themselves.

Fortnite has one of the most open esports scenes, making it easy for gamers to try professional games. On top of this, their regular prize pools are some of the biggest in esports. This makes it easy for new players to come in as they go. Each new FNCS sees new players jump to the highest level. Even if some of the old guard is wearing thin in Fortnite, the game always has a supply of new skillful players to step in.