Is Netflix’s Resident Evil a sequel to Welcome to Raccoon City?


Is Netflix’s Resident Evil a sequel to Welcome to Raccoon City?

Netflix will soon premiere a Resident Evil TV show, but is this new project a sequel or is it related to the movie Welcome to Raccoon City?

a new demonic resident The TV show is on its way to streaming on Netflix, following the movie’s release in 2021. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. As with any novelty demonic resident film or television project, there is a certain anticipation of the audience in the launch of the program, along with a certain appearance of restlessness. demonic residentThe history of adaptation to the realm of live action has been hit or miss thus far, with many elements proving to be highly divisive.

A point on Netflix demonic resident The show’s favor is its main creative mind, Andrew Dabb, who has proven that he can excel in the world of horror television. Dabb served as executive producer for seasons 12-15 of the CW hit Supernaturalhaving worked on their creative staff since season 5. That kind of experience is great when you set out to add an entry into the sprawling demonic resident franchise, spanning movies, shows, books, comics, and of course, video games.


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Considering the recent Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City released, it is natural that many potential viewers of the demonic resident The TV show wonders if it is a sequel to that movie. However, the answer is a resounding no. Welcome to Raccoon City and netflix demonic resident The show was produced by two completely separate teams and they are not connected in any intentional way. However, considering that the Netflix show is set decades after the 1998 T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, it’s certainly possible that similar events will occur in the games that follow. Welcome to Raccoon City was inspired by will be referenced or explored.

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According to showrunner Dabb, Netflix demonic resident the series treats the entire main line demonic resident canon of the game until Resident Evil: Town as if it had happened, so presumably any part of that could be referenced or incorporated in some way. Taking into account that Welcome to Raccoon City, despite being much closer to the games than Milla Jovovich’s movie franchise, took a lot of liberties with the timeline, it’s probably a much simpler move not to worry about working as a follow-up. However, as mentioned, since they both had different production teams, acknowledging each other may not even have been an option.

Although it remains to be seen how Netflix demonic resident the program will be received, it’s probably a good thing in any way that doesn’t directly tie in with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City‘s ending. The film was not only panned by critics (31% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it sank like a stone at the box office, earning $41 million worldwide on a $25 million budget. That may sound like a nice return on the surface, but after marketing costs, it probably barely broke even, let alone turned a profit. With this in mind, linking a new Netflix show to Welcome to Raccoon CityThe sunken ship would have been a mistake.

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