Minecraft PS5: release date and everything we know


Minecraft PS5: release date and everything we know

Minecraft Java and Bedrock are two versions of the game that we all know and love. While Java is specifically for PC, Bedrock is designed for other gaming platforms. However, you may have noticed that there is no official Minecraft PS5 release.

Minecraft Bedrock is now available on a variety of platforms. These include Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

So why isn’t there an official release yet and when can we expect one? Here’s everything we know about Minecraft PS5.

Minecraft PS5 release date

While Minecraft Bedrock has updates for Xbox Series X|S, there are no updates for PlayStation 5. These updates optimize Minecraft for the latest operating systems and take advantage of all the new features on consoles.

While there is an update for Xbox Series X|S, it is important to note that it still has few changes and support. Microsoft has not released an optimized version of Minecraft for its own consoles. While there should be a patch soon, there is no official word on it yet.

Still, Minecraft PS5 does not have the updates that these limited updates include. So while it’s still possible to play Minecraft on your PlayStation 5, you’re just not reaping the benefits.

We can be sure that there will be no Minecraft on PS5 until Xbox Series X|S gets it. And unfortunately, there’s no release date for that either.

If we were to take a photo in the dark, we’d say there could be an update in November. However, we often see Minecraft updates later in the year, especially around Minecon/Minecraft Live.

Everything we know about Minecraft for PS5

There is not much information at the moment about Minecraft on PS5. In fact, we haven’t heard anything from Microsoft or Sony. Instead, we only have information from game developers on Twitter or rumored leaks.

For example, tom warrenthe senior editor of Verge, has shown the RTX preview on Twitter.

But just because RTX isn’t out yet doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an update for Minecraft PS5.

Does Minecraft PS4 work on PS5?

Because new game consoles have backwards compatibility, you can play the PS4 version on PS5. While this isn’t perfect or ideal, it’s the best PS5 owners can do right now.

You can install the PS4 game on your PlayStation 5 using the store or a physical game disc. You can also transfer your game files using a WiFi connection. Either way, you’ll be able to play your old files on your PS5.

Plus, you can still take advantage of all the features of Bedrock. For example, you will still have access to the Marketplace and you will be able to play cross-platform. However, you’ll still need PlayStation Plus to play with friends online.

Why do you wait for her?

But Minecraft Bedrock has been around for a while, so why wait?

There have been two theories that have been circulating. The first is that Microsoft is trying to cash in on an update that’s only available to Xbox gamers. Since Microsoft owns Mojang and Xbox, trying to convert Minecraft fans into Xbox customers is a fair strategy.

The other theory is that there is no urgent need for it. Most Minecraft fans can download Minecraft from the play store and play the latest version of Minecraft. And sure, you may not have all the latest content, but players can still run Minecraft on PS5.

As we mentioned earlier, fans of the sandbox game can always load up their PS4 version of the game. And because Bedrock is cross-platform, you can still play online with friends.

Lastly, it may just be the fact that Minecraft isn’t quite ready for newer gaming platforms. For example, Minecraft is still testing Ray Tracing for Xbox Series X|S. There has been no official release or updates, nor are there any planned dates. So we may not see a Minecraft optimized for PS5 or Xbox Series X|S until they’ve cracked this.

Minecraft Legends PS5

minecraft legends wallpaper
Image via Mojang

We must consider that Mojang is developing a new game that will be available on all consoles.

Since PS5 owners can still play Minecraft, Mojang might have turned its attention to Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game that aims to please Minecraft fans and new players alike. The game is planned to be released in 2023. Mojang has even outsourced a game developer called interactive blackbird.

It definitely sounds like they have their hands full.

final thoughts

That’s all we know about Minecraft PS5 at the moment. However, we are keeping an eye out for any updates, so please check back regularly.

In short, there is no official version of Minecraft PS5, but that does not stop you from playing Minecraft. Also, you can load previous generations of Minecraft on your PlayStation, such as Minecraft for PS4.

However, it is not an ideal solution. Minecraft for PS4 will not take advantage of all the new features of PS5.

We will have to wait patiently for Microsoft and Mojang to release a PS5 version of Minecraft. A version of Minecraft that is specifically adapted for newer consoles.

Do you think there is a need for a PS5 version of Minecraft? Or are you happy with the current version? Let us know in the comments below.

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