Resident Evil 2 guide: tips, tricks and all collectibles


Resident Evil 2 guide: tips, tricks and all collectibles
Resident Evil 2 Tips and Tricks PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the 1998 PS1 classic of the same name for ps5 Y ps4. This new version modernizes the controls, camera angles, and various other aspects and mechanics to make it feel fresh for hardcore fans and newcomers alike. In our Resident Evil 2 PS4 Reviewwe give the game a 8/10 and called it “one of the most successful remakes of the [PS4] generation”.

In this Resident Evil 2 Guidelet’s share our tips and tricks for beginners to help you survive in Raccoon City. We will also reveal all collectiblesincluded mr raccoonsand document everything weapon upgrades Y character updates.

Resident Evil 2 Guide: All Collectibles

There is one type of collectible in Resident Evil 2: mr raccoons. They take the form of small bobbleheads that look like raccoons. They make noise when you are close, making it easier to locate them. exist 15 raccoons to find, and all are located in the raccoon police department. Linked below is a find guide all mr raccoon locations.

Resident Evil 2 Guide: Weapons, Character Upgrades, and FAQs

For this section of our Resident Evil 2 Guidewe’ll reveal how to get upgrades for your weapons and character, and answer frequently asked questions.

weapon upgrades

character upgrades

frequent questions


Resident Evil 2 Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Resident Evil 2 Tips and Tricks PlayStation 4 PS4 2

Resident Evil 2 has a few different difficulty settings to choose from, so if you’re having a hard time progressing, feel free to drop it for a bit. However, no matter your skill level, we have some universal Resident Evil 2 tips and tricks for beginners that should help you on your way to survive in Raccoon City.

Conserve as much ammo as possible

Previous games in the Resident Evil franchise are notorious for the lack of ammunition you’ll gather in environments, and that’s still the case in the new version. Make sure to search every nook and cranny of every room to collect as many bullets as you can, and once you think you’ve found everything, double check by taking a look at your map. If you have collected all the items in that particular room, the map screen will turn those four walls blue. If it stays red, there is still something to discover.

Although this goes further. you do not to have and you probably shouldn’t be killing every zombie you come across. There just isn’t enough ammo in the game to do that. Rather, focus on shooting the heads of the undead. Two or three hits are enough to stagger them for a few seconds, allowing you to get through quickly. As long as you don’t hang around that area for the foreseeable future, those zombies caught in a stun will no longer be a threat.

Dodge zombies if you can

A more difficult technique to master will allow you to avoid zombies without wasting bullets. Learning to dodge and maneuver enemies is a pretty high level skill, but if you look for a few telltale signs, you’ll easily get past them. First of all, in what direction is your body moving? If they move back and forth in a corridor, you will be able to accurately predict their next move. So when he gets away from the angle you want to shoot at, quickly run behind his back.

It can then also predict your movements based on the orientation of your head. The nasty set of teeth is what’s going to do the damage, so if they’re not looking at you, they can’t do anything with your presence. If one lurches slowly towards you, pay attention to that head. If he’s facing left while you want to go right, you should be able to carefully move next to him without getting scratched.

Inspect items for more information and uses.

You will collect so many items in Resident Evil 2, but some have a hidden use that is not obvious at first glance. Be sure to inspect every item you pick up from the inventory screen, because they may be more important than you think. For example, the STARS badge you find at the Raccoon Police Department turns into a USB stick that will open a door once inspected closely enough.

Resident Evil 2 Tips and Tricks PlayStation 4 PS4 3

Make good use of secondary weapons

Secondary weapons are combat knives, hand grenades and flash grenades and can save your life in certain situations. Some later enemies have the ability to kill you in one hit, and the only way to combat that is with a secondary weapon. Always try to make sure you have one or two with you at all times to get out of a sticky situation, but don’t flood your inventory with them.

Learn when to leave objects behind

Continuing from the previous point, you need to learn when not to pick up an item, either putting it off for later or forgetting about it altogether. You have very limited inventory slots, so when you explore a new area, you need those slots to be free for more important items. If you already have a first aid spray with you, you probably don’t need to pick up another green herb. Don’t worry though, your map will make a note of items you don’t pick up in case you need them in the future.

Combine herbs and gunpowder.

Finding a green herb is great, but combine it with a red or blue one and its usefulness increases. Combine a green and a red herb and you have a mixture that will heal you completely, even in danger. In the meantime, introduce a blue herb and you will be able to remove any poisonous toxins in your blood. By doing so, you’ll create more useful items and save space in the process.

On top of that, the combination of different types of gunpowder will give different results. If you’re fully stocked on pistol bullets, consider making some shotgun shells for those tougher enemies. Having a wide selection of weapons to choose from that are fully stocked is an invaluable bonus.

Store items if you don’t have an immediate use for them

We keep saying it, but inventory management is very important in Resident Evil 2. You’ll discover all kinds of items and objects throughout your time with the game, and some of them won’t have an obvious use right away. If that’s the case, store them in the chests next to them to save points for later use. Doing so will free up a slot for an item you might need to use right away, or something you find when exploring a new area.

By the same token, you probably don’t need to carry more than 60 pistol bullets at one time. If you’ve stocked up well, keep some leftovers in your chest so you always have ammo to fall back on. It saves space and gives you a safety net in case you run out of supplies.

that brings our Resident Evil 2 Guide to a close Do you have any other tips and tricks to share? Post them in the comments below.