What does the Mythical Sapling do in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3


What does the Mythical Sapling do in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Chapter 3 Season 3 introduced a profusion of different POIs into Fortnite. While each POI is interesting in its own way, one of them clearly stands out and that is the Reality Tree, which has quickly become the most famous POI of the season. This visually pleasing drop zone is packed with many interactive and secret elements.

Since the introduction of Fortnite Week Zero Challenges, the Reality Tree has become a bustling place for those players looking to complete multiple missions. In fact, one of the challenges of the week is to plant or summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds, which can be found near this POI. While many may have already completed this challenge, Reality Seed is still evolving into something better, every day.

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The developers have always strived to make playing Fortnite an immersive experience. Carrying on that legacy, they have added an awesome feature that clearly speaks to their dedication to the game and a fun experience for players to enjoy.

Each Sapling interacts differently in different biomes in Fortnite.

For those unfamiliar with Reality Seed and the lore that surrounds it, here is a summary. In a newly spawned biome called Reality Falls, there are Reality Pods that randomly spawn near the Reality Tree, a recently added POI in Fortnite. These Reality Capsules contain Reality Seeds which can be obtained by breaking one of these Capsules. Breaking it causes the Seeds to scatter throughout the Pod.

Once players collect the seeds, they can plant a Reality Sapling at their desired location. This Reality Sapling is then assigned to the player and remains intact, no matter how many matches the players participate in. As time goes by, Reality Saplings begins to bear fruit. Players can now weed plants and then claim fruit loot. As time goes by, the rarity of the loot evolves and it will eventually reach the Mythic level. However, there is a cooling period before the plant can be weeded again.

Fun fact: Planting the Mythic Reality Seed in different biomes gives you different Mythic loot! – Grasslands: Mythic Hammer AR – Desert: Mythic Stinger SMG – Mountains: Mythic DMR – Reality Bloom: Mythic Two-Shot Shotgun https://t.co/GI1wZPHHLq

It was all fun and games until the players started to notice something. Whenever players weed the plants around the Mythic Fruit Sapling, the loot they get only contains one type of weapon. Now, players have planted saplings all over the island. The results seemed to be the same each time. Although the weapons differed in location, the loot collected was always the same.

That’s when players realized that where they plant a Sapling plays a critical role in what type of weapon the fruit will carry. This was only the case when the Sapling evolved into a Mythic Sapling. It was later revealed that when players planted Seeds in different biomes, the loot dropped would be different.

If Fortnite players were to plant Saplings in Grassland, the Mythic loot would consist of just the Hammer Assault Rifle, and the same rule would apply to the Desert as well. In a desert biome, the fruit would carry the Mythic Stinger SMG. In a mountain biome, players would get a Mythic Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) loot. In Reality Bloom, the fruits would carry the Mythic Two-Shot Shotgun.

All of this indicates the dedication of the game developers to provide players with an immersive experience. Synonymous with real vegetation that grows differently in different geographic areas, this feature brings a touch of the real world to the game. It can also be noted that the developers are boosting the newly introduced weaponry through these loot-dropping fruits. All of these weapons were only released in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.