How to Get the Minecraft Infinite Enchantment


How to Get the Minecraft Infinite Enchantment

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With endless possibilities and adventures to live, Minecraft is truly a magical game. It provides you with a plethora of tools and materials, as well as actual magical enchantment. While there are many enchantments that a player can use, Minecraft’s Infinity enchantment is one of the most useful. It can help a player move quickly through the game, as well as make the final boss easier.

What is the infinite enchantment?

Infinity is a fantastic enchantment that you can put on your Minecraft bow, which literally results in an infinite supply of arrows. And who wouldn’t want an endless stream of unlimited arrows, especially when you consider how long it takes to craft or collect them.

The only downside is that if you’ve enchanted your Minecraft bow with the Infinity enchantment, you’ll still need at least one arrow in your inventory. The arrow will never be consumed while you have Infinity equipped, but you will still lose a slot in your inventory.

You can get this enchantment for your bow on any console and platform running Minecraft, so no one will miss out!

There is no particular bow you need to add this enchantment to, you can add it to any bow. However, you can only use this enchantment for regular arrows.

You will not be able to enchant your Spiked or Spectral Arrows, these will still need to be done.

In addition to this, you also cannot mix enchantments on your bow, you will only be able to use one on each bow. Despite the listed disadvantages of this enchantment, its use has many benefits.

This enchantment is no more difficult than any other enchantment, which means it’s definitely worth the effort to put together.

How to get the infinity enchantment

Like most crafts in Minecraft, there are several methods to approach adding the Infinity Enchantment to your bow. Let’s take a look at the various methods here.

haunted table

With any Minecraft enchantment, the Enchanting Table is a go-to method for enchanting any weapon or item. However, all of the following methods are definitely worth weighing, as Infinity is rare and could take a long time to go through the Enchanting Table.

To make the table you will need four obsidian, two diamonds and a book.

This will obviously take some time, so make sure you’ve thoroughly explored the world of Minecraft and done a lot of mining before attempting to craft an Enchanting Table.

Once you have created the table, you need to place it in an open area with plenty of space. It will become clear why in the next step.

Create the enchantment table

Shelving may seem like a useless decorative item, but it serves an important purpose. When placed around the enchantment table, shelves allow stronger buffs to be placed on enchanted items.

place shelves

To make a bookcase, you will need six wooden planks and three books. You have to place them in the next formation or the crafting won’t work.

Place these shelves around your enchantment table like in the screenshot above. Be sure to leave a block of space between the enchanting table and each shelf. You will also need to leave an open space for you to walk.


You need a total of 15 bookshelves to acquire the highest level enchantments. If you can’t see the level 30 enchantments, you may need to look at your shelf layout again.

Next, you will need raw lapis lazuli. This can be found underground in mines. It’s fairly simple to mine and even a standard wooden pickaxe will be able to do the job.

This resource is very important for the mine, since it is necessary to be able to enchant elements in Minecraft.

For any enchantment you will need between 1 and 3 pieces of lapis lazuli to do the job. The higher the enchantment, the more lapis lazuli you will need.

lapis lazuli

As you play Minecraft, you will receive experience points (XP). This XP will then be added to the levels.

To enchant items you need to pass these levels. Depending on the strength of the enchantment, you can spend between one and three levels. A level 30 enchantment will require you to be at least level 30, but will only take three levels off.

Level up

Open your Enchanting Table and place the ingredients in the boxes as shown below. On the right side, a list of applicable enchantments will appear. Only three are shown at a time, so some luck is required for the Infinity Charm to appear.Charming

If the enchantment you’re looking for doesn’t show up, you can enchant something to force them to reset. Either you enchant something else, or the item you want to enchant, then you can remove the enchantment with a whetstone. However, we recommend that you try to find another useful enchantment so as not to waste any resources. Try enchanting a book to use later…

book and anvil

For this method, you will first need a Book enchanted with Infinity. You may have gotten this from the Enchanting table method, from Fishing, or from Trading with a Villager.

To craft an anvil you will need four iron ingots and three iron blocks. Place these ingredients in the following format. Once you have created the anvil, you can place it wherever you want.

Create the anvil

By placing the infinity enchanted bow and book on the anvil, you will get an infinity enchanted bow.

You won’t need more items like Lapis Lazuli for this process, but you will use some of your levels to enchant the bow.

enchant the bow

Using Minecraft Commands

If you’re having a hard time finding the resources to enchant, or just want a quicker way to get the Minecraft Infinity enchantment, then you can use a command. When using Minecraft console commands, you will end up with an Enchanted Infinity Bow, but you will no longer get achievements.

To use commands in Minecraft, you will first need to activate the ability. This can be done from the game menu in an existing game, or from the options when you first create your world.

Activate cheats in Bedrock Edition Minecraft

Once you’ve activated the cheats, hold your bow in your main hand and open the chat box. Once the chat box is open, in either Bedrock or Java Edition, type the command “/enchant @p infinity” as shown in the image below.

Minecraft Bedrock Infinite Enchantment Command

You will need to hold the bow in your main hand or this will not work.

And there you have it, you now have unlimited arrows for your enchanted bow. Have fun going through the rest of your game and completing the Minecraft history!

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