Is Treyarch working on a standalone Call of Duty: Zombies game?


Is Treyarch working on a standalone Call of Duty: Zombies game?

For years, players have been asking if Treyarch will really invest fully in Zombies mode and make a standalone Zombies game. As Zombies gets more and more complicated and ambitious just in the modes of the games it’s in, a full Zombies game makes more and more sense. Therefore, in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about whether Treyarch is working on a standalone version Call of Duty: Zombies play.

Call of Duty Free-to-Play is Coming in 2023

a free game Obligations the game will arrive in 2023, although the main line Cod The game originally planned for 2023 has been pushed back to 2024. While Treyarch is handling the next mainline Cod after modern warfare iithe studio is also working on the 2023 free-to-play Obligations play.

We don’t know much of anything officially about this 2023 free-to-play experience, and the existence of the game itself is only known to us courtesy of leaks from industry insiders. However, a free game of 2023 instead of a main line Cod makes sense, especially since war zone 2 it will be released in 2022 and not 2023. 2023 can’t have Cod content, after all.

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mobile war zone It will certainly be free and is in active development, but it wouldn’t make much sense for Treyarch to be working on this. The studio doesn’t have a lot of experience with mobile devices, while other Activision studios do, and they’re not very familiar with working with war zone IP, while other Activision studios do.

A standalone Zombies game would, of course, fit perfectly with the free-to-play model, and it would make a lot of sense for Treyarch to make such a game, especially in light of their expansions to the original Zombies formula in Vanguard Y cold war black ops. However, while popular, Zombies is not the most popular mode in Obligations. That’s multiplayer.

Considering how they like tactical games valorant, rainbow six siegeY counterattack continue to dominate the world of shooters, and considering how Treyarch handles the League Play aspect of the Obligations world, a free competitive game Obligations experience that makes multiplayer what war zone made to Battle Royale is another likely candidate for what Treyarch is working on.

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Treyarch, Zombies and map editors

In the wake of Modern Warfare II official reveal, a ton of information has formally come out, but a lot more information has also been leaked. According to famous tipster RalphsValve, from where a ton of Cod leaks are coming, a map editor is coming modern warfare ii. But it’s not just that, as a map editor is also coming to Treyarch’s free-to-play game, according to RalphsValve.

While the news of the map editor is great, if less great when you realize it’s going to be fairly limited in scope, the fact that it’s coming to Treyarch’s free-to-play game is an extremely interesting detail; however, it’s unclear if this suggests more of a Zombies game to come than a new multiplayer game. This is why.

So on the one hand a map editor coming into a competitive game meant to compete with players like valorant dont have much sense. These games are all about learning a specific set of maps and building strategies around those maps, not messing with the maps and playing homebrew maps from random players. That’s not what games like. valorant are usually about

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However, a standalone Zombies game probably wouldn’t be a traditional round-based game. Obligations Zombies experience, because that type of content will probably appear in the future. Obligations games, and Treyarch won’t want to deliver this content exclusively in their free-to-play game or overwhelm the player base with round-based Zombies content so people get bored of it.

So it would make a lot more sense if, say, Treyarch released an Outbreak-style open-world zombie game, leveraging the studio’s work on cold war black opsas something of its own, independent Call of Duty: Zombies experience. This game could still get regular updates and see new content added, but it wouldn’t take anything away from others Cod games.

In this scenario, there is also unlikely to be a map editor. Open world games with huge, sprawling maps are not good for a map editor, naturally. What works for a map editor is a level-based zombie game or a multiplayer game, but if Treyarch isn’t likely to spawn round-based zombies and tactical shooters aren’t a good fit for map editors, then what? what could Treyarch be working on? ?

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The future of Treyarch

A Zombies game might well have an open world element, map-based modes, and even something entirely new, so a map editor might well fit in with a standalone Zombies game, especially one that’s more ambitious and replete with a lots of ways. Zombies is much loved, after all. However, this risks stealing the spotlight from the future mainline. Obligations games that regularly lean on Zombies as a secondary mode of growing importance.

While that may be true, a tactical shooter isn’t likely to play a bunch of custom maps either. but a call of duty: online 6v6 free play style that is like war zone but for the traditional Cod multiplayer could be a big hit. war zone it’s incredibly successful as a free-to-play game, but it’s specifically a BR experience. A multiplayer version of that could be similarly successful.

However, of course, this risks drawing players away from the main line. Cod games, but the core games might offer different features, tones, or settings than the free games, perhaps focusing on modern warfare while the future Obligations the games try different settings after a series of more modern games.

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