How to create infinite lava in Minecraft


How to create infinite lava in Minecraft

Are you tired of continually going back to the lava pool to fill your bucket and sometimes falling to your inevitable death, losing all your progression? You can build your own lava-generating farm inside your Minecraft house. But be sure to keep your wooden items away from the lava.

Lava can be a great fuel for cooking and melting ingots in your furnace. It can also be used to set traps against hostile enemies. Since it is one of the amazing things that can be done in Minecraft, let’s learn how to do it.

How to create infinite lava in Minecraft

Building an infinity lava pool is relatively simple, collecting items and crafting them requires a bit of work.

You can also use cheats, mods, and commands to create lava out of thin air, but I assume you’re looking for more traditional ways to create infinite lava so you can display it alongside your other builds.

However, I will provide you with all the tricks to create infinite lava in Minecraft.

Materials needed for infinite lava resource

Before we jump into action, here are the things you need to build infinite lava resources.

  • Iron ingot to make cauldron
  • Artisanal oven pavers
  • stalactite
  • lava bucket
  • Any block that doesn’t burn

iron ingot

The iron ingot is obtained by casting. raw iron. You can find raw iron whenever you mine iron ore. All you need is a stone pickaxe to start mining. You can find raw iron underground hidden between stone blocks.

After mining iron ore for a while, you will have a lot of raw iron and cobblestone in your inventory. You’ll need cobblestones to craft a furnace, so don’t throw them away.



Head over to your Minecraft house and start crafting a oven. Each furnace will cost eight cobblestones to craft, so craft at least ten furnaces and start smelting raw iron in each of them.

You can use blocks of wood, coal, charcoal, or buckets of lava as fuel to smelt raw iron into iron ore.


Now that you have enough iron ingots, use them to craft a Boiler. You will need seven iron ingots to craft a cauldron. I suggest you craft at least ten cauldrons for efficient lava flow.

We will be storing lava in these cauldrons.


Dripstone is a new type of spiky block added in Minecraft cave and cliff upgrades. They usually spawn in underground caves. They are found in abundance in stalactite caves. You can see them pointing down from the ceiling of the cave or pointing up from stalactite blocks.

Be careful though because breaking them while standing directly below them will lower your health.

Landing on them also deals damage, so they can also be used as traps. But we’re here to build infinite lava resources, so let’s get back to building.

Lava bucket.

If you’re here to build an infinite lava resource, I think you have plenty of empty buckets ready to be filled with lava and some lava buckets in your inventory. We will need ten buckets of lava because we will create ten lava resources.

Building infinite lava resources

infinite lava fountain

Now that we’ve collected all the necessary items, let’s start building. As I mentioned before, it’s relatively simple. We’ll go through each step to build ten of those.

  1. Place your cauldron on the ground.
  2. Place a non-flammable block (cobblestone) three blocks above the Cauldron.
  3. Make a container on top of the block to hold the lava.
  4. Place the drip stone at the bottom of the block.
  5. Make ten of these resources for more lava supply.

Over time, the cauldron will fill with lava from the droplets of stalactites. Now that you have infinite lava resources, you don’t have to go out and explore a pool of lava and accidentally drown in it.

Filling the cauldron with lava takes time, so I suggest you build enough lava resources.

Build a nether portal.

nether portal

It’s never easy, I’m telling you, but if you want an adventure in your Minecraft world and want to experience something different, you are of course welcome to do so.

You can have infinite lava in the netherworld, but that comes at the cost of risking your life as more dangerous creatures spawn in the hellish world of Minecraft.

There are two things you will need to create a nether portal.

  • ten obsidian
  • flint and steel

Obsidian is one of the most difficult blocks in Minecraft. If you don’t have obsidian, you can make it by pouring water into the lava fountain. The lava fountain will instantly turn into obsidian. It’s best to build a portal as you pour water into the lava.

Place two obsidian on the ground and stack 3 obsidian on each side. Complete the circle by placing obsidian on top. Build the portal in the shape of a circle as shown in the image below.

Where do I put my nether portal?

Building a nether portal deep underground will reach the lava pool area in the nether world because the height of the upper world is directly connected to the height of the nether world. Make your way down until you reach the deep slate area and build a nether portal there.

Upon entering the portal, you will be teleported to a lower world, where the base is filled with lava. If you can’t see a lava pool in sight, explore the nearby area and you’ll find one. Just be sure to track your portal for a safe return.

Cheats and Commands


That was the traditional infinite lava fountain way in Minecraft. If you’re playing survival and want to experience a game at your own pace, traditional is the way to go. But if you want a quick fix, you can use cheats and commands.

I wouldn’t recommend using commands as you’ll have an endless supply of anything you want, but if you desperately want that sweet lava, you can run the following commands to receive lava cubes.

During the game, press the button t-key, and the command prompt will open on the bottom screen.

Type these commands /give @a minecraft:lava_bucket 64 .

Lava cubes cannot be stacked, so using commands to spawn 64 lava cubes will cause your player to throw the remaining lava. You can pick them up and put them in the chest.

Frequent questions.

Can you swim in lava?

With the Fire Resistance Potion, Immortality Totem, and Enchanted Golden Apple, you can swim in the lava as long as the effect doesn’t wear off.

What happens when water touches lava?

The water near the Lava fountain will instantly turn into cobblestones. It can also be used to farm infinite cobblestones. If the water touches the lava fountain, it will turn into obsidian.

Can you ride your boat on lava?

Because the boat is made of wood, it will burn the moment they are placed in a pool of lava.

How far can the lava fountain extend on a flat surface?

Lava fountains can spread up to three blocks in four different directions if placed on a flat surface.