The Rock’s Fortnite Hero Receives Marvel’s Ultimate Compliment


The Rock’s Fortnite Hero Receives Marvel’s Ultimate Compliment

In Marvel’s new Fortnite crossover, Rock’s hero The Foundation gets the perfect compliment from Spider-Man using 3 Avengers to describe him.

Caveat! Spoilers ahead for Marvel x Fortnite: War Zero #1

as seen in Fortnite new crossover comic zero warThe Rock Character Foundation gets the latest Wonderful compliment from Spider-Man himself. Leader of the team of heroes known as the Seven, the Foundation is one of the main protagonists battling the Imagined Order for control of Point Zero and the security of the omniverse itself. While Dwayne Johnson’s Foundation may be an original character created for the game, Spider-Man compares him to some pretty dynamic heroes from the Marvel Universe in this first issue.

In the established tradition of Fortnite, Imagined Order is an organization obsessed with gaining knowledge and power regardless of the repercussions they may cause in the omniverse. Also known as IO, the group uses the powerful Zero Point to manipulate and explore various realities, often taking fighters from various realities and forcing them to battle on Fortnite Island in a constant cycle. However, The Rock’s Foundation and the Seven have stood in the IO’s way, fighting for control of Point Zero and freeing the fighters from the loop. This includes Spider-Man, who has now joined the Seven in the new Marvel x Fortnite: War Zero #1 by Donald Mustard, Christos Gage and Sergio D├ívila.


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Having been sent back to the Marvel Universe by the Seven in this first issue, Spider-Man is tasked with gathering as many Avengers as he can to help fight the Imagined Order on Fortnite Island. Fortunately, some heroes have already been to the island during Marvel’s crossover in the 2020 game known as the nexus war. This includes Wolverine, who Spider-Man tries to recruit once again. It’s also where he provides an epic description of the Foundation to Logan, stating that it’s like an epic combination of 3 Marvel heroes.


Based on what has been seen of the Dwayne Johnson Foundation thus far (both in-game and in the comics), comparing him to Iron Man, Nick Fury, and the Hulk is pretty apt. He is certainly a dynamic leader and protagonist who recently teamed up with Batman at DC’s Fortnite crossover before joining forces with Spider-Man. As such, he certainly seems to have made quite an impression on the Wallcrawler.

In any case, it will be exciting to see how Spider-Man and the Foundation’s relationship progresses now that the Avengers and the Seven join forces. However, seeing the Rock Fortnite The hero working together with the 3 aforementioned heroes would also be great. Marvel fans will just have to wait and see which Avengers join the fight against the IO as Fortnite new Wonderful the crossing continues.

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