Every Dye Color in Minecraft and How to Get It


Every Dye Color in Minecraft and How to Get It

Minecraft is known for creating an experience that can adapt to anyone’s gender. From crafting, farming, and building, to deep diving into dangerous caverns and caves while battling mobs, there is something for everyone. Fortunately, players don’t have to deal with the basics of some items. various things in Minecraft can be recolored to suit each aesthetic. From dyeing armor, beds, animal necklaces, and even glass, players have more than enough options to choose from.

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However, with 16 tints, it can be difficult to figure out how to get each color. While some dyes can be found easily, there are some that require mixing ingredients to make. Fortunately, this is a complete list of all available dyes and how to obtain them.

For players who want to farm these dyes frequently, players can make the specific dyed wool and then place it on a freshly shorn sheep. Players can play the same colors or combine colors.


sixteen White

White dye is an easy color to harvest and can also be important for crafting other dyes. So having an abundance on hand could save time later on. The first way players can craft white dye is by finding the Lily of the Valley flower. By collecting them, you can use the workbench to craft the dye.

The other way, which can be a bit more dangerous, is by killing skeletons. Once the bones are dropped, players can use the workbench to crush the bone and make bone meal, which is a white dye. Bone meal is also collected once the composters are full, which can be done by throwing seeds, vegetables, and fruit in there.

fifteen Black

As the darkest dye in Minecraft, there is only one way players can create it. By Inc Sacs, which are dropped by Squids. So for players who want to decorate their builds in dark tones, prepare to dive into the water and kill some of these passive mobs.

They can drop between one and three Inc Sacs at a time, so there is a chance that players can easily farm this dye. Players should note that the new mob, the Glowing Squids, will drop Glowing Bags, however they cannot be converted into dyes.

14 Brown

The brown dye is made from cocoa beans, which can be a difficult task to find due to the fact that it only grows on trees in the jungle. Jungle biomes are somewhat rare, but they’re usually big when found, so players have a chance to collect a lot of beans when they’re there, plus they can be placed on the wood side of the jungle to make them come back! to grow up!

Once players spend several days wandering the map to find this biome, they can collect the cocoa beans and use the workbench to make brown dye.

13 Red

There are three elements that can form red dye and they are common. The first is a red poppy flower, the second is a rose, and the third is a Beatroot. Flowers can be commonly found wandering around biomes, but especially in Flower Forest biomes.

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Players can also use bone meal on a grass block and it will grow a variety of flowers. Beatroots are commonly found in villages, either on their farms, in their chests, or even sold by farmers. After obtaining any of the three items, players can simply craft the dye.

12 Green

Green Dye is the first dye a Furnace needs to obtain, however the necessary ingredients are still easy to gather. Players must first find a desert biome and then collect Cacti.

After this, players will need to burn the cactus blocks in the oven, which will leave them with the dye.

eleven Blue

There are two ways players can get blue dye, and one is pretty easy. As with red, players can easily collect various cornflowers found in the flower forest biome to create the blue dye.

Yet another method is to use lapis lazuli to make blue. Of course, players will have to go underground to find it, in which case it can be dangerous, however it is an adventure worth undertaking!

10 Yellow

Another dye that is made by hand with flowers! Fortunately, the new forest flower biome is a savior for those who want to collect as many flowers as they can.

But for this dye, players will need to find Sunflowers or Dandelions to create a yellow dye.

9 Gray

Now that all the primary colors are out of the way, it’s time to dive into the colors that require blending. Of course, some of these colors can be guessed if players know their art, but some can still be tricky. Grey, however, is simple.

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Gray is made by combining black and white, which means players will need a bonemeal and ink sack with a crafting table.

8 light grey

If gray wasn’t too tedious for gamers, then light gray might be. There are two ways players can craft this dye. The first is to get the gray dye and add more bonemeal to it.

The second technique is to place a white tulip, daisy, or baby blue on the artboard on its own.

7 Orange

The orange tint is self explanatory. Players will need to combine a red and yellow dye to create orange.

Or, if players have collected enough flowers in the flower forest biome, they can simply place an orange tulip on the crafting table.

6 Lime

Another simple mix, lime dye, only requires bone meal and green dye to make.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be collected to craft it, it must be combined with the two dyes.

5 Light Blue

Another item that can be made from a flower or by combining two dyes. And which two tints would they be? Correct! Bone meal and lapis lazuli!

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And for the flower that creates the light blue tint is the Blue Orchid.

4 cyan

Cyan is another tint that is only created when two colors are combined, as nothing in the world of Minecraft has anything that can be turned into it.

The beautiful bluish green is created by adding lapis lazuli, or blue dye, and green dye.

3 Pink

Pink Dye is made by adding White Dye and Red Dye together on the artboard.

Or if players want to search for pink peonies or tulips in the flower forest biome, that will work too.

two Violet

Like most secondary colors, Purple Dye can be obtained by combining two previously made dyes.

Players will need to place Red Dye and Blue Dye on the crafting table to craft this item.

1 Magenta

And lastly, as a final tint, this one should be a bit tricky. There are three options when crafting this dye. The first is by making it from a lilac flower.

The other two options are from combining a certain dye. One option is to create purple and pink together, while the second is to create blue, red, and white together. The choice is up to the players!

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