Where to find Tover Tokens for Snap Suits


Where to find Tover Tokens for Snap Suits

We’ll show you where you can find all the Tover Tokens and get all the Snap customization options. Since a time ago FortniteThe battle pass of all time has included a highly customizable cosmetic item. This latest Battle Pass is no different, the Snap skin comes with tons of quests that allow you to unlock customization options for it.

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In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Snap skin and show you where you can find all the available parts.

How Snap Outfit Works

Snap is an action figure skin, and you can snap it off and turn it into whatever you want. You can unlock Snap directly on the first page of the Battle Pass, you will only need nine Battle Stars to purchase it. Once you get the skin, you will also receive Snap quests that will give you access to your customization tab. That’s where you’ll be able to assemble Snap however you like.


Each part requires you to find three Tover Tokens, and they are all scattered around the map at different locations and landmarks. This is a great way to find the motivation to explore the Battle Royale map to its fullest.

Tover Token Locations

You will need to collect parts for Snap’s head, arms, legs, and torso. More customization options will become available every two weeks, so by the end of the season you’ll have countless possible Snap variations. Bone Head, Brute, Lowkey, and Ripped styles are available from the start, so you’ll get them as soon as you unlock Snap.

To get all the other styles, you will need to find three Tover Tokens in specific parts of the map. We’ve listed all of the Snap styles below, as well as where you can find the tokens, this includes a little description of their location so you can find them without too much trouble. You can also check your minimap because a little tab will appear if you are close to one.

pressure heads

Style map location Tover token location
bone head N/A N/A
Bell pepper raving cave All the tokens can be found in the attraction, so you will have to get a Baller to collect them. Then just follow the journey to the end and you will grab all three of them.
Brute force condo canyon
  • At the waffle shop next to Dumpling
  • Above the motel with the pool, on the terrace with the artificial grass
  • Right at the pawnshop entrance
I kill shifting axes While the most obvious place to look for tokens in Shifty Shafts would be the main mineshafts, that’s not where you’ll find them. There are three entrances in the mountain above Shifty Shafts that lead to the mines. Go to each entrance to find a token.
Roof-Snap Sanctuary
  • Between the two cornfields
  • In the center of the circle of rock structures.
  • In front of the rewards board
Sergeant Brush The ruins
  • On the east side, facing the stairs leading to the first floor
  • On the west side of the first floor
  • above the ruins
pop top little shaftie Lil’ Shaftie may seem like a confusing place, but finding the tokens won’t be a problem. Enter the mine shaft and follow the railway, it will take you to all the Tover Tokens.

snap arms

Style map location Tover token location
Rough N/A N/A
classic red reality falls
  • behind the waterfall
  • At the bottom of the Reality tree
  • At the top of the Reality tree
Tenta-Classic rocky reels
  • in the playground
  • Next to the self-service entrance, east of the nightclub.
  • In the building right next to the reward board, where the bathrooms are
Mechbasher the jones
  • In front of the trailer, next to the zipline
  • In the shack in front of the tomato crops
  • On the target practice range, next to the barn.
Utility Seven Outpost VII
  • At the door of the building with the vault inside, the one near the reward board
  • Through the area of ​​the cracks
  • in the spring
garbage disposer sleepy sound
  • In front of NOMS, next to the reset van
  • On the west balcony of the Fishstick restaurant
  • On the suburban road, on the north side of the POI
skeleton Logjam lumberyard
  • in the spring
  • In front of the restart van
  • West of the main building, behind a pile of logs.

snap legs

Style map location tover token
low key N/A N/A
camouflage greasy grove
  • On top of the tallest mushroom, west of the gas station.
  • On top of the tallest mushroom, southeast of the gas station, where the basketball court used to be
  • On top of the tallest mushroom, in front of the TACOS restaurant

snap chest

Style map location tover token
Torn N/A N/A

For now, there are no additional torso customization options, but once an update with more variations is released, there will certainly be more torso styles for Snap. We’ll update this guide with the location of the latest customization options available so you can collect them as soon as possible.

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