How to find the deep dark ancient city in minecraft


How to find the deep dark ancient city in minecraft

To find the Deep Dark and Ancient City in Minecraft, players need to ensure that certain conditions regarding elevation and erosion are met.

The Deep Dark is an underground biome in Minecraft it spawns deep, far below the Overworld, where very few light sources are present, and the Ancient Cities are massive palatial structures found within this biome that contain all of the blocks that the Deep Dark has and more. Adventurers can recognize the Deep Dark by its unique Sculk Blocks, including Sculk Veins, Sculk Sensors, Sculk Catalysts, and Sculk Shriekers in Minecraft.

The Deep Dark and its Ancient Cities are moderately scary places to explore, but there are several reasons why. Minecraft fans would want to find these underground areas. In addition to the large number of exotic decoration blocks that the Deep Dark biome provides, an ancient city may contain loot chests that contain the book needed to unlock the enchantment, Swift Sneak. As the name implies, this enchantment allows players to maneuver while sneaking at a much faster rate. Additionally, these Ancient City chests can also contain the disk fragments needed to reassemble the new Music Disk 5. Another unique item found in the Deep Dark Structure is the Echo Fragment, and if explorers collect enough of these shards, they can craft a Recovery Compass. in Minecraft.


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To find the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft, players must search caves within areas with a low “Erosion” value. For those unfamiliar, Erosion is a game mechanic in Minecraft that determines if water or any other liquid can erode substances and distribute sediments. Naturally, there are more geological complexities to explain regarding this mechanic. However, the main point that players need to keep in mind is that if there is no water, the level of erosion is low. Consequently, these areas will be the places where Deep Dark is most likely to be found. In other words, don’t expect cave systems near water sources to contain the Deep Dark.

Find the deep dark and ancient city in Minecraft

Finding the deep dark biome and the ancient city in Minecraft

The next step for Deep Dark enthusiasts would be to locate an Ancient City, the exclusive Structure of the new biome in Minecraft. The Ancient City will only spawn within Deep Darkness starting at Y: -52 and lower. Similar to the Deep Dark quest, players are advised to explore cave systems in areas where there is little to no water to find an ancient city. The Overworld biomes chosen to check out would be hilly and mountainous regions far from a water source.

Once players choose a cave system to explore, it is highly recommended that they have several night vision potions on hand for the adventure. Unsurprisingly, the Deep Dark and Ancient City have exceptionally dim lighting, making them nearly impossible to see. Therefore, having Night Vision active on Minecraft It will certainly be of great help in finding the biome.

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