Everything you need to know about the guardian


Everything you need to know about the guardian

Wild Update 1.19 is finally here in Minecraft, and with it comes something from deep underground. On the surface there may be sweet little Allay and fun goats, but if you want adventure and danger, you’ll only find that in Deep Dark’s Deepslate Caves.

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The mysterious Warden boss can be one of the toughest mobs you’ll come across, being difficult to find, survive, and defeat. This list will tell you everything you need to know if you decide to go caving in Ancient Cities.


7 Finding the guardianminecraft ancient city

To have a chance of coming face-to-face, or rather face-to-face, with the Wandering Guardian, you’ll need to dive to around -50 on the Y-axis and spelunk until you come across blue. green mold of the Deep Dark. Most of the blocks here drop experience when mined, and grow back when mobs die near a Shrieker Catalyst, so these things are fully farmable.

Very rarely will you come across an ancient city at this depth, which can span up to 200 blocks and is usually only sporadically illuminated by Soul Lanterns, as lichens refuse to grow amongst the mold. These structures are the Guardians’ hunting grounds, which can spawn over and over as long as there are no other Guardians within a 45 block radius.

6 How to summon the guardian

You don’t need to be in an ancient city, but they often have enough blocks of deep darkness needed to summon a guardian. They only need a one by three block gap to burrow in and a light level of less than 11. It takes a Guardian a few seconds to break through solid blocks and emerge next to the Shrieker that called it.

A single player must activate any Shrieker three times within ten minutes to summon a Warden, and while other mobs can activate Shriekers, they won’t count towards the summon.

5 Guardian’s BehaviorMinecraft Ancient City Altar Soul Fire Chests Sculk Catalyst Sculk Shrieker

The Guardian takes six seconds to respond to the Shrieker’s third call, digging into the appropriate space closest to the block. The Guardian casts the Darkness effect every six seconds in a 20 block radius that lasts twelve seconds. From there, he will sniff the air and spot any player within a sixteen block radius.

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It then relies on sound or vibrations to track something. It will follow the vibrations of other mobs and items, but it prioritizes anything a player does, so be careful!

4 Running from the Guardian

Crouching is your best friend, as it silences your movement, making it easier to get out of detection range. Outside of sixteen blocks, the Guardian can’t hear you, but he will wander around listening, so he keeps walking you away. Beyond 20 blocks, the Darkness effect won’t hit you, making it much easier to stay safe.

The Guardian has a melee attack that deals between 16 and 45 hearts, ignoring resistances and disabling shields. If the player rises or builds a wall, the Guardian emits a ranged attack with a sonic boom that deals six to fifteen hearts of damage. The stamina buff from Turtle Master’s potions helps against this. Your best bet is to be at least fifteen blocks away on the X (horizontal) axis and 20 blocks away on the Y (vertical) axis, as none of his attacks can hit you there. Then just shoot with arrows until it falls.

3 What does the warden drop?

His drops are pretty scary for the amount of danger you put yourself in, which can put off players from trying to farm this mob. When a Guardian is killed by a player or tame wolf, they will drop five experience orbs and a Sculk Catalyst. These catalysts can be found in Deep Dark, a creamy block with the blue-green dripping on top, and can be picked up with Silk Touch, a much easier task!

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These are the blocks that spread deep darkness when a mob’s experience orbs land nearby, so they can be used to create your own experience farm in a safer location. Most of the blocks in Deep Dark drop when mined, so farms for this will be plentiful.

two Avoiding the guardian

The sound made by items and mobs (including the player) activates the Sculk sensors unless you walk on Wool. This can be any kind of block of wool, and cities often have huge piles of them on the fringes. Breaking blocks also counts as noise, so make sure you only destroy blocks that aren’t within nine blocks of a Sensor.

Crouching removes the sound of footsteps, so use this mechanic to quickly take out Sculk Shriekers as there are usually fewer sensors. Without the Shriekers, Warden cannot be summoned and players can freely move around the city. However, if there is a sneaky Shrieker on top of the structure that gets away from you and the Guardian arrives, quickly duck and walk at least 30 blocks away. The Darkness effect will take over, so remember your surroundings and take a break or drink a bucket of milk to remove the effect. After a minute it will disappear.

1 Why risk it?

So the Guardian drops are terrible and not worth fighting for, why visit the Ancient Cities if it’s such a hassle? The edges of each city contain ruined buildings, each with a chest inside. There are also altar-like areas with water and candles that have between two and four chests. Stacks of Candles, Amethyst Shards and Glowberries, but more importantly Music Disc Shards for a new record can be found here, as well as Echo Shards.

The Swift Sneak Enchantment is only available from these chests and can be applied to mail to speed up your crouch speed. There are also really beefed up Diamond Hoes here for some reason. If you really want Indiana Jones in this place, try to find the mysterious City Basement, located under the Indestructible Deepslate Portal behind secret piston doors. The architecture is also a great reason to seek out an Ancient City.

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