How to put your skin on the Fortnite map


How to put your skin on the Fortnite map

Epic Games has created Fortnite The Block 2.0 as a way for the community to rebuild Tilted Towers in their own way. the iconic Fortnite The Tilted Towers location was destroyed after the events of The Collision, but with your help, we can rebuild it. Find out how to send a creation to Fortnite The Block 2.0 contest and rebuild Tilted Towers with your design.

Fortnite The Block 2.0: What is The Block 2.0?


The Block is a place to showcase the best creations from Creative Mode users with the entire community. Dreams will come true when the community votes on creations selected to live in-game at The Block 2.0. The creators with the most votes will have their skins featured in Tilted Towers in both Battle Royale and Zero Build.

Fortnite The Block 2.0: How to submit your creation


To send a design to the Fortnite The Block 2.0 contest, you will need to use the Fortnite Discover Shipping Form. All entries must be submitted by June 16, 2022 at 4:59am BST.

All submissions must also be original work and follow the Fortnite Creative Featured Content Guidelines.

Fortnite The Block 2.0: Submission Criteria

the Fortnite The level design team suggests that creators hoping to win the Fortnite The Block 2.0 contest takes into account the following standards:

  • Advanced Movement
  • Building
  • Flow
  • storytelling
  • Density
  • fight direction
  • Low level
  • line of sight
  • Navigation

Your presentation must not only be visually stunning, it must also flow and operate seamlessly in the game as a zone that millions of Fortnite players will sail, loot and fight.

  • Block 2.0 is proof that Fortnite is constantly evolving. Explore our list of ten games like Fortnite.

Fortnite The Block 2.0: Submission Rules


In order for your The Block 2.0 submission to be eligible for consideration, it must follow the rules outlined below:

  • Block 2.0 is divided into three sections: Apartments, Restaurants and Shops. Your design must use one of these three Block 2.0 templates to be eligible for the contest. Also, do not alter the template in any way. Your building will be automatically disqualified if you change the configuration, height, width or depth of the preset template.
  • All entries must be new and original work. If you use real-life references or other outside inspirations while creating, you will need to disclose them to Epic Games when you enter your submission.
  • Finally, you must include a static image of your building with your submission and only one map per creator will be accepted. Also, make sure you’re happy with your entry before you officially submit it, as no updates will be accepted after you submit your design.

Fortnite The Block 2.0: How will the winners of The Block 2.0 contest be decided?

the Fortnite The level design team will select three finalists per building type (the restaurant, the apartments, the shops). After that, the Fortnite the community will vote on the game for 20 days to choose their absolute favorite. Voting windows are listed below:

  • The Restaurant: July 21, 1pm BST – July 27, 9pm BST
  • The Apartments: July 27, 9:00pm BST – August 3, 5:00am BST
  • The Shops: August 3, 5:00am BST – August 9, 1:00pm BST

The winning featured creations will be announced once all voting has concluded.

Let your creativity fly. Send a design to Fortnite The Block 2.0 contest for a chance to have your design displayed right in the middle of Tilted Towers.

Tour the Island and visit all the Fortnite Tover Token Locations to get an idea of ​​what the Fortnite level design team might look for in a presentation of The Block 2.0.