Top 5 Technoblade Moments in Minecraft Championship (MCC)


Top 5 Technoblade Moments in Minecraft Championship (MCC)

Technoblade is a former competitor in the Minecraft Championship. He is revered for being one of the most skilled competitors when it comes to player versus player combat. This is further demonstrated by his record of consistently placing no lower than 10th, individually, in each of the 11 events he has entered.

Technoblade is a skilled competitor in all aspects, making him fearsome to go toe to toe on the battlefield. He’s notoriously good at finding feats in minigames and using those feats to his own (and his team’s) benefit. This leads to impressive one-off performances, as well as improvements to the minigames in general.

In this article, we’ll count down five of Technoblade’s most impressive plays throughout the Minecraft Championships.

The 5 Most Impressive Technoblade Plays In The Minecraft Championship, Ranked

5) Murder Bingo

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In MCC 2, there used to be an item collecting minigame called Lockout Bingo. Techno quickly discovered that the most efficient way to collect items was not to collect them, but to kill other players and take their items.

He managed to get two full bingos on his card by killing other competitors and taking their items, as well as filling in a whole host of other slots on his sheet. This maneuver placed him and his team in first place for the round, with a total of 3,200 coins.

4) MCC 4 Dodgebolt

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MCC 4 is revered for being the event where Techno became part of Sleepy Bois Inc. (consisting of: Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA and TommyInnit). That said, it was both a fundamentally successful event and a fan-favorite MCC.

Techno and his team managed to take first place overall in the event win, earning 24,342 coins throughout the event and sweeping the final job, Dodgebolt. And what is more? Techno also took first place individually, scoring over a thousand more coins than second-place competitor Brandon “PeteZahHutt” Clemont.

3) MCC 5 Survival Games 1v3

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Techno is famous for his crazy talents when it comes to player versus player combat. During the survival games of MCC 5, Techno proved, once again, that even when outnumbered, he won’t go down without a fight.

Techno managed to eliminate three of the four members of Team Cyan Creepers (Michaelmcchill, Mefs, and Captain Puffy). He used an impressive technique that used to trap his opponents in webs and shoot them from a distance until they were low enough in health to mop up kills with close combat.

Despite burning to death immediately after scoring these three kills, that impressive play will forever go down in MCC history.

2) Breaking Build Mart

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Technoblade and his team (consisting of: Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Seapeekay) conspired an innovative strategy that later led to a major rule change for Big Sales at Build Mart.

His strategy was to assign each team member a shopping list of blocks to obtain. After collecting all the blocks, they began to recreate each of the constructions to reduce the time spent going back and forth collecting blocks.

This strategy proved to be extremely effective, although many fans (and even some of the team members) began to doubt the strategy, they placed first in the minigame with an impressive total of 2,712 coins.

Techno later explained the thinking behind the strategy, attributing the shopping list idea to Will “Wilbur Soot” Gold. Technoblade spent six hours reviewing footage of every Build Mart that was played at MCC.

Through that, he identified the twenty-six possible builds they would need to make, wrote down each of the materials they would need to make each of those builds, organized them by section, and then had each team member gather all the items they would need. need.

The amount of effort that went into such a strategy is commendable, even though the rules were later changed to prevent another strategy like this from happening again.

1) MCC 10 air battle

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At MCC 10, Technoblade proved, once again, that he can (and will) use items to his advantage to get the most kills. He claimed an overwhelming fourteen kills at the end of Sky Battle, including annihilating two entire teams.

Not only did he use his amazing player-vs-player combat skills to help him score as many kills, but he used a couple of special items to help him secure as many kills as he did towards the end of the round. Techno used some Creeper Spawn Eggs to lure Team Green Guardians out of hiding from him, killing Quig, LDShadowLady, and Shubble.

Until MCC 11, Techno had the most kills scored in a single round of Sky Battle with an impressive 14 kills during MCC 10.

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) is a series of monthly events that began on November 17, 2019. Since its debut, the event has been coordinated by The Noxcrew and Scott “Smajor” Major. The latter is known for bringing together each of the ten four-player teams that participate in each Minecraft Championship.

The event consists of ten teams of four players competing in a series of nine mini-games that serve to test the competitors’ skills in a variety of different areas within Minecraft. These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as parkour or player-versus-player combat, to more general skills like puzzle-solving and teamwork.