Dragon Rune Fortnite pickaxe glitch makes it a pay-to-win cosmetic


Dragon Rune Fortnite pickaxe glitch makes it a pay-to-win cosmetic

Failures do not always have to be an ethical issue. It turns out that Fortnite is also susceptible to glitches. Like most video games in constant development, Fortnite also has its fair share of flaws. The most astute players are quick to discover and exploit recurring glitches in Fortnite.

These flaws can vary based on function and can differ when it comes to exploitation. While some glitches can allow players to rack up a massive amount of XP, others can make outfits and other cosmetic items useful in certain ways. For example, the Arm-y Guy emote from Chapter 3 Season 3.

So, the “Dragon Rune Lance” battle pass pickaxe makes your footsteps completely silent and you don’t appear in the audio visual while on a full run. Excellent 👍 Correct @GameFortnite https://t.co/H7OXnF5Gd0

One such glitch has turned a pickaxe into a pay-to-win cosmetic. Pay-to-win cosmetics in Fortnite are cosmetic items that not only justify their value, but also have a glitch that can help a player perform better in the game.

A new stealth melee weapon in Fortnite?

Dragon Rune Lance is an epic pickaxe present on page three of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass. The pickaxe can be acquired for seven Battle Stars and is part of The Dragon Rider set. The pickaxe comes in two different style editions. Default in black and sneaker edition in white. In appearance it looks like any other spear but with electrical sparks.

This spike has a bug. The pickaxe removes the noise of the player’s footsteps whenever a player wields it. Unless the player is running. In cases where other players have the ‘display sound effect’ option enabled, the glitch cancels the footstep icons, making the melee stealth.

This glitch can help players go unnoticed and announce themselves rather pompously with stealth attacks out of the blue. The glitch is impressive and makes this pickaxe a pay-to-win cosmetic. Since it is a glitch that breaks normal gameplay, many players reported this to Epic.

Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the Dragon Rune Lance pickaxe. We will update you when we have more information. https://t.co/7bryoDwTpz

In a proactive move, Epic has disabled the pickaxe in-game. The move received mixed reactions from the community. While some opportunistic players were put off, the majority of players welcomed Epic’s decision.

Without labeling it white, black, or grey, the event sheds light on how players can benefit from being stealthy. In the future, Epic could explore some stealth options for players to make the game more exciting.

Events like this are common in Fortnite. The community proactively looks for any bugs that could exploit the game. However, there are always a fair number of opportunistic players who can exploit these flaws and get away with it.

Forums like Reddit and YouTube are full of information on how to take advantage of the bugs before Epic fixes them. There is a teeming community of gamers and content creators who thrive on finding flaws in the map and finding ways to exploit them.

Ethical issues or not, glitches are a regular part of any video game and will be forever. Ultimately it depends on the players and the community around the game and how they deal with these bugs.