How to make and use glass in Minecraft


How to make and use glass in Minecraft
  • You can make glass in Minecraft by melting blocks of sand.
  • Combining your glass with any color of tint will give you a stained glass window.
  • You can also combine glass with other objects to make glass bottles, beacons, and more.

When you build a house in Minecraft, you need more than just building blocks like stone or wood. A proper house has windows, and the best way to make windows is to use glass.

It doesn’t take much to make glass in Minecraft, and there are plenty of ways to use it. Is that how it works.

How to make glass in Minecraft

To make a glass block, you will need sanda ovenY any type of foundry fuel.

You can find sand in the desert, on any beach, and underwater in rivers and oceans. To make a furnace, fill the edges of a workbench with pavers. As fuel, you can use coal, charcoal, a bucket of lava, or anything made of wood.

Once you have everything, power up the furnace and place your sand in the top slot. It will burn for a few seconds, then give you a piece of glass.

The recipe for crafting glass in minecraft.

It should take about ten seconds for each piece of glass.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

This is a complete block of glass, the same size as any other block. If instead you want a crystal Glass, a flat slab that looks much more like a real window, will require a bit more crafting.

Open up your artboard and fill the bottom two rows with glass blocks. this will create 16 glass panesperfect for any home or building.

A wall of crystals in Minecraft.

A wall of glass.

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And if you want stained glass, like you might see in a church or monument, you’ll need some tint. Place any colored tint in the center slot of your artboard and surround it with glass blocks. are you going to do eight stained glass blocksits color matches any dye you’ve used.

To make stained glass, fill the bottom two rows of the workbench with matching stained glass blocks. You’ll get 16 stained glass.

What can you use glass for in Minecraft

The most obvious use of glass in Minecraft is for windows, whether in a house or a building. Glass blocks and panes are almost completely transparent and do not block light like other solid blocks.

Some players make glass floors, usually on tall towers or other structures, so they can look down and see everything below them.

You can also use glass as a crafting ingredient to make other items.

If you place three glass blocks in a V shape on your artboard, you will make three glass bottles. These are needed to brew potions.

Surrounding a glass block with four amethyst shards gives you two pieces of tinted glass. These are glass blocks that are still transparent, but block light.

Combining five glass blocks with obsidian and a nether star will give you a lighthousea powerful item that can buff any nearby player.

The recipe for crafting a beacon in Minecraft.

The beacon is a very late game item.

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Seven glass blocks combined with an Eye of Ender and a ghast tear make one final crystala glowing orb that can heal and respawn the Ender Dragon, the game’s final boss.

Finally, for players who love to make redstone machines, combining three pieces of glass, nether quartz, and wooden slabs gives them a daylight detector. These machines are like solar panels and send out a red stone signal every time they get daylight.