How to make a ship with a chest in Minecraft


How to make a ship with a chest in Minecraft

Special ships with chests have arrived in Minecraft with The Wild Update. This is how players can create them to use on their ocean expeditions.

Boats are one of the best ways to travel across the rivers and oceans of Minecraft, and with The Wild update, players can now craft boats out of chests to make moving their items and equipment across the water much easier. In survival mode, Minecraft players are tasked with gathering resources, building settlements and fighting hostile mobs, gradually exploring more than Minecraft endless open world while they do it. Despite some players’ disappointment at the removal of features from Minecraft The Wild update, the ships with chests are a welcome inclusion for players looking to make their overseas expeditions a little easier.


Minecraft has several modes of transportation for players looking to get somewhere fast. On land, horses and mules can be saddled and ridden, and players familiar with Minecraft Redstone can build elaborate rail networks for minecart travel. However, only ships are suitable for long-distance travel over water. Ordinary boats in Minecraft they can carry two players, or even one player and their loyal pets, and are much faster than swimming. Furthermore, the structures in Minecraft Oceans such as shipwrecks and underwater temples make the high seas attractive to players looking for adventure or good fishing spots with enchanted fishing rods in Minecraft.

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The introduction of ships with chests in Minecraft it means players can explore ocean structures and distant lands across the ocean without fear of running out of inventory space. Fortunately, they are also easy for players to craft and don’t require a lot of resources to make.

Making ships with chests in Minecraft

Ships with chests on a small island in Minecraft

The player must first craft a boat and a chest separately on a crafting table. Ships can be crafted using five wooden plank blocks of the same type of wood. Fill the bottom row with three blocks and the middle row with two blocks, leaving the middle slot on the artboard empty. Chests are crafted from eight blocks of wooden planks that fill all slots on the workbench except the middle slot. A simple undertaking, especially when compared to the mega-builds of some experienced ones. Minecraft players To make a boat out of a chest, place the craft boat anywhere on the bottom row of the artboard, then place the chest directly on the slot. The boat with the chest can be moved to the player’s inventory.

With their boat in hand, players can place it on the water and jump in by right-clicking. The chest on the boat can be opened by pressing the sneak button and right clicking. However, there are a few things players need to keep in mind when using these ships. First of all, the chest on the boat is a small Minecraft chest instead of a big one and it only has 27 slots of inventory space. Second, boats with chests can only carry one player or Minecraft entity, unlike ordinary ships, which can carry two, so players should keep this in mind when traveling with friends or their loyal Minecraft pets and critters.

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Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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