6 unforgettable moments in the remake of Resident Evil 4


6 unforgettable moments in the remake of Resident Evil 4

Choosing six unforgettable moments that we can’t wait to play in the Resident Evil 4 remake has been quite difficult. Why do you ask? Because RE4 is essentially a perfect game. The pacing, story, and gameplay are so engrossing from start to finish that we can’t wait to play it all. But most people have one or two moments from this amazing game that stand out as their favorites. We sat down at a round table at Nerd Stash and everyone gave their opinion. Here are six moments we can’t wait to play in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

These are presented in no particular order.

The meeting of the people

Resident Evil 4 soundtrack coming on vinyl in June 2020

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Many will argue that the opening section of RE4 is literal perfection. When it comes to choosing moments, we can’t wait to experience again; this tops the list. From the sepia-toned mountains to the real feeling of unease, imagine how it will look and play now. Then once the chaos starts, it doesn’t give you a second to catch your breath.

It also opposes the normally slow pace. r games we got up to this point. The town scene lets fans of this series know that this would be a different ballgame. The helpless feeling that a whole crazy town is descending on you still scares us. But we know that with a paint job, this scene will be even more heartbreaking.

Then the real panic kicks in when you hear a chainsaw speeding up…

Dr. Salvador’s Chainsaw Chase

You knew this game wasn’t playing the moment you heard the chainsaw. You were already bombarded from all sides with people trying to assassinate you. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a freak with a burlap sack on his head appears and tries to make you Leatherface. Even though you have weapons at this point, it feels useless. He runs at you, chainsaw up.

Many players have learned that if you don’t act fast, your head will be lopped off. It is an adrenaline-inducing game at its finest. And this doesn’t even touch on the multiple female versions of him that you later fight in an arena. Our thoughts are that if you thought it was scary before, wait until we see it in this version.

El Gigante boss battle

game reactor the giant

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I’ll come out and say this is one of my favorite Resident Evil moments of all time. When you first see The Giant, it’s honestly terrifying. What Resident Evil 4 does so well is that it makes the odds feel stacked against you. And nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a 20-foot-tall mutant trying to smash you with the Hulk.

Is the fight particularly hard? No, but it is visually stunning, even in its old form. The RE engine has evolved a lot visually since then. We are already imagining how the textures of its rotten meat will be. Also, there are different rumors that there may be some changes in the game. So maybe, just maybe, El Gigante won’t be so easy (literally) this time.

The regenerators (panic inducers)

through real achievements

through real achievements

You can’t talk about six unforgettable moments we can’t wait to play in the Resident Evil 4 remake and not mention these monsters. Regenerators are considered to be one of the scariest video game enemies ever. With the strange wobble with which they walk to their toothy grin, Regenerators simply strike fear into the player.

And you have to be really good with that sniper rifle to take down their parasites. Many players died over and over again, not knowing they were invincible until you did. Combine that with his ability to go through the screen and kill him in one hit; These are some of the toughest enemies in the game. For that reason alone, we can’t wait to see what they do with them in the RE 4 remake.

The Salvatore Statue Chase

through real achievements

through real achievements

Salvatore was the classic cheesy RE character that we all love to hate. It was also a fun reminder that no matter how much has changed, this is still a Resident Evil game: a good-bad B-movie, that is. The character himself can best be described as Napoleon. Not really. A tiny guy who makes up for it with hellfire. His boss fight is almost on the list. Fighting a tiny guy inside a Little Shop of Horrors plant is hard to forget.

But it is its later form (an automaton); it’s one of the craziest visual moments of any Resident Evil game. In a chase scene, a tall statue of Salvatore, the ‘Statue of Liberty’, chases you out of a collapsing burning castle. The scene is easy to beat, but it has something exaggerated. It is, in a word, rude.

And that in itself is half the charm of this series. He refuses to take himself too seriously and the result is unforgettable madness. But we know that this scene will be visually stunning with the modern engine.

The Cheesy (But Awesome) Jet Ski Exhaust

So how do you properly end a wacky, wacky B-movie horror game? With an equally wacky and wacky finale segment that looks like something out of an 80s action flick. With everything about to crumble on top of them, our hero grabs the president’s daughter and throws her onto the back of a jet ski. random. Why is she there? We don’t care, send.

Then, once she’s on board, you simply take off on the jet ski as the entire resort comes crashing down on you. It’s both weird and fantastic all at once. Say what you want, but it’s the perfect moment from an action movie to end this 20-hour journey.

The one thing we are NOT waiting for

Ashley yelling at Leon 30 times every four minutes. Let’s pray he’s had some good AI tweaks done to him, too. Fortunately, you can throw it in a dumpster and do your thing. I wish real relationships were that easy.

Here to help follow six unforgettable moments, we can’t wait to play in the new version of Resident Evil 4:

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