10 Things Fans Want From Resident Evil 4 Remake, According To Reddit


10 Things Fans Want From Resident Evil 4 Remake, According To Reddit

The summer has been a good one for gamers eager for new reveals and announcements, and the recent PlayStation State of Play and Capcom Showcase were especially exciting for demonic resident fans. Although at the time it was one of the worst kept secrets in the video game industry, the new version of Resident Evil 4 was formally revealed to much fan acclaim.

Often regarded as one of the best games ever made, there’s a lot of love for the original. RE4But even with those high expectations, Capcom has done an excellent job in recent years to redeem its image. Fans on Reddit are hoping for several things to come for its March 2023 release, including a modernized adaptation that still hasn’t forgotten its roots.


The original Campiness brand

Leon holding his pistol in the promotional art for the remastered version of the original RE4.

demonic resident has been a pioneer in the survival horror genre, but somewhat noteworthy and at the same time loved from the original RE4 It was his dose of campiness. redditor divine potato expressed how much they liked that story element, saying that “I just hope they keep the cheeky dialogue from the original. I’ll be really upset if I don’t get ‘Where’s everybody going? Bingo?’ and ‘No thanks, bro.'”

While the demonic resident The series can be scary as expected, they weren’t afraid to throw in some silliness to lighten the tension from time to time. It’s something that has aged surprisingly well given all the Resident Evil 4 remasters released before this upcoming remake. And even in all the games in the series so far, RE4The campiness brand was particularly enchanting to longtime fans.

A stage A and B similar to RE2 Remake

Leon and Claire running away in Resident Evil 2

Part of what helped Capcom win back so much goodwill among the community was demonic resident‘s revitalization with 7 and the remake of two. However, the latter is the most relevant in this case, and if the way that remake was executed is anything to go by, then fans should be in good hands.

More specifically, some fans like Redditor SpiderPidge they are hopeful that “after completing the original over 30 times, I’m excited to play (what seems like) an A and B scenario for RE4.” the stories in resident evil 2 they’re pretty terse, but what helped their replay value tremendously was having Scenario A and B routes for Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

A bolder adaptation

Leon pointing his gun against a background of fire in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

While some fans will understandably hope that the Resident Evil 4 remake is as faithful to the original game as possible, others wouldn’t be averse to taking this opportunity for a bolder adaptation. redditor diedungeon he feels that the high quality of the original is precisely the justification for a reimagining, saying that he believes “RE4 is one of those games that I would consider almost perfect (with the imperfections that make it a diamond), so a remake would benefit trying to do something completely new.”

The approach to remakes can be like walking a creative tightrope. However, revisiting a game that will be 18 years old when the remake is released should be a good reason to be more inventive with it instead of repeating the original, as long as it remains honorable to its spirit.

laser pointer crosshair

Resident Evil 4 remaster game with Leon targeting a cultist.

On the mechanical and gameplay side, fans are also expecting a return and a stripped down version of Resident Evil 4The gun game for the remake. redditor Ibyyriff I felt that it is an aspect of the game from the RE2 remake that could improve, commenting that “I just hope they bring back the laser aiming of the original instead of the damn inaccurate crosshair from the RE2 remake”, and wepmajoe he agreed, saying, “Beyond being more accurate, it’s also much more intense and immersive.”

It’s a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but one that could make for an even smoother gaming experience. The laser sight looks like the perfect combination of a quality of life feature that still fits into a great high-stakes horror game atmosphere.

The new twist of Salazar & Enemy Variety

Ramón Salazar in the original RE4 in a colonial-themed outfit.

It’s definitely on the aforementioned campier side of the original. Resident Evil 4, but the main villain Salazar has become a fan-favorite antagonist of the series in his own way. But camp or not, it seems like fans are bound to see a new version of him since he was so intertwined with 4the plot of

redditor lambdaleth he was upbeat, saying, “I’m also excited to see what they do with Salazar and the variety of enemies. We only get a brief glimpse of Saddler, but he already looks amazing.” The creative monstrosities of RE4 and what was achieved RE2 should be, once again, signs of encouragement in this department. With the new version less than a year away, more should be revealed relatively soon.

Avoid the RE3 Remake development rush

Promotional art for the Resident Evil 3 remake featuring Jill and Carlos with guns drawn and Nemesis lurking overhead.

resident evil 2Capcom’s remake quickly proved to be one of Capcom’s best games, and that success just as quickly paved the way for RE3The remake of a year later. But while critical reception was generally positive, it was noticeably less than RE2.

redditor brawli55 was enthusiastic about the game, but admitted, “I hope this isn’t a rushed job like one felt and they took the time to do it. It’s not like they don’t have a lot of the assets already built with RE Village.” done.” There is valid criticism for Resident Evil 3as many longtime fans were disappointed with how short the game was due to the odd amount of content cut from the original PS1 game.

Action toned down, Survival-Horror emphasized

Leon walking at night towards a sinister and dilapidated town in RE4.

part of what he did resident Evil 6 a game so panned by fans and average critics alike was the way it shed any semblance of survival horror in favor of Hollywood-level action. But while it was exacerbated in that game, it can be argued that the signs of that slippery slope started in Resident Evil 4as acclaimed as it was.

redditor blue paws he said, “I think it would be great if they removed a lot of those action elements and this remake had more of the spirit of the remake of RE2.” Given the tone and atmosphere on display at the State of Play and Capcom Showcase presentations, it sounds like he’s headed down that path.

Virtual Reality Substantive Content

Resident Evil 4 VR gameplay.

While VR didn’t launch as the massive gaming revolution some might have thought when the technology was first teased for the medium, it ultimately spawned some worthwhile experiences. Virtual reality versions of Resident Evil 7 and the original RE4 were some of them, taking full advantage of the immersive elements of survival and horror that virtual reality can allow.

the Resident Evil 4 The new version in the trailer was confirmed to have VR support in development, but some fans are concerned about the wording. redditor ptb4life “VR ‘content’ has me worried. They need to do the whole game. That would be awesome. Just ‘content’ sounds… underwhelming.”

Alternative costumes

Claire's original RE2 look as an alternate outfit in the new version.

Having alternate skins/costumes is an even smaller aesthetic detail in the scope of the game as a whole, but it’s certainly one that adds a nice flavor of variety and customization to player experiences. demonic resident games have included this in the past, even long before Capcom’s most recent revival, and fans are hoping that aspect will expand.

redditor johnhancock1777 he said, “I hope we get a bunch of alternate costumes for this one, the RE3 remake was very disappointing in that regard.” Alternate costumes are always a fun added feature, and since Leon and Ada Wong are longtime favorites, there should be plenty of room for creativity.

Preserve weapon viability

The Killer7 pistol in the inventory menu of Resident Evil 4.

When it comes to weapons, some fans agree to be much more faithful to the original game compared to the direction more recent sequels have taken. Resident Evil 4 implemented a system where weapons had unique attributes to take into account when doing inventory management.

redditors like it Liquids_Patriots I hope this is preserved from the original and improved from Village, saying “The weapons in Village were made to be replaced, there was no reason to keep the old ones. Whereas in 4 and 5 all the weapons were viable because they all specialized in different things.” Bringing back this mechanic would likely make progression less linear and more rewarding for player freedom.

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