Minecraft Warden 1.19: everything you need to know


Minecraft Warden 1.19: everything you need to know

With Minecraft Warden finally added to the game in the latest 1.19 update, we can confidently state that he is a force to be reckoned with. And unless he has spent the last two months staying strictly in the Overworld and not mining at all (wow. Look at you all rich and stuff), you’ve probably run into him at least once.

The Warden is more than just a boss in Minecraft. With his own new biome, a specific way to spawn, and a ridiculous array of upgraded stats, he exists solely to lure players away from the old Deep Dark cities.

the guardian minecraft
The Minecraft Warden and the Darkness effect it gives players.

Minecraft Warden is the last big bad boss of Overworld. In the same way that The End has the Ender Dragon, and the Nether has Wither, the Overworld now has Warden. And boy, whoever came up with his name deserves a promotion.

Who is the guardian in Minecraft?

The Warden is not just a random hostile mob that spawns in the world. In fact, he can’t randomly spawn at all. There is a chance that he will come out of the ground and basically guarantee your death at his hands.

It does not reproduce on the ground. In fact, it only appears in its own specific biome, Deep Dark, which is mostly found in underground caves and ancient cities. (We’ll have a guide on the new biomes in 1.19 soon.) This usually just means caves and other open underground areas with minimal lighting.

who is the warden in minecraft
The Deep Dark (on the surface because I spawned a single biome world)

What does the guardian do in Minecraft?

The Guardian is not your enemy. But that doesn’t mean he’s your friend either. The official Minecraft Wiki refers to it as a natural disaster and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Your job description is literally in the name. His only role in the game, so far, is Warden (i’m not sorry about that) takes you away from the Deep Dark and the treasures it hides.

But let’s say you accidentally ended up activating a Sculk Shrieker and summoning a Warden. What is your job? Well, uhh, good luck, try to put your things in a chest where you will remember it and wait for the Guardian to end your existence.

minecraft guardian death
How was my encounter with the Minecraft Warden

In the context of the screenshot above, I was wearing full netherite gear and still died in two hits. (Honestly, it took me by surprise too)

Where does the guardian appear?

The Warden is one of the biome specific mobs in Minecraft. This means that he spawns in his home biome, Deep Dark, and only in Deep Dark. To add to that, he doesn’t just spawn.

minecraft guardian spawn location
Sculk Shrieker is summoning the Guardian

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Warden is ‘summoned’ by Sculk Shriekers when they spot a player or any other entity at least four times. The Guardian then proceeds to climb out of the ground and fixates on whatever triggered the screams, be it the player or any other mob.

On the other hand, if a Guardian doesn’t detect disturbances around it for 60 seconds, it burrows back into the ground and disappears.

Fighting the guardian in Minecraft

In order to survive the Guardian, you must first understand that the Guardian is in a class of its own. It’s not the typical group of hunters that will stop chasing you, and while it can definitely be killed, it’s not easy.

What makes The Warden so strong in Minecraft?

the guardian is built different. Literally.

For context, here is a list of all the things that dominate you in every sense of the word.

  • The Guardian has no eyes. This means that he doesn’t follow the traditional mob logic of “If he can’t see you, he can’t hurt you.” He uses a form of echolocation to sense the vibrations of players and entities around him and hunts them using that.
  • It has 500 hp. That means a whopping 250 hearts. To put that on scale, you only have 10 hearts. So, good luck trying to kill him.
  • Despite its massive size, it has the same hitbox and dimensions as the player. This basically means that wherever you go, he will follow you.
  • Guardians are not injured by fire or lava. So even though you will be afraid of getting burned, he will keep chasing you anyway.

If you’re thinking “hey, that’s not so bad. It’s basically like an enhanced Iron Golem.”, you’re wrong. In addition to being a Guardian built different too hits different. How?

How does the guardian attack?

The Guardian has two types of attacks. Two very strong attacks, very broken and very versatile.

  • The first attack is simple, it hits you. A basic melee attack that does 10 HP damage in normal mode. That’s it, one hit and you’re dead. Oh wait, you’re playing easy and it only does 8 HP of damage, great!
    The good news is that you survived; the bad news is that your shields will be down for the next 5 seconds and you’ll probably be dead anyway. Oh, and he can also attack again in 2 seconds.
  • The second attack hurts less. But that doesn’t mean it’s a minor problem. The Guardian (in all his broken glory) opens his chest, charges up a sonic beam and fires it at the player.
    Are you thinking of hiding behind a wall to avoid it? say oh you can’t Go through not one, not two, but 15 massive blocks before he can no longer hit you. And your friends can’t stand you either. If the Guardian shoots you, he will hit you and only you.
attack animation
The Guardian’s Sonic Beam being fired at the skeletons.

So good luck.

How to survive the Minecraft guardian?

What I am going to tell you now is the only weakness of the Guardian. And while it’s not the only way to escape him, it’s definitely the only likely one.

Can’t jump. Not for the life of him. What does that mean? Basically, that means you can take him into a hole two blocks high and four blocks wide, and then keep running until you’re out of range of his sonic boom.

Eventually, when you are out of range and the Guardian can no longer follow you, it will simply disappear until the Sculk Shriekers summon it again.

How to defeat the warden in Minecraft?

Technically, yes, the Guardian can be killed. Anything with a health bar can be killed. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

With a massive 500 HP health pool, that comes down to around 40 fully charged hits from a netherite sword. On the other hand, the Guardian only needs to hit you twice.

The only quick way I’ve seen to kill the Guardian was with a Redditor. Look at this:

What does the warden drop?

Would you think that for killing something like the Guardian, you would get a special item or something? Or maybe a ton of XP? Or even a cool achievement? Right? Wrong.

All you get from killing the Minecraft Warden is 5 XP and a falling sculk catalyst.

guardian's fall
A Sculk Catalyst dropped after killing the Guardian.

Happy hunting.

When is The Warden coming to Minecraft?

As of today, June 7, 2022, Warden is officially in Minecraft as part of the new version 1.19 “The Wild Update” of the game. Bringing with it the new “Deep Dark” biome and a few other new mobs, including frogs and allays, you can jump (he he) in the game right now and try to find it.

At your own risk, of course.

What do you think of the Guardian? Am I the only one who learned where the crouch button is from him? Let me know!