Release date, trailer, cast and everything we know so far


Release date, trailer, cast and everything we know so far

Zombie fiction is back, and who better to lead the wobbly, rotten charge than the venerable sci-fi/horror franchise. demonic resident? Over 26 years, 14 consoles and 7 movies, some more well received than others. demonic residentThe gritty, action-packed camping has earned it a devoted following and a solid place in video game legend. Now, Netflix is ​​trying its hand at some live action demonic resident adaptation, and the result seems to be going some interesting places.

For the uninitiated, the plot of the first mainline games takes place in and around a fictional Midwestern city called Raccoon City, which is the site of multiple nefarious biological experiments conducted by the sinister biomedical group Umbrella Corporation. Most notable among his innovations is the T-virus, a mutagenic agent that is responsible for all the zombies and other monsters that threaten the protagonists. Some of these protagonists hail from STARS, a special operations force attached to the Raccoon City Police Department; others are civilians who are dragged into the process by forces beyond their control, which is a fitting theme for a survival horror game. Astute viewers will want to keep an eye out for these themes and concepts when demonic resident releases


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The trailer opens with hell: an overpass through what was once a city and is now a wasteland filled with crazed undead and besieged survivors desperately fighting to escape them. In a voiceover, we hear an adult Jade explain that while “they said the world ended in 2036”, the end of the real world took place much earlier. The scene then cuts to a bright, clean city surrounded by greenery. A sign greets the approaching lone car: “Welcome to New Raccoon City.”

A new voiceover takes over: As a young Jade and her sister Billie explore their new home, a woman’s calm voice exalts the Umbrella Corporation, “a scandal-ridden company” that “is now trying to reinvent itself.” There’s an eerie, Stepford-esque air to both the voice delivery and the city shots: too clean, calm, and perfect to be quite real. The effect is only intensified when we see the speaker: presumably an Umbrella Corporation representative of some sort, she smiles softly as she says, “The things we’re working on today are going to change the world. ”

Billie holds what appears to be a strange caterpillar up to the camera and watches as it crawls across her hand. Then everything changes abruptly: the pavement cracks, the red earth bursts upwards, and we see Jade fleeing for her life from a huge, monstrous worm. This is the beginning of the end of the world that adult Jade spoke of. “We have a problem,” her father Albert says of her when we see a lab rat break the glass in her cage; then we cut to it as he soberly explains, “The drug contains a T-Virus. The T-Virus can create monsters,” he explains, and we see some of those monsters as he speaks: stumbling undead humans, a vicious undead dog. Billie appears threatened by something, and in the next shot she appears dead or unconscious; we see young Jade screaming in anguish. More disturbing images flash by: of Billie, other survivors, and various monsters, until we see adult Jade again, covered in blood. She hisses a swear word, stands up and proceeds to rip the store apart with a chainsaw. The following scenes show Jade and other people fighting the zombified hordes, interspersed with the series’ tagline: “Evil has evolved.”

When and where will Resident Evil be released?

demonic resident It will premiere on July 14, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. No word yet on plans for a physical release; that may depend on the audience’s reception of the new series.

What is the plot of Resident Evil?

The story will take place in two different years. In 2022, sisters Billie and Jade Wesker will be moving to New Raccoon City with their father, Albert, a biotechnologist of some sort. Though her new home seems idyllic, it soon turns into a nightmare when the Umbrella Corporation, responsible for a massive T-Virus zombie outbreak over 20 years ago, releases a new anti-anxiety drug called Joy that contains the same virus. As expected, an outbreak occurs, and in the chaos, something something unspecified but horrible happens to Billie. Jade escapes with her life, but without her sister.

In London in 2036, we meet Jade, one of the 15 million humans left alive in a world almost destroyed by the zombie apocalypse. Her goals other than ‘survival’ will depend on exactly what happened to Billie, as well as what happened to her father, Albert Wesker, who helped engineer this crisis and whose fate is unknown to this day. moment.

Who are the creators of Resident Evil?

The first two episodes will be directed by the series’ executive producer. bronwen hughesknown for her work on other live action zombie series The Walking Dead as much as Better call Saul. The center of the project, however, is the writer andres dabbpreviously known for his work on Supernatural.

Who is in the cast of Resident Evil?

Taking on the role of series antagonist Albert Wesker is lance reddickpreviously known for his role as the enigmatic Charon in the john wick movie series. He has also appeared in White House Down in addition to lending his vocal talents to the video game. Horizon: Forbidden West, so he is no stranger to action or games. he is joined by she balinska as Jade Wesker (run darling run, Charlie’s Angels), Y sienna sharpong as Billie Wesker (Nick is not good, upside down magic).

are united by smart tamara (Are you afraid of the dark?), adeline rodolfo (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), paola nunez (bad boys for life), Ahad Race Mir, Connor GosattiY Transport Turlough (Belfast).

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How is Resident Evil connected to the game franchise?

According to Andrew Dabb, the story told in the main line demonic resident games is canon for this new series. Specifically, the 2022 portion of the story apparently takes place around the same time as the most recent game, 2021. Resident Evil Village. Fans of the series may find this strange, as Albert Wesker in the game series is canonically dead. As Dabb told EW in an interview,

“I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that explaining why Wesker is the way he is and how he’s still alive go hand in hand.”

Between this and the Raccoon City callback (the original Raccoon City was destroyed by a nuclear warhead in 1998, in the government’s bumbling attempt to end the T-Virus outbreak once and for all), it’s clear there’s a lot story that has yet to be revealed. However, if you’re new to this franchise, don’t be intimidated: Dabb has gone to great lengths to ensure that his opinion of demonic resident Everyone can enjoy it, from newbies to seasoned veterans.