Minecraft guide: How to make a conduit in the game


Minecraft guide: How to make a conduit in the game

Conduit in Minecraft it is a beacon-like block. provides power conduitwhich is an area of ​​effect status that grants bonuses like Haste and Water Breathing when underwater. A conduit also serves as a weapon against hostile underwater mobs. It is very useful when you are doing an underwater exploration or just want to build an underwater house. Here is our Minecraft guide to tell you how to build a conduit along with its uses and functions.

Obtaining materials for the Conduit in Minecraft

Conduits in Minecraft are a bit tricky to get as you have to go all out to get the materials needed to craft them. It requires two materials: 8 Nautilus shells, a Heart of the Sea and Prismarine blocks.

1. Nautilus

Players can obtain Nautilus through three methods:

  • fish them: This can be made easier by applying the highest level of Luck of the sea you can on your fishing rod.
  • drowned has a 3% chance (8% chance in Bedrock Edition) to spawn with a Nautilus shell in their hands. Murder Drowned having these in hand gives you guaranteed Nautilus shells.
  • The easiest method is trade emeralds with a wandering trader in exchange of nautilus shells. You can get each shell for 5 emeralds, which makes a total of 40 emeralds for 8 Nautilus shells. However, each Wandering Trader that offers Nautilus shells can only sell 5, so you need to search for two of them to complete the requirements.

2. Heart of the Sea

You can’t farm, but spawn on buried treasure chests, which are a hassle to search. You can search for buried treasure using a treasure map that leads players to it. Alternatively, you can tame a dolphin which will transport you to the nearest buried treasure.

minecraft conduit
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However, before diving into the water, it is recommended that players obtain items to breathe underwater easily. There are many ways to do this, from doors and turtle shells to water breathing potions and Breathing. enchanted helmets. Each breath level adds an additional 15 seconds of underwater time to the default 15 seconds.

3. Prismarine

Prismarine is another material that you need to obtain to build a conduit. It’s probably the hardest to get unless you’ve previously defeated an ocean monument.

  • The top two layers of the monument give you 16 Prismarine Blocks and 4 Sea Lanterns. So if you’re lucky, the top of the monument could be near the surface of the sea. 16 is the minimum number of blocks you need to build a basic conduit and up to 42 for a fully functional conduit.
  • Alternatively, Prismarine can also be obtained from Guardians. Elder Guardians on Undefeated Monuments can be a pain as they impart mining fatigue to players, making it almost impossible to mine blocks. It’s best to clear an entire ocean monument before you start mining.
  • It is recommended to get TNT blocks, which can kill mobs indiscriminately and quickly. However, make sure you stay out of the blast range.

How to create a conduit in Minecraft

  • Place 1 Heart of the Sea in the center of the crafting square and 8 Nautilus Shells around it.
manufacturing duct
Image via Mojang Studios
  • This successfully creates a conduit that must be activated by building the base for it.

How to use a conduit in Minecraft

Conduits need a frame around them to work. The range and power of a conduit depend on the type of frame in which it is placed. The bigger the frame, the better.

conduit use
Image via Mojang Studios
  • Create a in the form of a plus sign basis using 9 blocks in a nice open underwater area. Make sure you are deep enough underwater to fit the frame in case you want to make a full size conduit. You can make the entire structure out of a single type of Prismarine block or several for aesthetic reasons.
minecraft conduit
Image via Mojang Studios
  • At each end of the base, create a 4-block tall pillar. It can also be expanded up to a height of 42 since for every 7 Prismarine blocks, the range of the conduit increases by 16 blocks.
minecraft conduit
Image via Mojang Studios
  • Close the frame at the top by joining the pillars in the same “plus sign” shape you made the base with.
  • Close the sides of the frame by turning around and placing blocks to form a loop in the middle.
Conduit Uses
Image via Mojang Studios
  • It’s time to place the conduit in the center of the entire frame. Add a temporary block to seat the conduit. After placing the conduit on top of that block, break the block so the conduit floats on the water.
minecraft conduit
Image via Mojang Studios
  • All players within range of the conduit gain boost status effects from the conduit. The duct range varies from 32 to 96 blocks, depending on how many blocks the frame has made. You can set up various conduit frames and get unlimited energy as well.

Conduit Features in Minecraft

  • Ducts have a wide range of functions and uses. They primarily serve as weapons against any mob that tries to get close to them.
  • It also allows players to remain underwater for indefinite periods without accumulating any damage. Players also get perfect underwater vision, regardless of its depth.

It is important to note that the enemy attack function it only activates when you build a full 42 block frame. Upon completion of the 42 block frame, hostile mobs within 8 blocks of the duct are treated 4 units of damage every 2 seconds.

  • Conduits are quite useful when players want to have underground bases and buildings, even if they are playing on extreme mode.
  • They also increase mining speed by up to 16.7%. You can activate conduits in any biome and at any depth or height. The only requirement is that the entire system must be under water.
  • The ducts also emit level 15 light, which is the highest possible light level in the game. This is regardless of whether they are activated or not, even if they are on the ground.

To make the conduit work on land, players can set up some sort of waterfall system around the conduit. With the help of that, he stays active and attacks enemy mobs. even when not truly under the sea. This is a good trick to exploit the operation of a conduit.

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