Resident Evil 4 in EU5 is exactly how the remake should be


Resident Evil 4 in EU5 is exactly how the remake should be

Resident Evil 4 reimagined in Unreal Engine 5 shows what a next-gen RE4 could look like, and what Capcom’s remake should aim for.

A fan-made trailer demonstrates what he just announced Resident Evil 4 Remake it could, and perhaps should, look like Unreal Engine 5. Since its release in 2020, a number of developers are already using Unreal Engine 5 for their newest projects, experimenting with the new technical capabilities and realism it enables.

2005 Resident Evil 4 it was one of Capcom’s greatest achievements. Leon S. Kennedy’s horrific run-over adventure on the outskirts of Spain to rescue the president’s daughter is considered a landmark title for fans of both. demonic resident and the genre of horror games itself. A significant part of that success was due to many ambitious risks Capcom took in development. RE4 uses a full third-person dynamic camera instead of the iconic static cinematic camera from the first series and even avoided traditional zombies for a new enemy type, the Ganados. With the recent announcement of the Resident Evil 4 remake, fans are eager to see how Capcom plans to improve on what many already consider to be a perfect product, which, ironically, is a risk in and of itself.


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Recently, the graphic design studio PreviewPlay shared a YouTube video that presented a perfect example of what Resident Evil 4 Remake it should look like The trailer is a visual journey through several iconic locations completely recreated within the Unreal 5 engine. The over-the-shoulder camera view is perfectly simulated dynamically following Leon through the town of Ganado, followed by the church and a meeting with the chief Bitores Méndez. Even the iconic health and ammo UI has seen an impressive overhaul. TeaserPlay, which has also used Unreal Engine 5 to remake GTA Vice City, includes several independent panoramic shots of the forested areas of Spain, showing impressive light and shadow effects. There is also a shot that simulates a “free camera mode” feature in which the camera rotates around Leon to show the dynamic images that the engine is capable of.

Although the official Resident Evil 4 Remake will use the RE Engine, an amazing engine in itself, it’s intriguing to see a dynamic gameplay snippet recreated in Unreal Engine 5, even if it’s just a fan recreation. The fact that such beautiful and faithful renderings of so many games, including a recent UE5 red dead redemption new version: can be recreated inside the engine serves as a testament to its versatility. As Unreal Engine 5 is freely available to everyone, various fans and would-be developers have used the engine to develop games or fan-created projects in honor of their favorite franchises.

When Capcom finally reveals the gameplay of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, hopefully it will resemble what TeaserPlay has shown the remake might be capable of. As the Unreal Engine remains one of the most versatile and accessible engines to work with, fans will continue to impress with such dedicated passion projects. When the potential of Unreal Engine 5 is fully realized, it will be interesting to see what new heights fan projects will ascend to.

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