Timberland and Epic Games build the Fortnite metaverse


Timberland and Epic Games build the Fortnite metaverse

Epic Games, one of the world’s most celebrated real-time 3D (RT3D) content creation platform companies, announced last week that it had partnered with sportswear firm Timberland and CONCEPTKICKS to design a reality shopping experience mixed (MR).

The concept borrows from Timberland’s CONSTRUCT: 10060 program, which brings together athletes and shoe fans from around the world to celebrate innovation and design in Epic Games’ Fortnite Metaverse.

The CONSTRUCT: 10061 program will launch at the bootmaker’s Orefici11 store in the middle of Milan Design Week, allowing fans to see prototypes in progress and interact in the Fortnite metaverse. The event will also feature world famous Fortnite gaming champion Ali “SypherPK”.

According to the partnership, the Fortnite-based Timberland Design Lab and Maker Space will give enthusiasts a sneak peek into Timberland’s design processes through a virtual recreation.

The Meta Design Workshop will showcase footwear from Timberland’s Advanced Concepts and Energy (ACE) team, where CONCEPTKICKS and CONSTRUCT: 10061 have joined forces with BeyondCreative to host a design workshop in the metaverse space, leading to the launch of four ‘ Metaboots’.

The platform will also host a bespoke Fortnite island for Timberland Parkour Trails, allowing users to experience numerous biomes with Metaboots rewards at the end of the challenge.

An immersive augmented reality (AR)-based Metaboots experience also leverages the high-fidelity capabilities of the Unreal Engine through Unreal Engine’s Sketchfab and Quixel Megascans, which overlay AR Metaboots onto real-world environments.

The partnership has also explored Unreal Engine’s Twinmotion and Quixel Megascans technologies to develop eight additional AR-powered Prototype Boots.

Timberland Partnership Reviews

Drieke Leenknegt, director of marketing for Timberlandhe said that his company’s partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine allowed him to “explore new dimensions” as the company envisioned “the future of bootmaking and boot culture”.

He continued, stating,

“We brought the collaborative model to the metaverse by inviting innovators like Daniel Bailey, Zixiong Wei, and Aisha Kujk to create Metaboots alongside our own ACE designers, in Fortnite. At the same time, we’re inviting consumers into the world of design innovation within an amazing Fortnite experience. The possibilities of connecting in the metaverse are endless.”

Raffaella Camera, Unreal Engine Brand Manager at Epic GamesHe added that Timberland’s legacy of creating “some of the most beloved footwear products” was due to “its innovative and forward-thinking mindset.”


“Through the use of Unreal Engine-based tools and virtual worlds, brand enthusiasts have the opportunity to interact with Timberland boots in ways not possible today, while designers can create and collaborate in completely new ways. new, with the help of real time. 3D technology It’s exciting to imagine how far we can take this together.”

Daniel Bailey, Founder and Creative Director of CONCEPTKICKSexplained that the connection of artists and creatives in all industries challenged and the sector to develop new ideas, adding

“This season we brought a completely different medium into the mix with Fortnite. It was fascinating to see how the builders at BeyondCreative would interpret and manipulate existing elements to try and create the vision of the shoe designers.”

Metavision Co-Founder and Creative Director, Luke Pricehe said that the CONSTRUCT:10061 project was aimed at capturing “the design process” and revealing how “Metaboots came to life”.

He concluded,

“It has been a great pleasure collaborating with creators from different disciplines at BeyondCreative and CONSTRUCT, learning about each other’s styles and influences and creating amazing things. Metavision is focused on finding new ways to engage with audiences and tell stories in the metaverse, and it’s been great working with Timberland and partners who share this spirit.”

The news comes as some of the world’s most visible brands, including NIKE, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), Wendy’s, McDonalds and many others, have begun exploring future marketing and customer engagement solutions with global metaverse firms, leading to the development of immersive solutions. spaces for product exhibition, concerts, acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others.