Everything we know about Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024


Everything we know about Treyarch’s Call of Duty 2024

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) is out in just a couple of months, but modern warfare ii going to be the main Cod game for two full years, like Treyarch’s next Obligations is scheduled to come out in 2024. Right now, the news cycle is dominated by modern warfare ii information, so in this article, We explain everything you need to know about Treyarch Obligations 2024.

CoD 2024 isn’t Treyarch’s next Call of Duty game

Treyarch is reportedly working on another Obligations game due out in 2023; however, it will not be the next main line Obligations. Activision, for the first time in franchise history, delayed Treyarch’s next main line. Cod from 2023 to 2024. Treyarch is working on a new free game Obligations game coming out soon.

Officially, we don’t know anything about this game, but based on leaks, rumors, and speculation, there are only a few possibilities. First, Treyarch might be, for whatever reason, running mobile war zoneand that could be planned for 2023. However, this doesn’t make much sense, considering that Treyarch doesn’t have much experience with it. war zone IP or mobile development.

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So there are pretty much only two working theories: a standalone Zombies game or a tactical/esport/Valorant competition game. Zombies has always been popular in the Cod franchise since its introduction in World at warand Treyarch has increasingly increased the ambition of the Zombies modes in Cod games. Then, in the world of FPS, tactical competitive games like CS, Valorant, and Rainbow have dominated the landscape for years.

None of these possible games would take as much time or resources to develop as a main line. Cod, and both would make sense. However, it has recently been leaked that it is not only modern warfare ii to get a map editor, but so is Treyarch’s free-to-play game, and this would make a lot more sense for a Zombies game than a tactical shooter.

May not have a two-year life cycle

Sledgehammer Games is reportedly working on their next Obligations game, and no doubt Infinity Ward will be working on their next game as soon as modern warfare ii announcements More Cod the games are in the works, and Activision just got delayed Cod 2023 due to how stretched Treyarch has been, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. It is an unusual circumstance, to say the least.

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So there’s a lot of speculation that Activision will quietly return to the annual release cycle for Obligations starting over with Cod 2024. However, Microsoft will soon have control not only of Obligations but all Activision-Blizzard, and big changes can come to Obligations as a result. While there’s no official word as this hasn’t happened before, no doubt many at Activision will be monitoring. Modern Warfare II second year performance.

if you want to see less Obligations games, definitely don’t give up modern warfare ii during its second year of support, as Activision will probably try to release as many Cod games as possible if they feel that people are willing to buy more Cod games. Ultimately, the players decide how many games come out and, as Ubisoft did with assassin’s Creed, Cod it can become a franchise that doesn’t launch every year.

It will use the Modern Warfare II engine and will likely be set in the near future.

One of the most interesting bits of recent news is that, in the future, Obligations It will be based on a motor. the modern warfare ii engine will be used collectively by all major Cod developers and worked together by all the Cod developers. This means that the future Cod games, like Treyarch’s 2024 Cod will also use a version of the modern warfare ii engine.

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Without a doubt, this comes as a change because of how difficult it was to integrate different contents in war zone that did not work with the same motor, but the Modern war The engine is particularly well-liked, so it’s doubtful many fans will be disappointed by this news. It’s a beautiful engine, and it will be great to see what Treyarch can do with it.

And what will Tryerach do for Cod 2024 will reportedly be a spiritual successor to Black Ops 2Very similar modern warfare ii Is for modern warfare 2and be a game of boots on the ground set in the near future, somewhat similar to battlefield 2042 in terms of setting. It’s unclear exactly where or when the next game will take place or be set, but overall, this is the expectation for Treyarch’s next game. Cod.