The end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


The end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Here I am again with another piece on Fortnite! I guess the season updates and battle pass stuff is getting a bit boring (although we’re in a new season now…). Which is not boring, though. Thus ended Chapter 3 Season 2.

After a lot of speculation and a lot of history on the game that led up to it. It was time for war!

Epic Games have set a gold standard for in-game events that take place live and allow you and your squad to participate. They are unique and you have to be there at the right time, so they always feel like a rare gift.

Rarity aside, the quality of these end-of-season events has often been pretty good. I have to say that this season’s finale was probably the best I’ve ever been a part of.

Season 2 has been about war, the confrontation between the seven and the IO (Imagined Order) forces. Something with which I barely follow the narrative rhythm if I’m honest. But there are two factions at war, trying to take control and we are on the side of the seven. I know The Rock is one of them, and all the others have names like “The Origin”, “The Imagined” and “The Foundation”.

It’s been nice to be a casual observer of the start of the event, and then I had the great fortune to check in on Saturday night with my brothers and nephew and experience it together.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - Shooting

What happened?

When you log into the event, you and your squad are transported to an Ice Moon, which is where the giant bear mech is being repaired (the mech was last seen in a previous end-of-season event).

You are in the base, you have a table that shows the map of the fortnite battle royale Island and 4 pods. Hop into a pod and you’ll be playing a little shooter, smashing through asteroids as time counts down to the start of the event.

Side note: the lighting here looked pretty cool!

Then the timer hits 90 seconds and everyone is standing taking orders at the table with holograms of the relevant characters speaking. This is it, let’s go to war and end the IO tyranny‚Ķ.

We all get into the pods, take control of the weapons we’d been using in the asteroid shooter, and now we’re in the robot. This is how you do an end of season event!

First, we are flying through space to the island. Shooting asteroids and obstructions as a squad to help clear a path. Now we’ve landed and are facing tank battalions and are firing force fields on enemy camps, all while working towards “The Collider” (a structure that appeared towards the end of the season, filled with imagined order soldiers).

As we got closer, the zeppelin-style airships hit us and we took heavy damage. Fortunately, the classic banana guy “Peely” comes in clutch and delivers a tanker of Slurp Juice for us to use to generate health and shield.

Yes, this is crazy and exaggerated. But what fun!

Eventually, we reach The Collider, remove the shield, and pull out a large blade of light, cutting through all of the airships. Just as we get to hit The Collider with the blade, BOOM! they hit us and the mechanism is destroyed, falling underground.

Season 2 - Wick

end of season

We think it’s all over, but we get kicked out and meet good old Agent Jones (classic default skin) from the first Battle Royale variation. Lots of running and gunning, trying to get to the “Doctor Slone” boss, trying to stop him from taking control of Zero Point (not sure what that means, but that’s what he was saying…).

She’s in a tank, and we’ve got assault rifles… so it’s time to run and gun!

Seasonal events need some dialogue, and a good villain needs a good monologue, right? Our enemy, Doctor Slone, starts talking a bit, and we’re ready to go. Agent Jones then makes a speech to keep her distracted. And here we go, the robot hand comes in and crushes it.

The entire squad gets up to shoot some crystal detonators and The Collier collapses.

Now we see “Geno” the real leader of the Imagined Order. So when things collapse, Zero Point zeroes in on Geno, and we’re sent traveling to his reality.

I don’t know exactly what I just wrote there. The season has been filled with all these people, wars, map clashes and this was the culmination.

What I do know is that it was very clever, it was funny, it looked great, and we all had a great time watching the season finale.

We have now started a new season that focuses on summer fun and “Vibin'”, which is a much more relaxed and colorful version of the island. Season 2 was great with some great innovations to the game. It ended with a bang, and now we’re all winding down on Season 3. Let’s see where that is. takes us.

Season 2 - Battle

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