Everything coming in Minecraft Wild update 1.19: mobs, new bosses and biomes


Everything coming in Minecraft Wild update 1.19: mobs, new bosses and biomes

Minecraft Wild update 1.19 adds new friendly mobs, a new boss, and a new ancient town to discover.

The next wild update will add a lot of new content for players to discover. From the new Guardian to Ancient Cities to the Deep Dark, there are a ton of new features that will add depth to the nearly decade-old game in Update 1.19.

The last minecraft trailer asks players “where to roam” while teasing some of the new tame mobs that players can interact with. This follows the earlier, more sinister, minecraft trailer which brought about the new deep dark realm and hostile mobs that can threaten players.

But with so much new content coming to Minecraft, as well as all the changes during the pre-launch snapshots, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what will be in the 1.19 update. Here’s all the new content coming to Minecraft with the new Wild Update.

When is the Minecraft’s Wild update coming out?

Minecraft Savage Update will be released on June 7, 2022 at 7 a.m. Pacific time.

The 1.19 update will be available on both Java and Bedrock.

Minecraft Wild update: what to expect

Minecraft new guardian boss

If Minecraft gets boring after defeating the final dragon, the new guardian boss is sure to give players a new challenge. Spawning in the new deep dark biome, Guardians are extremely strong and hard to kill.

The guardian emerges from the grounds when Sculk Shriekers detect the movement of a nearby player, attacking the area when vibrations from a moving enemy are detected. Although the guardian is blind, he is still not a playable enemy.

If the guardian is able to find the player, it can deal 32 damage in a single hit, which can bring a player in full Netherite armor to the brink of death in a single shot. The guardian also has over 500 health, which means he will be extremely difficult to kill. As a result, players are advised to avoid the guardian, rather than fight him.

The deep darkness and the ancient city of Minecraft

The guardian is the only monster that spawns in the newer biome, the deep darkness. This biome is deep below the surface of the world, and it is among the rarest biomes in Minecraft. However, despite the danger of the guardian, the deep darkness is still worth discovering.

Deep in the darkness are ancient cities, a large structure that spawns chests that offer new materials, unique enchantments, and music record fragments. Even better, chests in ancient cities contain loot that can’t be found anywhere else.

Mangroves, frogs and tadpoles

mangrove swamp in minecraft

Mangrove swamps are coming in the next Minecraft update.

The other new biome being added to Minecraft with the Wild Update is the Mangrove Swamp. While essentially the same as normal swamps, the new biome contains the new mangrove tree, which can produce mangrove logs, leaves, and wood.

Even better, the new mangrove swamp also contains two of the newest mobs: frogs and tadpoles. The tadpoles will, of course, develop into frogs, but the frogs themselves are useful due to their ability to turn slime into slime balls and magma cubes into luminous frogs.

The Allay comes to Minecraft

The allay was voted to become the latest addition to Minecraft during the Minecraft Live 2021 event. Although it bears a striking resemblance to annoying vexes, the allay is perfectly harmless to players.

In fact, if the player hands an ally an item block, the ally will actually help the player collect other blocks of the same type. This makes it an efficient helper for finding items scattered among items, though it doesn’t get items that are in chests.

New blocks and items.

The two new biomes also contain new materials that can be used to build and explore. In the mangrove swamps, players can find mud that can be turned into mud bricks and compacted mud. Players can also create mud using water bottles and dirt.

In the Deep Dark, players can find Echo Fragments inside chests, which can be used to create a Recovery Compass, which will point to the location where the player last died. This can be extremely useful in helping players find missing armor and tools dropped upon death.