All the history and relevance of the Doomsday device in Fortnite, explained


All the history and relevance of the Doomsday device in Fortnite, explained

The Doomsday device is the newest attraction in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. While it’s new to the island, it’s not the first time it’s been seen in the game. During a live event in Chapter 2 Season 2, Golden Mischief creator Midas revealed his own Doomsday Device to The Metaverse.

While most readers would think the Doomsday “OG” device didn’t matter, it did help kick off a number of events, some of which have shaped the history of Fortnite as Loopers know it.

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Going back to the device itself, their goal was to destroy The Loop and free the island’s inhabitants from the Imagined Order’s rule. However, due to unforeseen side effects, she teleported Loopers to an IO complex.

This is where Jonesy first came into contact with the player. As Jonesy spoke to them, the fourth wall was broken for the first time in the game. Perhaps this chance meeting changed Agent Jones’ perspective towards Loopers, leading him to betray the IO and turn to The Seven for help.

@bnwkr According to “Fortnite wiki”: “As stated on the Fortnite website, the Storm created the Water Wall as revenge against Midas.”

Shortly after the conversation, the Doomsday Device lost control and instead of The Loop breaking, it broke the island. The map was flooded and Midas was supposedly consumed by a loot shark and hasn’t been heard from since.

Fast-forward to the current season, and the Imagined Order has its own version of the Doomsday Device powering up. It is currently pulsing, and there is no telling what it will do once it is fully activated. However, things have taken a complete turn.

Collider Update 👀About an hour ago, the doomsday device emitted its third pulse. This pulse caused a row of his “emitting bars” to light up. There are 30 rows of emissive bars.

Fortnite: The Doomsday Device, Midas and the beginning of the end

The main question here is: What can the new Doomsday device do? Since there are so many Imagined Order personnel on the island, flooding the land isn’t the best of ideas.

Could it perhaps target only Loopers, based on their biosignature? Or will he open a rift and bring in some mercenaries to help the IO? Since The Seven are repairing the Mecha, they are likely expecting that something terrible is about to happen.

That Mech has lived glorious days… And it’s about to do it again 🙌

Unfortunately, at present, no one knows what will happen or what can happen. But somehow, all of this brings us back to Midas. Since Donald Mustard confirmed that he is alive in Fortnite, it is possible that the Imagined Order captured him and forced him to build another Doomsday Device.

With unlimited resources and modern technology, Midas’ dream machine for breaking The Loop may have been modified into something more sinister. While it cannot be confirmed that Midas is actually involved, the GHOST flags that have appeared on captured POIs seem to indicate otherwise.

If and when the Doomsday Device is successfully activated, it may spell the end of all reality on the island. Based on rumors and audio footage, the device works as a reset tool, meant to erase everything.

If he is successful, all reality will come to a standstill. Everything The Seven have worked for will be in vain. Hopefully a ‘golden miracle’ will appear to save the day and stop the IO from doing the unthinkable in Fortnite.