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Understanding the Minecraft Metaverse |  HackerNoon
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Games are a multifaceted form of media these days. What were once simply pixels on a screen can now be manipulated and designed to deliver comprehensive experiences that provide something akin to a second life. A means of existing within a digital space. This state of being has a term and is often referred to as a metaverse. Many games offer this in one form or another.

However, certain sandbox games offer a much more realistic and complete experience. Minecraft is one of those games, and in this article, we aim to explain why that is and how you can get involved.

What is Minecraft?

First of all, you might be wondering what Minecraft actually is. Well, this game, simply put, is like a digital Lego with endless possibilities.

The developers at Mojang created this game as a browser extension in the mid-2000s, offering fans a means to build anything they could imagine with 3D cubes within infinite digital space.

Furthermore, the game included a survival option and tasked players with feeding, gathering resources and surviving the onslaught of deadly creatures within the game.


However, from these humble beginnings, the game has grown exponentially, with thousands of huge, highly populated servers, offering plenty of mini-games to read, build projects to participate in, and literally colonies of people, each with their own roles within it. his tribe. to build toward a monumental goal. All this from a concept that extends from the building blocks, who would have thought?

How is Minecraft a metaverse?

Well, many different criteria make up a metaverse.

The first is that one must be able to exist within the virtual universe and experience an existence digitally as much as one can in reality.

Well, Minecraft manages to do this through various means. Firstly, the player will have a role within the metaverse depending on the server and virtual world they are assigned to.

Minecraft has the scope to allow anyone to create their own metaverse. This is because the game is very open and customizable. Which means that if you and your friends create a server and your goal is to survive and create a new world from the server’s seed, you essentially have your own metaverse.


Now, there are more established servers to join, but the freedom is there for everyone. Any server will give you the freedom to create a world of your own vision, build settlements, create a hierarchy, assign player roles, communicate and socialize with others, and survive according to game mechanics. These mimic core aspects of life and our current society and thus this is a metaverse in its own right.

It’s also worth noting that Minecraft, if you have access to the Oculus Rift, is a VR compatible game. Which is a feature that is synonymous with metaverse gaming. This allows one to truly feel one with the world one inhabits, and thanks to this, Minecraft is a truly immersive experience as a result.

How do players interact within the Minecraft metaverse?

As mentioned, the primary means of interaction within this metaverse is doing your part within the context of the server you inhabit. If you’re on a server that’s aiming for a big build, you’re going to have to do your part every day to reach that goal.


If you are part of a Second Life simulation server, you will have to play your role, be it a farmer, a miner or a warrior, for example. Or if you’re on a narrative server with factions and the like, you’ll need to do your part in role-playing and make everything as authentic as possible for all players.

The best example of this is perhaps the Youtube videos you will find from popular creators like Dreamz or Tommyinnit. These creators provide fans with large-scale wars within the Minecraft universe. Which is a great way to show just how endless the creative possibilities are within this excellent sandbox title.

What makes Minecraft different from other sandbox games?

Well, first of all, we are going to show you some great sandbox games to compare. You have GTA, you have Red Dead Redemption, you have Terraria, No Man’s Sky, The Sims, Hitman, Elite Dangerous. Honestly, the list goes on and on. However, why Minecraft has been so successful and has enjoyed the longevity that it has is simple. This game has endless possibilities and is constantly evolving.

The modding community is great, the player base is huge, the game mechanics like the ability to build and Redstone functionality offer a lot to players. Also, thanks to intuitive and creative servers like Hypixel and many others, there are new and interesting ways to play this game. We only need to mention game formats like the popular Hunger Games mode to pass it on.

That’s my article on the Minecraft metaverse and how this game offers one of the most popular and immersive game worlds ever. What do you think about this article? Was this guide useful and informative for you? What other topics would you like to see from us in the near future? Let us know in the HackerNoon Community and, as always, thanks for reading.

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