8 lessons to learn from the Resident Evil 2 remake


8 lessons to learn from the Resident Evil 2 remake

Capcom recently announced the release date of March 24, 2023 for the new version of Resident Evil 4. The game has also been confirmed to be a reimagining, with many elements modified to fit a modern style of gameplay and storytelling. resident evil 2 also underwent a similar redesign, and the latest entry will do just fine when adapting similar elements.

resident evil 2The remake of became a huge critical success thanks to the various ways it overhauled the original game. These range from the dynamic of Leon S. Kennedy with Ada Wong, the presence of enemies like Mr. X, and the level design of Raccoon City. Leon’s upcoming adventure in rural Spain against the parasite Las Plagas has high expectations, but he can deliver on those expectations by following a few tried and tested details.


An enemy that chases the protagonist

Mr. X walking down a hallway in Resident Evil 2

This is one of the changes. Resident Evil 4 should make the original game, as the lack of a pursuing antagonist can have the effect of making players feel too safe. resident evil 2 Mr. X was stalking Leon and Claire throughout the game, forcing fans to tap into their survival instincts.

Resident Evil 4 has even more terrifying enemies due to the most dangerous virus strain, opening up the potential for an intimidating Mr. X-like creature. With the expansive environment that Resident Evil 4 offers, having a monster like Mr. X following players around will be a particularly adrenaline-pumping experience.

Reproductions of two protagonists

Leon, Ashely and Ada fighting zombies in Resident Evil 4

Although most fans agree that Ashley is the worst sidekick in the demonic resident series, changes can be made to the new version to make her a secondary protagonist. After all, Ashley was held separately, leaving enough room for her to have certain sequences dedicated to her as part of the game.

Ada Wong is another great candidate for an additional protagonist for players to control, which may be similar to Claire’s role in resident evil 2. The game increased its replay value by introducing two main characters, along with separate sequences featuring Sherry Birkin and Ada. Resident Evil 4 it should feature a similar style of gameplay so fans can get their money’s worth.

Dark environments with hidden enemies

Trailer for the new version of Resident Evil 2

It was interesting to see a funnier Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, which carried a cutesy vibe and a very bright filter. The remake is meant to be scarier and this point can be set by adapting resident evil 2The style of presenting enemies in dark environments.

The game had various levels like sewers where monsters and zombies jumped on Leon and Claire without warning. These kinds of suddenly terrifying sequences will do wonders at amplifying the feeling of terror of Resident Evil 4in addition to keeping players alert for a possible attack.

Unique weapons for separate protagonists

Resident Evil 2 Remake Armory Kendo

Leon and Claire had similar checks on resident evil 2 but subtle differences made their campaigns different. One of the aspects was the variation in her weapons, with Claire carrying smaller firearms to accommodate her smaller body while Leon held the weapons that had additional firepower.

Resident Evil 4 should have different weapons for Leon and Ada, since the latter is not an agent like the main character. Ada will be better suited to firearms that relate to her spy status. resident evil 2 gave Ada more tech gadgets to use, which can be expanded in Resident Evil 4Leon’s New Version: Leon’s weapons can still be of the powerful variety.

Action elements that contrast with the horror atmosphere

Resident Evil 2 Remake Mr X Tyrant

resident evil 2 is primarily a horror game with an overall atmosphere that reflects this theme. However, the title didn’t shy away from embracing action-packed material, most notably during boss fights in which Leon and Claire made use of blunt weaponry against the likes of William Birkin and Mr. X.

Resident Evil 4The remake of may lean towards the horror genre, but it has more potential to be an action experience. The game should take a page of resident evil 2The book of devoting sequences purely to heavy, fast-paced gameplay. This will allow players to feel empowered after passing other parts looking for ways to survive.

References to previous games

Resident Evil 2 Remake Letter from Jill

resident evil 2 made references to Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, with the former linked to the original demonic resident while Jill had to do with the fact that Resident Evil 3The events of were running simultaneously. Resident Evil 4 You can carry this element forward by adding Easter eggs alluding to the other protagonists.

demonic resident The media has established that Chris, Claire, and Jill were all busy with their own missions during Resident Evil 4The events of and the remake may leave references for Leon to find. These Easter Eggs will remind players of the larger universe and that Albert Wesker is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Expansive environments designed as mazes

Resident Evil 2 Police Station Cover

resident evil 2 It has an interesting level design, as the missions are separated according to environments such as the police station, the sewers and the Umbrella laboratories. The areas become interesting through various puzzles that need to be solved, and the protagonists find clues to open up new places to access.

Resident Evil 4 it will become a much more immersive experience if you incorporate this level design, especially since the remake will feel like a whole new game to those who have played the original. Places like Ramón Salazar’s castle and the town will have more depth if the title allows players to explore all the avenues of these environments.

Greater romantic dynamic between Leon and Ada

Leon and Ada about to kiss in Resident Evil 2

Ada is generally considered one of the best female leads in horror games, mainly because she’s so hard to predict. She has never been a true hero but she has never become a villain either because of her feelings for Leon. resident evil 2The new version of altered their relationship from the original to be completely romantic, as Ada was shown kissing Leon.

Resident Evil 4The remake of should ideally follow this altered canon and expand on its romantic dynamic. The original entry didn’t do much more than tease their attraction, but the new version has a chance to turn them into something of a battle couple experiencing an upturn in their relationship.

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