Resident Evil 4 remake may behave like a sequel to Resident Evil 2 remake


Resident Evil 4 remake may behave like a sequel to Resident Evil 2 remake

Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield were finally kicked out of demonic residentThe cobwebbed character shelf was given a renewed life with the new version of resident evil 2. In a monumental departure from the original’s tank controls, static camera, and polygon models, the resident evil 2 The remake offered a third-person survival horror game with modern gameplay. Later, Jill Valentine received the same treatment in a new version of Resident Evil 3and the fourth installment is scheduled below with a new version of Resident Evil 4.


Each of the original mainline entries has a large fan base with players who had expectations for the new versions, and Resident Evil 4 It’s no different. In fact, the stakes are high. Resident Evil 4 remake because of how beloved the original is and how impactful it was as a turning point for the franchise. The gameplay will probably be similar to the demonic resident remakes that came before, but one of the most intriguing parts of the Resident Evil 4 remake will be how it finally creates a cohesive narrative that connects resident evil 2 with Resident Evil 4 and illustrating Leon’s character development.

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Leon’s solemnity in Resident Evil 4 Remake is in response to Resident Evil 2 Remake

Players can imagine how Leon’s experiences in the original resident evil 2 affected him from then on, but there is no succinct line between the second and fourth original installments in the franchise. The remake reinvented certain sequences and changed aspects of the A and B sides of each playable character, but it’s undeniable how much it modernized the gameplay and visuals while nostalgically respecting certain iconography of the original.

Leon and Claire had personalities and emotional qualities in the original, but with modern performances they are given a whole new presentation that is used to portray them as fleshed out characters. Unfortunately, unless Resident Evil Code: Veronica is redone, fans won’t get to see how the events in Raccoon City affected Claire.

But because Leon’s character actor and model is reportedly returning for the new version of Resident Evil 4, can be called a coherent sequel. Also, the next Resident Evil 4 it’s called an awakening rather than a remake, implying that it will uphold and maintain the same modern horror that Capcom embraced in their remake of resident evil 2.

This means that Leon’s experiences and ideologies will effectively carry over from the resident evil 2 new version and its discouragement, as shown in the Resident Evil 4 The reveal trailer for the remake will be palpable and understandable. in the original Resident Evil 4Leon is still committed to rescuing Ashley, but he’s also sarcastic and witty, resulting in many of the game’s iconic and cheesy one-liners. The remake likely won’t feature any such dialogue or ingenuity, especially if Leon is still mourning Ada and sees the post-apocalyptic world in a grim way.

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Future Resident Evil remakes still need to tell a cohesive narrative

the Resident Evil 3 new version shows that it is also a sequel to the resident evil 2 remake, Kendo being their clearest connective tissue between them. But character development between distant installments in demonic resident is uncommonly illustrated due to how often the franchise undergoes metamorphosis in terms of character rotation or gameplay transformation.

That’s why the Resident Evil 4 The remake has a lot of potential, because it can show that what Leon went through in Raccoon City has had an effect on his decision-making or reactions to events in rural Spain, like his reaction to Ada being alive. Although the number of potential installments demonic resident remake are winding down, it’s hard to imagine that Capcom would end its remake series with Resident Evil 4 when remakes have become so lucrative for the franchise.

If there are indeed more remakes in development, any game Capcom is remaking needs to tell a cohesive narrative that can illustrate or demonstrate relationships and events in a way that is more salient than previously depicted. Either way, Leon will now have more cohesive development between his first two appearances thanks to these remakes.

Resident Evil 4 Remake launches on March 24, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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