The best weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone


The best weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone

It is clear that call of duty: war zone is proving to be a big hit with gamers as it brings the Obligations multiplayer in the free Battle Royale genre where games like Fortnite Y PUBG they have been entertaining fans for years. The developers have clearly reduced their energy in other Obligations games and increased their efforts for this particular game.

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For everyone to just dive in call of duty: war zone, it is important to know what weapons to look for in order to stay alive until the bitter end of the match. Based on the current metagame, here are the weapons that seem to be in the hands of winners and help players survive longer.

Updated June 28, 2022 by Hodey Johns: Call of Duty: Warzone is just getting started. Activision-Blizzard has announced that after the next release, there will no longer be annual fees. Some franchises would see this as the beginning of the end, but with Warzone gone, it just means more attention is going to be put on this extremely profitable and popular game. This item hasn’t been updated since Season One, so balances and patches have removed some of the old contenders from this list. It may seem like sad news, but take heart! New weapons have been added and improved that will fill the void in the heart of any veteran player.


14 RAM-7

The overall win rate on other weapons may be higher for the general public, but when people watch the pros play and stream, their weapon of choice is the RAM-7, which is harder to use until upgraded and customized .

The weapon is already a laser when it fires a steady stream, so adding the 50-round magazine to the RAM-7 creates a nearly endless stream of bullets. Combining this with an ideal loadout makes this thing a total demon to re-up.




10 Kar98k

Typically, when shooting at opponents, players only shoot one or two before triangulating the shooter’s location or taking cover, so it’s important to make those shots count. The Kar98k Marksman Rifle deals a lot of damage per shot and is a great long range weapon.

Reload and rate of fire are nothing to write home about, but take out most opponents with a single shot. Paired with one of the most overbearing rifle attachments in the game, this thing unleashes the legendary status that comes with the tag. If there’s only time for one shot, use this weapon to make it count.


8 MP5

The MP5 is a step up from the MP7 in many ways. It has a great rate of fire, decent damage, and has the advantage of hitting targets at medium range. This is a great weapon to have on the run thanks to its high handling and can serve well indoors and outdoors.

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This thing is really dangerous with a suppressor and a lot of players like it for stealth combat. Being able to fire off a ton of shots without the enemy realizing where the bullets are coming from has been key to many tournament wins.


The AUG has made it onto several recommended lists for good reason, this thing is a beast in close-quarters combat and holds its own at mid-range. It is a possible upgrade to the MP5 or MP7, as it has better mobility, better damage, high accuracy, and can hit targets at medium range.

It struggles at mid and long range and there are no barrel attachments to improve it. But including it in the loadout is critical for players who want to survive to the end of the game, as they’ll find themselves pushed into tighter spaces where this thing shines the brightest.

6 M4A1

Many fans are convinced that the M4A1 is king in call of duty: war zone. It’s deadly at close to medium ranges thanks to being fully automatic, and when fired in bursts it can be very dangerous at medium to long ranges. It gets even more ridiculous when paired with one of the best attachments in the game for an assault rifle.

Due to this versatility, it is a great weapon in the hands of someone trying to survive the battle royale and the attachments only make it more powerful. It’s no wonder LMG users expect upgrades, as assault rifles like the M4A1 exist.


The only weakness of HDR is the somewhat high bullet drop. But after a few games working with it, veterans who can make up for the drop find they prefer this rifle over any other because of its sheer stopping power. Most don’t even fix the dropout on a load, they just add more power.

And why not? Until sliding and diving are improved, HDR is a one-shot kill dealer, a kill that’s not a bad choice even in tight quarters.

4 Type 100

Think of the biggest problems with using an SMG. Bad range, bad recoil, low bullet damage, those are all valid criticisms. Now imagine that they are gone. That’s what players get when using the Type 100, a high-damage, constant, laser-firing weapon that knocks down even mid-range opponents.

Unless enemies get lucky and find some intrusive dynamic assets to hide in, the Type 100 will win just about any competition that equally talented players find themselves in at the same time.

3 JAK-12

Many players mistakenly believe that shotguns won’t be useful until zombies return to the game. The JAK-12 has one of the lowest pickup rates of any weapon in the game. And yet, it reigns at the top of the win rates for shotguns and is a top five weapon overall.

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Analysts will have no trouble identifying why. A shotgun that uses a drum instead of individual cartridges or magazines is, at first glance, revolutionary. In close quarters and late games, the JAK-12 is preferable to weapons that see use earlier in the game. Survive long enough in a match and the JAK-12 only grows in power.

two STG44

Someone tell the devs that while some aspects of the game require improvements, the STG44 probably needs a nerf. This assault rifle fires like a laser at absurd distances, taking the best qualities of a sniper rifle and adding a high rate of fire.

It’s such a high rate of fire that, at close ranges, it’s the equivalent of having a superior SMG. If players decide to only use one weapon for the entire match, let it be the STG44, as it works in all situations.

1 ZRG 20mm

Did you just get shot from the entire length of the map with a single hit within seconds of joining a game? Before you ask a developer to take away the cheater’s weapons, keep in mind that the player may not be cheating at all. They could only have the 20mm ZRG.

It wasn’t enough that the sniper rifle had the longest range of any weapon in the game, it also has the highest speed. All other stats are at least above average. With the proper loadout, this weapon will make opponents break their keyboards.

call of duty: war zone It is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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