Roblox Vs Minecraft – Which is better?


Roblox Vs Minecraft – Which is better?

The last comparison that has been causing a furor in history. Roblox Versus Minecraft, which one should I choose to play? Well, worry no more because I have collected data and I will rank both games based on their gameplay, graphics and compatibility.

After reading this article, you will have a clear concept of choosing a game based on your preferences. Let’s start.

Roblox vs Minecraft – Which is better?

There is no clear explanation of which game is better as both offer their best game service. Both games may look similar with their blocky aesthetics and minimal graphics.

Similarities between Roblox and Minecraft.

  • They are both sandbox games.
  • Both games have no restriction on creation.
  • Both games have unique graphic styles defined by their blackness.

But there is more to what meets the eye. As you delve into the core mechanics of both games, you will realize that they are not the same thing at all. Let’s start breaking these games down and comparing them to find out which one is right for you.

how to play

Minecraft gameplay.

Both games offer hundreds of hours of fun, although the experience differs greatly as one game offers peaceful survival while the other is versatile in its gameplay.

Minecraft has a laid back vibe and focuses more on farming and crafting than survival. Minecraft wants players to play cooperatively and have more traditional tools like axes, swords and bows. The game focuses more on peaceful gameplay with no guns or bombs. However, you can create them with modding.

The game shines the most in its creative mode, where you can mine and build endlessly. It is the God mode in Minecraft. The Minecraft community has created such an incredible infrastructure that the game has been considered a work of art.

Roblox gameplay differs depending on which server you are playing on. Roblox does not have a single player mode, so you must be online to play games from servers.

The list of games ranges from life simulators. Shooting, action, platform adventure. The list goes on. All 3D game genres you can imagine are here. And if you can’t find one, you can create one with the Roblox Creator Toolbox.

Although Roblox offers all the games on the go, Minecraft has the power to play alone without any distraction.



Regarding the audience, many young gamers under the age of sixteen prefer Roblox. It could be said that Roblox is generally skewing its game to focus more on kids and teens.

The reason younger audiences prefer Roblox is its convenience and accessibility. You can easily create servers, create games within and publish them to the central hub for players to join.

Minecraft also has a consistent audience of the younger generation and adults, but due to its two different editions, where you can’t cross-play, players are divided into two communities. One is a PC with its Java edition and the other is a console with its Bedrock edition.

How much will it cost?

Roblox is a free game with lots of currency, skins, subgames, and in-game items, and not forgetting monthly subscriptions. Some servers also require you to pay to enter their games.

There are many transactions within games and events, such as concerts. Players pay tickets to enter those events.

Minecraft is a paid game, and its price is considered according to the edition of the game you play.

Minecraft Java Edition for Windows and Mac


Price: About $26.95

Java Edition is where modders create an endless number of mods and games. Java was the first edition of Minecraft and from there it became an online gaming platform. Thousands of games were also created in this edition, including Roblox games like bed wars and sky wars.

Just like Roblox, players can create their games and add personal preferences. As the cross-play feature between editions is not available, Java edition players can choose various modes to play, but cannot play with base edition players.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Console/PC/Mobile.

minecraft foundation

Price : Around $6.99 iOS, $7.49 Android, $19.99 (Xbox), $29.99 (Nintendo Switch), $19.99 (Playstation 5), $26.95 (PC)

The basic edition of Minecraft is more complete, without tests and with a Java edition similar to the beta version. The game also has a cross-play feature so that we can play on all platforms.

Although it is more player-friendly, it has fewer mods and strict safeguards to change game mechanics. More security results in fewer bugs and glitches, so players can choose what they want.

Educational Edition for PC, Mobile

educational edition

Price: about $5

This edition of the game is for teachers and students, but anyone can grasp and learn the context it has to offer. There are more than 600 fun lessons to play where the teacher guides the students to do different types of tasks.

mod community

roblox community

Roblox itself is a mod for various other games and has stood out to become a unique platform for creating games. It all started when two science teachers decided to create a physics engine software for kids at school which later became Roblox.

Thanks to the help of the Roblox community, it has become a game that anyone can play. Minecraft started out as a single player progressive survival game and later added a multiplayer feature.

The player saw his potential and began to experiment with his core mechanic. Soon the Minecraft community grew rapidly and modders from all over the world started their own game with unique gameplay mechanics.

Although we have thousands of mods for Minecraft, it takes a lot of programming skills to modify the core of the game. However, you can download and combine various mods in your game to give it your own personal touch.

If you want to create a simple game but you don’t have programming skills, I suggest Roblox.


Beautiful Minecraft landscape.

In terms of graphics, both games look beautiful, but Minecraft has the upper hand with its gorgeous auto-generating biomes and terrain. Players from both communities have created incredible triple-A game replicas, structures from ancient fantasy kingdoms, and much more.

Minecraft has its advantages with texture and shader packs that allow for beautiful scenery and stunning views for visual aesthetics. Roblox, on the other hand, focuses more on gameplay and has a minimal graphical aspect.

In fact, you can import assets from another game directly into the Roblox creator toolbox, but Minecraft creations are built from scratch, giving your creations a personal touch.

Online platform.

Online platform.

From sky blocks to bed wars, both games have a plethora of sub-games to make and play with new friends.

We can define Roblox as a massive online platform where gamers come together to create and enjoy games. The metaverse concept was only recently discovered, but Roblox was there, serving players since 2004.

It is feasible to say that Roblox has created the metaverse to new heights. Many gaming platforms are trying to replicate what Roblox achieved long ago.

Minecraft also has massive online features with many multiplayer games within its server. The creators of Minecraft build many adventures and platform games for players to enjoy.

However, they are not as massive as Roblox and the servers are limited to certain users. Minecraft is a survival game first, and due to its difficult programming, players experience the game rather than its online features.

social functions

social functions

Roblox introduces players to various subgames where you can meet many other players online. Roblox focuses on the buying and selling of virtual goods, making Roblox a virtual goods trading marketplace.

With the rise of social media and keeping up with higher profiles, many gamers are willing to buy virtual accessories like Gucci bags, Nike sneakers, etc. Keeping this in mind, Roblox has created a massive trading market for players to purchase and display their status online.

Minecraft also has in-game currency, but players cannot trade other virtual items. Instead, they buy items from the store, such as skins, texture packs, worlds, etc.


Ultimately, it’s all about preference, whether you’re looking for competitive play or a more relaxed one.

If you want to experience the games at your own pace with less social interaction, you can choose to play Minecraft.

And if you want to meet new people and expand your social circle by playing socially interactive games, Roblox has what you’re looking for.

Frequent questions.

Which game is safer?

Both games have online multiplayer features that can expose people to some level of violence. While Roblox gameplay focuses more on shooting, blasting, and destroying mechanics, Minecraft leans more towards building and melee combat with cooperative play.

Which game is more famous?

Due to its free to play feature on both PC and mobile devices, Roblox has a hundred million monthly active users. Microsoft claimed Minecraft with 91 million players. In terms of players actively playing, Roblox has more players than Minecraft.

Is Roblox a copy of Minecraft?

Roblox was released in 2006 while Minecraft came out in 2019. So Roblox is not a copy of Minecraft.