Fortnite Cryptocurrency Scammers Called Out by Epic Games CEO


Fortnite Cryptocurrency Scammers Called Out by Epic Games CEO

Tim Sweeney exposes a group of scammers for creating an illegal and fraudulent Fortnite cryptocurrency, which even hit the markets.

epic games The CEO has recently called out a group of scammers for launching without permission Fortnite cryptocurrency, which began to gain popularity in the markets due to its big name. And while it’s well known that Tim Sweeney isn’t afraid of losing money, what he’s probably worried about is potential loss of reputation.

In 2020, while promoting the Epic Games Store and filling it with exclusive video games, Epic lost $273 million. After acknowledging the expense, Tim Sweeney clarified that he viewed those millions as an investment in a growing business. To compete with Steam, the dominant PC store, the company had to take risks, such as offering free titles to new users. The results spoke for themselves, as the strategy proved to be efficient and attracted approximately 160 million new players to the Epic Games Store ecosystem.


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Recently, there has been an attempt to promote a Fortnite cryptocurrency called “Fortnite Token”, which forced Tim Sweney to address the issue by calling the fraudulent initiative a Twitter scam (via xfire.) The CEO of Epic Games went on to explain that it is illegal to use a trademark of the game in such a way, emphasizing that the creators of the cryptocurrency were not allowed to “market an unrelated product.” In another tweet, Tim Sweney reiterated that there is no such thing as a Fortnite cryptocurrency, that all the accounts promoting it are scammers, and that the company’s lawyers are now investigating the existence of “Fortnite Token”. As of this writing, the Twitter account associated with the cryptocurrency creators appears to be deleted, while a designated website appears to be closed.

Although strange things always happen outside Fortnite Due to the immense popularity of the game, Epic’s battle royale title continues to evolve and engage players with new features and content. Recently, FortniteThe first-person camera mode has been leaked thanks to a brief report from a well-known tipster. The mode is still in an early stage of development, which means players may not find out about it soon, at least officially.

It’s quite fascinating that in 2022, someone believes they can irresponsibly exploit a huge trademark without facing any consequences. And while the unofficial Fortnite The cryptocurrency sounded more like a silly joke, supposedly managing to accumulate some funds from players. The future fate of the creators of “Fortnite Token” is currently unknown.

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Font: Tim Sweeney/Twitter (via xfire)

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