June 2022 Brings Microsoft’s Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” to the scene.


June 2022 Brings Microsoft’s Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” to the scene.
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Living up to its name, The Wild Update has certainly brought many new surprises for players, including more wild biomes like swamps and mangrove forests, a brand new map. These wilder biomes also contain a plethora of new mobs, and if players are really lucky, they might even spot the new ‘hybrid’ mobs wandering around.

So what can gamers expect to see in a new Minecraft Wild world apart from Ancient Cities and ships? Whom the cunning minerswe have some outstanding options that we think deserve special attention.

First: frogs and tadpoles

As someone very wise said, “It is not easy to be green”. In our PAD at The Crafty Miners, we jumped for joy at the introduction of the frog mobs. We love!

Like any growing world, new Minecraft frogs go through many changes in their life. These little guys start out as frog spawns, then enjoy being tadpoles for a while, until they eventually become tan, green (cool), or white (warm) frogs, depending on your temperate climate. Best of all, they’ll light up your life in more ways than one, with the exciting addition of Froglights to your Minecraft world.

The swamps

There’s nothing like a good swamp with towering trees, gnarly roots and muddy terrain to get our explorers’ hearts pumping – and get their boots dirty! With the introduction of Mud Blocks in the new Mangroves biome, players can finally build the Mud Brick house they’ve always dreamed of. It’s like a dirt house, but wetter! And to really spruce up the place, why not use the new Mangroves? Logs, leaves and roots can be made into the new mangrove wood blocks – everything a WOOD needs to build a fantastic swamp shelter!

Goat horn

Jukeboxes aren’t the only things in Minecraft to make music anymore. With us, it’s all about the tunes, so make way for the new Goat Horns!

Magical, magnificent and wonderful music can now be HERD when one takes the horn of a Goat. Just bang the horn on any nearby hard block, and you might be lucky enough to hear a tune! If you joke around, you might even find all eight sounds.


If it’s a friend you’re hoping to find, look no further than Allay, and prepare to find much more than just a friend! Just give this little blue bird an existing item from your inventory, and it will scan up to 32 blocks of the world around you for a matching item.

Warden and the deep darkness

For those who prefer enemies, don’t worry. This update has you covered too.

New dangers literally emerge from the new biome known as the Deep Dark. Activated by vibrations, the new Warden mobs are deadly, dangerous and emit a blood-chilling shriek as they burst from the ground in the Overworld to attack unsuspecting miners.

There is no doubt that The Crafty Miners are AWARDED with the title of the scariest Minecraft mob, well besides Herobrine of course.


With so much to explore in the new Wild update, it was certainly hard to pick our favorite additions. We at The Crafty Miners can’t wait to see what new servers will evolve and become top 10 hits worth playing in the coming months.

To celebrate the launch of Microsoft, The Crafty Miners has released our new Top 10 Websites to highlight the best of the best that Minecraft servers have to offer. So grab your pickaxe and boots, check out which Minecraft hosting providers are ready to support this latest version of the game, and start exploring, miners!

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