How to level up fast


How to level up fast

Fortnite The Vibin update just came out and there has been a lot of controversy about how slow the XP gain in Chapter 3 Season 3 feels, especially compared to previous Seasons.

And, while Epic Games addressed this and bumped up the Accolade XP gain a bit, players will still need to use every trick in the book to max out the Battle Pass in a timely manner, especially if they’re part of the new audience that came with the mode. Zero Build. So let’s look at some of the fastest ways to level up this time on Fortnite newer season.


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Daily and weekly grinding challenges

The most obvious method, as in any Fortnite Season, is to start overcoming those daily and weekly challenges. How each player beats their daily and weekly is entirely up to them and the actual challenges.

Zero Build Solo seems to work for a lot of people, as players are much more spread out and it’s easier to focus on doing whatever tasks the Challenge requires without dragging the team down. Meanwhile, some players prefer Modes like Team Rumble, where everyone focuses on a specific area of ​​the map, and people fighting Challenges run around in the Storm trying to complete as many Journals as they can.

Most of these challenges focus on looting specific items, defeating enemies with specific weapons, or interacting with the new things added in the Vibin update. But, here are some quick tips to make these relatively easy challenges even easier:

  • Animals and NPCs count towards any of the challenges that mention “enemy” or “opponent”, including challenges to use specific weapons, hurt enemies with cars or mounts, etc.
  • Cow Hunters are by far the best method of completing any “Destroy Structures” challenge.
  • There’s always whiplash at Chonker’s Speedway.
  • Geysers tend to be in Reality Falls.

Farm all 20 milestone stages

The third section of the Quests tab under Daily and Weekly, Milestones, is much more tedious and is by far the most “grinded” method here, outside of perhaps Tover Tokens. They involve performing certain actions in the game many times over and over again until the Milestone reaches Stage 20.

Each Milestone completion awards 5K XP and reaching the punch card thresholds (seen at the top of the Milestone tab) also rewards around 20K XP. That said, there are a ton of milestones this season and a lot of them feel designed to be tedious, so let’s go over some quick tips for completing the specific ones:

  • Destroy objects while in a vehicle: The easiest method for this one is to go to Chonker’s Speedway, buy a Cow Catcher from the NPC Stash’d, throw it into one of the Whiplashes with off-road tires, and just go through any nearby buildings.
  • Hit Weak Points: Very easy, but tedious. Land near the less populated areas of the map and just go to town. Hitting metal structures is easier as they have more health.
  • Open cash registers: Taco shop in Greasy Grove, any gas station, or any small town area like Condo Canyon or Sleepy Sound.
  • Find ice machines at gas stations: Turn on visualized sound effects, and in most cases, players will be able to “see” that an ice machine is nearby before they actually see it.
  • Overcome opponents: This will happen naturally over the course of the game, but in order to pull it off, players just need to focus on avoiding other players instead of searching for them.
  • Pick fruit from the young trees of reality: Go to Reality Falls as there are always a ton of Saplings there as it is right next to the Reality Tree.
  • Travel Distance in a Baller: Drop into Rave Cave, get a Baller, hop on the roller coaster and go AFK as it has infinite battery power while on the tracks and auto-pilots.

Experience other game modes

Probably not what any pure fan of the Battle Royale side of Fortnite wants to listen, but Fortnite it actually gives a generous amount of EXP in its other modes and commonly gives Creative-focused dailies. Modes like Impostor Mode, Team Rumble, and Creative Mode can easily generate large amounts of EXP just by playing them.

That said, there are a fair number of challenges that won’t be able to be completed in these modes either, so be sure to take a look at the Missions tab before you begin.

Explore the modified map

There are many new places to discover with the new season, such as Rave Cave, Reality Falls, the visual changes at Might Monument, and many others. A good one-off method of getting a ton of XP for players who tend to drop in the same areas is to simply beat a game in a car, drive around, and discover new Points of Interest that weren’t on your map before.

New players especially want to do this, as an uncharted map makes it very difficult to know where to drop or what’s around at any given time.

resorting to unwanted methods

This is not advice that advocates for players to use XP glitches in any capacity, but rather, for players to use sloppiness, etc. For example, the most recent event was the Gen Hoshino Soundwave series in the game, where players would be challenged to collect the coin at the end for 40,000 XP.

And while players could also water the plants, collect music notes, and eat candy while the beautiful music played to earn more XP, it’s nothing major. But, if a player who has already completed the Challenge comes back to this experience and just focuses solely on fishing or eating candy until those interactive elements wear off, and then they leave and reset, they can rack up a lot of XP.

This is just one example out of many and all this is to say that there are a lot of unintended ways to get large amounts of XP on Fortnite just thinking creatively or doing a bit of research, especially considering the sheer number of Collabs that Fortnite tend to have.

save the world mode

And finally, there is Save the world! Fortnite: Save the World is, curiously, what Fortnite it was originally meant to be. But, Epic made their Battle Royale mode to compete with PUBG at the time, and it just went over the moon in terms of popularity and became his billboard earner. Having said that, Save the world it’s still a well-rounded game with an absurd amount of XP farmable by completing your own daily quests or polishing the “Ride the Lightning” mode found within it.

However, players should know that this game has a price tag attached to it as it is a separate product and has a ton of buildings as this is also where the Fortnite The BR build system also originated.

Fortnite It’s free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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