Things people forgot about the franchise


Things people forgot about the franchise

the Obligations The series is almost 20 years old now. In that time there have been 19 major game releases and 47 total releases. That’s a staggering number of games for a single series. Over the course of these many releases, the series has undergone changes and evolved over time to keep things fresh, meet player expectations, and more.

As such, it’s understandable that some people, or even many, forget certain things about the series over the years. With each main game coming out once a year, the Obligations the franchise sometimes moves too fast to follow for long. Here are some details that some players may have forgotten after a while.


6 The spooky thing about CoD: WAW

call of duty world at war is by far the creepiest game in the series. It’s a game that makes a conscious attempt to portray World War II as some kind of horror game most of the time, as a way of reinforcing the idea that war is and always will be a hellish nightmare of incomprehensible proportions.

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However, the game can be even creepier than one remembers. As well as obviously creepy elements like the music, the visual style, and of course the Nazi zombies, WOW! it also usually has small moments of horror for players to find. Many of these can be found on multiplayer maps where if the player stands in a certain spot, they can hear things like ominous whispers, crying children, bloodcurdling screams, and more.

5 It used to be exclusive to PC

That’s right, the franchise that would one day become the console giant to topple. aura since the first first-person shooter started out as a PC exclusive. It was released for Windows on October 29, 2003 and Mac OS X on November 7, 2003. Technically, the game was released for mobile devices later in 2004, although it was on Nokia’s N-Gage. The game would not see a proper console port until 2009 with the release of classic call of dutywhich is an enhanced version of the game available for download on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 markets.

Aside from being upgraded to HD, the game is virtually identical to the original PC version. This is especially true for some controls and design features, which probably felt foreign to many veterans. COD players on console. Extremely slow weapon swapping as a result of translating the game from M&KB to controller is one such example.

4 The influence of Band of Brothers

playing the original COD titles is an interesting experience due to how unmassive the series was in its infancy compared to today. Games weren’t that confident about trying their own stuff every time, so they wore their influences on their sleeves. One of those early influences was the HBO miniseries, Brothers bandwhich focuses on Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division and its service during World War II.

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The original COD it also focuses on American paratroopers, and even had the first mission go to Normandy just before D-Day. The atmosphere, characters, missions, and sound design are clearly reminiscent of the show.

3 Call of Duty 3: The Forgotten Entrance

Although it was a success COD title, hardly anyone remembers this game developed by Treyarch. COD Games today are typically media events and become culturally significant at least for a while. COD 3however, it was only the intermediate step on the way to the real media and culturally significant event, COD 4: Modern Warfarewhich effectively removed COD 3 from everyone’s brains as soon as it was released.

Unfortunately, the game has left almost no legacy after its release. Even the next one from Treyarch COD play, World at warit would go in a completely different and unique direction, and introduce fan-favorite modes such as the Nazi Zombies mode. COD 3 it has nothing else. WOW! reuse some assets from COD 3but beyond this it’s almost as if the game never existed.

two The political advantage of modern warfare

Weather MW19 It’s a pretty politically charged game. COD 4: Modern Warfare he was the first to truly experiment with political issues. Released in 2007, Modern war he pointed to the state of the world at that time to tell his story. At the time, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were in full swing, and frustration with US foreign policy was growing rapidly. As a result, the fight against the Nazis was becoming less relevant (although this topic come back with a vengeance).

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Switching to the current day, COD 4 is able to offer a reasonably effective critique of the Middle East-focused foreign policy of the early 2000s, its roots and its failings. Later COD the titles were rarely as direct with political issues as the first Modern war made. Even its sequels buried those themes under plenty of Hollywood action and melodrama scenarios, if the games had anything political to say.

1 The exclusive Chinese Free to Play

simply titled call of duty online, this free game was a China-exclusive online game developed by Activision Shanghai and Raven Software. It was released in 2012 in beta form, but then had its full release in 2015. The game usually featured multiplayer maps, weapons, and modes. COD titles and received updates over the years adding more stuff from the latest games in the series.

The game also had many modifications as a result of being a Chinese exclusive. For one thing, Zombies mode was replaced with Cyborg mode to comply with Chinese censorship laws. The game was also notable for featuring loot practices and microtransactions that are quite common today, although it was the first in the series to have them. In 2021, the publisher Tencent Games shut down the game and encouraged players to switch to COD: Mobile.

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