‘Modern Warfare 2’ May Lift Call of Duty League With Esports-Ready Release


‘Modern Warfare 2’ May Lift Call of Duty League With Esports-Ready Release

October 28 is not that far away. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is coming up and the Call of Duty League could use a popular game, and a competitive game.

The title alone could inspire nostalgia. The original modern warfare 2which was launched in 2009 when OpTic Gaming and Obligations Esports legend Seth “Scump” Abner was 14 years old and the best-selling CoD title at the time. He has been overlooked several times since then, but modern warfare 2 It featured some of the most iconic weapons and gameplay in the series.

The next modern warfare 2 could lift the Call of Duty League in a number of ways, if done right. It could put more focus on esports, inspire new generations of pro gamers, and please the current group of pros.

It may not be easy. Here are three ways modern warfare 2 could help the Call of Duty League.

Classified please

Obligations is commonly criticized for not paying attention to its esports scene. For example, Vanguard was released to the public without a ranked mode. It has one now, but pro players wanted it when it was released.

Modern war (2019), never had a ranked mode. That’s not a standard that Activision Blizzard can set for its fourth season of the Call of Duty League. The organizations had entry prices of more than $20 million to be in the franchised esports league. There’s no reason the in-game resources shouldn’t reflect that.

Ranked mode can do a lot of the heavy lifting when building an audience. Casual gamers can see how they compare to their peers and professional gamers. The more competition players have in their spare time, the more likely they are to want to improve.

What is a good way to learn about the game? Watch Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Texas play on Saturdays.

modern warfare 2 needs a strong ranking mode. Without delay.

inspiring beta

A beta version of the game does not need to be perfectly polished. The point is to find out what you can change in the game and how the audience enjoys it. So mistakes can be made and forgiven.

But a beta can also be an opportunity to build excitement for an esports league in which they will directly compete.

Call of Duty League champions will likely happen in early August. That is with Major IV ending on July 17. Obligations Betas have had September releases in the past, so there may not be the same kind of opportunity there as with Overwatch League and surveillance 2.

But there can still be tournaments. And Activision Blizzard could offer something with cash prizes. Having CDL pros compete in the new game would offer reasons to watch the game and the players live on Twitch or YouTube.

That is a great opportunity.

a great game

Okay, yes. Of course, the Call of Duty League would benefit from playing a great game. And opinions are always going to be subjective, especially when considering the different requests from professional and casual gamers. OpTic Texas would not benefit from a good story mode.

CDL teams need to polish the competitive side of the game. That’s a great question considering the pros weren’t happy with Vanguard months in the useful life of the game.

Pros would be satisfied with balanced weapons and perks and a solid set of maps. There will always be elements to be picky about. That’s unavoidable when professionals play for more than 50 hours a week. But good maps, quality discussions between players and game developers could go a long way.

That relationship counts when talking about the quality of the game. If players feel heard, see quick tweaks, and enjoy the maps, there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t help the next season of the Call of Duty League.

With the new season of the Call of Duty League on the horizon, pro gamers are already looking beyond Vanguard.

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