Leon from Resident Evil 4 Remake looks very different from the original


Leon from Resident Evil 4 Remake looks very different from the original

After being treated with Resident Evil 4 remake trailer last week at Sony’s State of Play event, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Leon S. Kennedy. 2019 resident evil 2 The remake featured Leon as a rookie cop with the worst possible luck: landing right in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City on his first day on the job. With the help of Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin, Leon was able to escape the city along with the others. the Resident Evil 4 The remake, as the name suggests, will be a modern reimagining of the 2005 classic.


In the original game, Leon (now a special agent for the US government) is tasked with finding and rescuing the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. Ashley was reportedly last seen in a rural town run by a local cult located in Spain. the events of Resident Evil 4 Follow Leon and Ashley as they work together to escape from and around the creepy town. the tone of Resident Evil 4 it was a dramatic shift for the franchise: adopting a more action-oriented style rather than just sticking to horror. The characters’ personalities also changed to accommodate this change in tone. The first look at Resident Evil 4 remake shows that it will probably follow the same horror tone as the resident evil 2 new version, which raises the question of whether Leon will retain his cocky personality from the original game.

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Who was Leon in Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 takes place 6 years after the events of resident evil 2. Since then, Leon Kennedy has undergone extensive training and is now a special agent working for the US government. Years of combat training and study, combined with his experiences in the field and in Raccoon City, have transformed Leon from a rookie cop to a seasoned veteran. As such, his personality in Resident Evil 4 has changed. Leon now keeps his cool in almost all situations and always finds a way to get out of the mess he’s in. This is true whether fighting a giant infected fish in a small boat or running from a rock thrown by infected Cattle.

Leon is also more arrogant and retains his penchant for one-liners in resident evil 2. He always has something to say to his opponents, be it a threat, a joke or a sarcastic comment. In fact, much of his personality seems to stem from Devil can cry‘s Dante, who is also a power of the sages. With all that training and experience under his belt, it seems like Leon always has a handle on the situation.

The Lion of the new version still looks green

Based on what people have seen in the State of Play trailer, the Lion in the Resident Evil 4 remake still retains aspects of his resident evil 2 remake itself. A cutscene shows him visibly scared as he opens a door to enter a villager’s house. His steps are measured and slow, and he doesn’t seem like he’s in control of the situation. His moves could be said to be similar to Ashley Graham from the original game, who spent much of the game fearful of what lurks around the next corner.

Leon also appears to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as evidenced by the few lines he says in the trailer. “If I Could Just Forget What Happened That Night” shows that Leon still suffers from what he experienced in Raccoon City. While he is determined to succeed in his new mission (as evidenced by the line “this time, it may be different”), he is still unsure of himself when it comes to handling a new outbreak (follows his confident statement with a desperate expression). “must be”). His promise to take down the Umbrella Corporation by the end of resident evil 2 he may have turned it down for the better, but Leon is still hesitant to face a new hell in a different place.

Capcom isn’t afraid to add strong characters to the game. demonic resident remakes (as evidenced Resident Evil 3‘s Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira), but the León that he has decided to show fans is not exactly an overflow of confidence. This could just be at the beginning of the game where Leon is still thinking about the situation. Once he gets his bearings, Leon could turn into the smug secret agent fan of the original. Resident Evil 4 meet and love. Only time will tell if Leon is up to the task of saving Ashley or not.

the Resident Evil 4 remake releases for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on March 24, 2023.

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