How to breed frogs in Minecraft


How to breed frogs in Minecraft

The Wild update has brought frogs to Minecraft. This is how players can breed frogs and take advantage of their unique block-producing behaviors.

Frogs are just one of the new creatures or creatures introduced in Minecraft in The Wild update, and just like other passive mobs like cows and sheep, players can breed them but using a rather unusual item. The Wild update has brought new content to Minecraft including new biomes, blocks, and items, but players particularly interested in decorating their builds may find that breeding frogs can help them get a set of rare decorative blocks. While some gamers are undoubtedly still disappointed by the promised features being removed from Minecraft‘s 1.19, there are many new places to explore and things to do.


Mobs have been present in the world of Minecraft since the early days of the game and are divided into four broad categories: passive, neutral, hostile, and boss mobs. Most of the mobs in Minecraft drops items when you die or are defeated, and players can breed passive mobs such as sheep as a reliable source of certain items and materials such as wool. Learning how to collect resources from mobs is key for players in Minecraft Survival mode.

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Frogs are a new addition to the mobs that are already populating Minecraft exuberant ecosystems, with Minecraft the developers removed the firefly mobs from The Wild update to ensure that the frogs were included. Once the players have upgraded Minecraft, you will find that the frogs start spawning in small groups in the swamp and mangrove biomes of the game. Three frog variants can spawn orange frogs in temperate biomes, green frogs in cold biomes, and white frogs in hot biomes. Regardless of color, frogs behave the same way, using their tongues to bring small slimes or magma cubes into their mouths to eat. As passive mobs, frogs are harmless to the player and can be bred for different purposes.

Frog farming in Minecraft

Minecraft frogs and frog spawns in a swamp

Players looking to take a break from exploring the depths of Minecraft The new Ancient City biome can breed frogs by feeding two frogs a ball of slime, obtained by killing slimes. Slimes can also spawn in swamp biomes, making it easy for players to find some nearby. Once two frogs are fed a ball of slime, one of the frogs can become pregnant and will lay frog eggs in the nearest water source block with at least one air block above it. Tadpoles will hatch from the frog spawn and turn into frogs, growing even faster if fed slime balls. Players with axolotls as pets should be careful, as axolotls will actively hunt nearby tadpoles, but will not harm frogs.

Unlike most other mobs, the frogs in Minecraft don’t drop any items when killed, other than a small amount of experience points. Minecraft Tameable mobs have a lot of utility compared to frogs, as wolves will help the player in combat and cats can scare off vines. However, players can take advantage of the unique behavior of the frogs: when they consume small magma cubes, the frogs drop rare blocks of frog light. Froglight emits light at level 15, putting it on par with the best light sources in Minecraft such as lanterns and lamps. Light is important as most hostile Minecraft mobs will only appear in low light. In addition to using the light from the frog to illuminate areas, more aesthetically pleasing players may also like to use it as a decorative block for their builds.

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Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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