The 10 Best Ax Enchantments In Minecraft, Ranked


The 10 Best Ax Enchantments In Minecraft, Ranked

Minecraft it is full of options for the player that are not limited to exploration and creation. Players can use a number of weapons and tools and equip those items with special enchantments. Some enchantments are great for attacking specific enemies, while others are great for extracting resources. However, some enchantments cannot be combined with others, so choosing the right ones is key.

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Axes can only hold a few enchantments, so when deciding which one to use, players need to think about what they will be using their ax for. Axes are primarily used to mine wood, but because they can deal more damage to enemies than a sword, they’re also an excellent choice for battle.

10 Curse Of Vanishing is a good joke

The Curse of Vanishing is not so much an enchantment as it is a nightmare. When attached to an item, it causes that item to disappear upon the player’s death. The Curse of Vanishing can be found through loot from chests, fishing, and trading.

This particular enchantment is extremely frustrating. Unless players want to trick a teammate into giving them an ax with Vanishing attached, it’s best to avoid it. It might also be a good idea to check discarded axes for the vanishing enchantment before picking them up.

9 Bane Of Anthropods is for those who hate spiders

Bane of Anthropods is a necessary enchantment for any player, especially those who hate spiders, looking to quickly get rid of pesky bug-like creatures. This enchantment is only effective against spiders, bees, endermites, cave spiders, and silverfish.

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While only effective against these particular enemies, Bane of Anthropods dispatches them instantly. Spiders can be extremely annoying when you are exploring. Removing them quickly is very convenient. The damage can be increased by leveling up the enchantment to level five.

8 Silk Touch is a resource management assistant

While other enchantments are useful for the crafting, mining, or fighting aspects of Minecraft, Silk Touch is designed for the survival side of things. When players mine a block with the Silken Touch enchantment, the item being broken does not transform into its component pieces.

Instead, the object in question will remain whole. Silk Touch becomes an extremely useful tool for players looking to better manage their resources. Perfect for Minecraft For players who don’t have an actual home base, Silk Touch is a must-have enchantment.

7 Gather more resources with Fortune

When players are looking to harvest some wood by chopping down trees, a great enchantment is Fortuna. Fortune grants the player more drops of a single item, however, there is a slight problem.

The Fortuna enchantment comes with a limitation: it will not work when players are harvesting trees, unless the enchantment has been equipped on their axe. On the plus side, for those who feel bad about felling a forest to build a house, using Fortune means fewer trees have to fall.

6 From chopping to slicing

For players who prefer an ax as a weapon when facing enemies, Cleaving, originally called Chopping, is a great enchantment to have. Slashing increases the player’s ax damage output, but also increases shield stun chances.

Cleave is an extremely useful enchantment to have the ax equipped. When players fight hordes that have shielded enemies, they will quickly find themselves at a huge advantage. Players should note that Cleaving is not compatible with the Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Anthropods enchantments.

5 Efficiency speeds up the mining process

Efficiency is a great charm for players who love building and mining. Players looking to gather a large amount of resources will want to have Efficiency equipped on their axe, as it increases the speed at which they can mine a block.

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Because the ax works at a fast rate, it will also decay faster than normal. If players want to get the most out of the efficiency, they should combine it with the Mending or Unbreaking enchantments, which will allow them to get the most out of their ax as well.

4 Smite destroy those undead enemies

For any of the paranormal exterminators or undead warriors, Smite is the perfect charm for them. Smite enhances the ax’s ability to kill undead enemies, equipping it with the power to kill said enemies almost instantly.

The Smite Charm is effective against a large number of enemies including: Skeletons, Withers, Zombie Pigmen, Zombies, Strayed, Wither Skeleton, Skeleton Horses, Husks, Drowned, and Phantoms. Because these enemies often spawn in the lower areas of map levels, players should equip Smite to quickly dispatch them without much hassle.

3 Sharpness is effective against all enemies

Sharpness is a great enchantment for the ax as it increases its damage against all enemies, unlike Smite or Bane of Anthropods. Axes are a great weapon against enemies, although their charge is slow. Adding Sharpness will increase the damage dealt by the axe, while countering its slower charge.

Sharpness can be acquired through Anvil by sacrificing a book with sharpness level 5 to get the enchanted axe. Sharpness can be leveled up to five times, adding a significant boost to damage dealt to pesky enemies.

two Unbreakable Quadruple Durability

The Unbreakable enchantment does exactly what players expect it to do. Increases the durability of weapons and tools to the point of being nearly indestructible. When a player is in a battle or trying to gather resources, having their ax break in the middle of it all is extremely frustrating.

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To make their tasks easier, players can combine Unbreakable with Proficiency, creating a durable and extremely useful tool. The weapon will still degrade over time, but the ax will last much longer than normal.

1 Constant repair with XP and repair

weapons and tools in Minecraft degrade and eventually break. This can be especially annoying when players are desperately chopping down a forest and run out of tools to finish the job.

The best way to avoid this frustration, aside from carrying lots of axes, is the Mending enchantment. The Mending enchantment uses XP to repair the axe, which means it will last almost forever, as long as there is a good pool of XP to perform the repairs.

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