Little details in the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer that only die-hard fans noticed


Little details in the Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer that only die-hard fans noticed

At PlayStation’s June 2022 State of Play event, Capcom announced Resident Evil 4 Remake. Originally released on the Gamecube in 2005, Resident Evil 4 Many fans consider it the pinnacle of the series, a modernization of the franchise’s classic formula fused with a 3D camera and third-person action gameplay mechanic that was the standard at the time.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake will try to do for the 2005 game what the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 they did for their respective releases: bring the game to the current generation with updated graphics, mechanics, and storylines. The new RE 4 new version trailer it was full of hints and secrets of what those updates could be, and many of them were so well hidden that only the most discerning fans would have seen them.


10 Leon meets with the president

This scene, in which Leon Kennedy meets with the President of the United States, was not in the original game. Although Leon’s mission in Resident Evil 4 is to track down the president’s kidnapped daughter, players never see the initial meeting between the two. This is in line with Capcom’s remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3which also contained new cutscenes that fleshed out the narrative of the original games.

It is also worth noting that, in resident Evil 6, Leon agrees to take on the role of the president’s bodyguard. There is a striking resemblance between the president in resident Evil 6 and the one we see in this new trailer.

9 Lord Saddler’s Tentacles

Towards the end of the trailer, there is a brief glimpse of Resident Evil 4 main villain, Lord Osmund Saddler. Sporting a large hood that obscures his face, he remains unmistakable due to his iconic staff and long dark robes.

However, when Lord Saddler reaches the screen just before the title card, the tentacles sprout from his hand. While the tentacles were part of Saddler’s menacing persona in the 2005 release, they only came out of his personal one. This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it image suggests another departure from the original game’s character design, and will likely influence the mechanics of the final showdown between Leon and cult leader Los Illuminados.

8 Ashley on the run

After the scene with Leon and the president, the trailer shows the latter’s daughter, Ashley, running through the woods on the outskirts of the unnamed Spanish city in which the game takes place. This is another new scene that was not present in the original. Resident Evil 4.

While Ashley is a playable character in the 2005 version, she does not appear in the game until Leon connects with her at the midpoint of the story. This scene seems to take place much earlier and suggests that in the new version players will be taking on the role of Ashley much earlier in her journey.

7 Leon’s first encounter with Las Plagas

In Resident Evil 4Leon is attacked when he enters a secluded cabin in the woods by an ax-wielding local who is infected with Las Plagas, the Spanish name for this game’s particular strain of T-Virus.

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This shot appears to include the same cabin where Leon is attacked. Viewers even see an ax buried in a tree stump in the front. However, in the original game, this event took place during the day, and here it appears that Leon arrives at night. This could just be a cosmetic change for this scene, or it could affect the sequence of events for the entire game.

6 Luis Sera, Spanish Police

This image shows updated Luis Sera, a former Spanish police officer who was investigating Los Iluminados and is captured along with León by the village chief, Bitores Méndez. Viewers also see in this shot the game’s first confirmed returning weapon, the Red9.

It also appears to be Luis who is the narrator for most of this trailer, although it is not the original voice actor who played him saying the lines. The dialogue spoken by him is also new, either recorded exclusively for this trailer or included in the game itself. While Luis and León eventually go their separate ways, this narrative suggests that the former will also have a larger role in the new game.

5 Bitores Mendez, Tyrant?

For a brief moment, the trailer shows a burly figure standing in a long hallway. It is almost certain that it is the aforementioned village chief, Bitores Méndez.

However, his outfit has been completely updated from his original look in the 2005 game. The wide-brimmed hat and robe are reminiscent of a particular character from another recent remake, resident evil 2. The hat is almost identical to the one worn by Mr. X, who is infected with a variation of the T-Virus called T-00. This may suggest that the battle with Mendez will expand beyond a single encounter, and will have him stalking Leon throughout the game’s early levels in much the same way that Mr. X did in Resident Evil 2.

4 Hello Ada Wong

Fans also quickly get a glimpse of a character who, though her face isn’t revealed, is almost certainly the spy known as Ada Wong.

Her outfit appears to have been updated for a dressier look than the skimpy red dress she wears in the 2005 version, but the main color remains the same, a deep wine red. The color and shape of her hair, as well as the holster she carries on her back, remain iconic elements of the character’s design.

3 Lion hunted by Del Lago

Here Leon is huddled in the bottom of a beat-up speedboat. That the protagonist is on a boat can only mean one thing: this image refers to the battle with Del Lago.

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Del Lago is a huge fish-like monster that acts as the first boss fight in Resident Evil 4. He is also unique in that he is the only boss in the game that is fought by throwing spears instead of using weapons. This shot could take place after the fight is over, but it could also be Leon hiding from the big fish. After all, Del Lago likes to disappear under the surface of the water after he takes some damage.

two infected lion

The trailer offers a quick glimpse of Leon fighting off a virus infection, after being captured and injected with Las Plagas. by Bitores Méndez in the town.

This scene is likely the same one that takes place before the fight with Del Lago in the classic game. In the original, Leon has a moment of panic as he feels the virus creeping through his system, though once again that scene takes place during the day, while it appears to be happening at night.

1 Resident Evil: Village Connections

Lastly, the trailer reveals this symbol carved in stone as blood drips from an unknown source. Although this is the symbol of the cult of Los Illuminados, this scene does not appear in the original game.

What is interesting is that it bears a striking resemblance to the symbols shown on the Four-Winged Gates in Resident Evil: Town. There are many thematic similarities between Resident Evil 4 Y Resident Evil: Townand this shot may suggest that the stories will be more directly connected in the new remake than before.

Resident Evil 4 Remake releases on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC on March 24, 2023

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