How to make a Froglight in Minecraft 1.19 (2022 Guide)


How to make a Froglight in Minecraft 1.19 (2022 Guide)

Over the years, Minecraft has given us a variety of light sources in the game. From torches to glowstones, the options have been diverse and somewhat reliable. But when it comes to building a Minecraft house, almost none of them meet the standards. The problem has always been not having enough variants of the same light source. But the latest Minecraft 1.19 update changes that with the introduction of frogs. And now, if you know how to make a frog light in Minecraft, you can get a reliable and diverse light source with minimal effort. It sounds too good to be true? Well, see for yourself as we create a frog light in Minecraft.

Make a Froglight in Minecraft (2022)

We have divided our guide into sections to cover the mechanics, the acquisition process, and the use of frog lights. Use the table below to explore these sections at your own pace.

What is a Froglight in Minecraft?

A frog light is a light block dropped by frogs in Minecraft. You can place and break the froglight with any tool without losing it. In terms of brightness, the frog light has a light level of 15, which is the highest in the game. The brightness level of frog lights is the same as fire, lava, lantern, glowstone and more.

Frog light in Minecraft

Also, this light source is fire and lava proof, making it the perfect building block for bringing down mob spawns in a Nether base. To be fair, you can also use blocks as a glowstone, but the froglight texture is just nicer.

Types of Froglights in Minecraft

As you may already know, Minecraft has three types of frogs based on the climate of the biome they spawn in: warm, cold and warm. Along the same lines, we have three types of frog lights in the game. Each frog casts a different variant of the frog’s light.

Types of Froglights with Frogs

So, you can get the following types of frog lights in Minecraft:

  • pearly o purple: dropped by warm (white) frogs
  • Green o green: dropped by cold (green) frogs
  • Ocher o orange: dropped by temperate frogs (orange)

Items you need to make a frog light

Frogs release a frog light every time they eat a small cube of magma. Magma Cubes are hostile slime-like mobs, exclusive to the Nether dimension. If you kill a large magma cube, it splits into three smaller magma cubes. the frogs eat the smallest magma cube to shed frog light. So, to get a frog light, you need the following items:

  • A frog
  • A small cube of magma
  • a lead (carry frog)
  • an abyssal portal
  • A sword (to kill larger magma cubes)

Since magma cubes don’t have much health, you can use any type of sword for this quest. You don’t really need to have enchantments applied to your sword. As for lead, you can craft one with the help of four strings and a ball of slime using a crafting table.

Lead Craft Recipe

Alternatively, you can also hold a ball of slime, which frogs in Minecraft like to eat, for the frog to follow. But that method stops working as soon as you remove the slimeball equipment. Therefore, staying with an advantage is the best option. Don’t forget that if you want to be more cautious, you can also create a Fire Resistance Potion before traveling to the Nether.

How to Get Froglight in Minecraft

Once you’ve collected the necessary items, follow the steps below to make a frog light in the latest 1.19 update:

1. First, you need find a frog that only spawns in mangrove swamps or normal swamp biomes. You can use our guide on how to find frogs in Minecraft to get to one.

Frogs in mangrove swamps for Froglight in Minecraft

2. Once you find a frog, the right button of the mouse on it while holding a leash. Doing so will place a leash around the frog’s neck, causing it to follow you.

frog connected to lead

3. Next, create a Nether portal, activate it and enter it while the frog is connected to the wire. You can use our linked guide if you are not familiar with the portal creation process.

Lower portal in Minecraft

4. Once you are inside the Nether portal, you must look for magma cubes. They most commonly spawns in abyssal wastelands, basalt deltas, abyssal fortress, and bastion remains. You can do this step before taking the frog to the Nether or cover it with blocks on all sides while you search for magma cubes.

Magma cubes in Minecraft

5. Then start killing larger Magma cubes until you only have smaller cubes left. Note that magma cubes are hostile and will attack you. Finally, bring a frog closer to the smallest magma cubes and wait for him to eat them. Once the frog eats a magma cube, you will get a frog light related to that frog. For example, we get purple frog light when we take the warm white frog to the Nether.

frogs eating magma cubes

Frequent questions

Can you tame frogs in Minecraft?

Frogs cannot be tamed in Minecraft. But you can still catch, feed and breed them.

What are the Minecraft frog lights for?

Frog lights are just a light source. You can use them to light up your base with three different colors.

How are frog lights made in Minecraft?

Frogs shed frog lights when they eat small magma cubes. There is no crafting recipe for frog lights.

Make and use a Froglight in Minecraft today

With that, you now have access to a powerful and attractive light source in Minecraft. But don’t stop until you’ve collected all three of its variants. In case you want a head start while looking for frogs, check out our list of the best mangrove seeds. Our list not only contains the swamp biomes where the frogs spawn, but also the seeds with tons of awesome features and unique glitches. You can use the coordinates in the linked guide to reach key locations by teleporting in Minecraft. With that being said, what is your favorite type of frog light? Mine is pearlescent, purple. Share yours in the comments below!