The worst Resident Evil monsters we never want to see again


The worst Resident Evil monsters we never want to see again

demonic resident has featured a wide range of enemies throughout its many titles, some of which are better than others in terms of strength or design. Certain types of enemies appear in various titles, but often minor adjustments are made to them for each game. While enemies can be memorable for a number of reasons, there are some non-boss enemies that stick out in players’ minds because they’d be happy never to encounter them in a game. demonic resident game again

demonic resident is a survival horror franchise that begins with the story of Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City before expanding to feature biohazard events in locations around the world. Although the origin of the virus in each game varies, the outbreak is often related to the larger goals of an antagonistic organization. As demonic resident remakes are being made as reinventions, stories can change. However, Capcom cares about maintaining the essence of the series.


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With 8 titles in the main demonic resident In the franchise alone, there are many monsters that players will face. The standard monsters as well as the bosses change from game to game, from classic zombies to molded ones. However, there are enemies like the ravens from the first demonic resident that players would be happy never to encounter again.

Ravens are the most annoying enemy in Resident Evil Remake

Ravens in Resident Evil Remake are the most annoying enemies in the game.

These ravens put players in a lose-lose situation. Shooting them wastes ammo with how hard they are to hit, but leaving them alone allows them to attack the player and drain their health. Although ravens tend to be more passive compared to other enemies, they will attack if the player shoots them or runs past them. the demonic resident The new first person version of the fans would actually make the ravens more bearable as they would be easier to see and shoot or avoid. However, it is unlikely that demonic resident will be redone to add an official first-person view or over-the-shoulder camera anytime soon, so the ravens will continue to be a source of frustration for players without adding to the game’s story beyond symbolizing death.

Capcom please don’t bring back J’avo from Resident Evil 6


resident Evil 6 had many problems and was not well received by fans. Capcom deviated from the survival horror roots of demonic resident and focused on cooperative and action campaigns to Resident Evil 6, which removed any horror element it might have had. Capcom has at least acknowledged the mistakes of resident Evil 6 in a Resident Evil 3 Remake Easter Egg.

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The main enemies of RE6 it’s the J’avo, who are especially troublesome to fight. Even if they are shot in the head by players, some will mutate to have a monstrous head and keep attacking. Its durability and fondness for mutation makes the J’avo a pain in the ass and a waste of ammo. Capcom should keep the J’avo away from future titles or remakes.

The dread of Resident Evil remake: Crimson Heads


Crimson Heads was a frustrating new addition added in the Resident Evil Remake. Crimson Heads can take more damage from shots and can also deal more damage to the player. They are also more maneuverable as they have the ability to run and jump. All of these elements make them the kind of enemy players don’t expect to encounter, though the Crimson Heads could return if Capcom remakes the game. Resident Evil Remake. It is especially difficult to keep track of which zombies will revive as Crimson Heads and which room of the mansion they are in.

Fortunately, Crimson Heads are avoidable, and once killed, they don’t come back to life. Crimson Heads appear after a zombie has been dead for a couple of hours. The zombie continues to mutate and revives as Crimson Head unless he is burned, decapitated, or has his legs shot off. In another remake, Capcom could at least include more lighters in Spencer Mansion to deal with zombies before they turn into Crimson Heads.

Regenerators are versatile annoyances in Resident Evil 4.


As their name implies, Regenerators are capable of regenerating parts of their body that have been destroyed, an ability that would later be tweaked for use by the J’avo, and is unlikely to change in the future. Resident Evil 4 Remake if the enemy respawns. However, their regeneration ability is not the worst part of regenerators. They can pull the player in by stretching out their limbs to grab them.

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They can also jump on the player, but if all those abilities aren’t bad enough, the regenerators can slide towards the player on the ground if their legs shoot out, moving faster when sliding than when walking. Resident Evil 4 Remake The trailer doesn’t include regenerators, but that doesn’t mean Capcom won’t introduce a more terrifying and painful form of them.

Drain Deimos in Resident Evil 3 is the worst enemy of all


Players were able to relive the horror that is Drain Deimos in Resident Evil 3 with its recent remake. Drain Deimos is both annoying and scary, even more so in Resident Evil 3Free upgrade from current generation. Although Drain Demos were in the original game, the over-the-shoulder camera for the new version means they are harder to spot before they are already on the player and attacking. Drain Deimos are fairly easy to kill, they don’t have much health or defense, but they are also fast and agile. By the time the player sees them, they are likely already infected. Fortunately, it is easy to cure parasites in Resident Evil 3 Remake by using green herbs. However, it’s not so easy to forget the image of a monster grabbing Jill and forcing the parasites down her throat, leading to a pulsing, wormy overlay on the screen for the parasite status effect. .

demonic resident pits players against a wide variety of monsters created by the Umbrella Corporation’s many lettered viruses, given the number of games and settings in the franchise. Capcom has taken a risk with some of its games, trying new directions and new styles. Not all of those risks have paid off, but Capcom keeps moving forward with new entries for the main demonic resident series along with remakes of previous entries. With no end in sight for the franchise, Capcom has plenty of opportunities in the future to create more monsters that will leave players frustrated and make them fight, and may be reworking some of these terrifying foes in the coming years. demonic resident remakes

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