6 BEST Trident Enchantments for Minecraft


6 BEST Trident Enchantments for Minecraft

Knowing the best Trident enchantments can be difficult if you’re new to Minecraft or haven’t played with enchantments.

understanding the enchantment system it’s tricky at first. However, once you get the hang of it, it changes the game.

Also, a maxed out Trident is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Unfortunately, unless you’ve explored the depths of the ocean, you probably haven’t come across a Trident.

Let’s say you recently fought an army of Drowned and found your first Trident. How do you charm it and which Trident charm to choose?

We have compiled a list of the 6 best Minecraft Trident enchantments to answer those questions.

What is a trident?

What is a trident in Minecraft?

In history, tridents originated in ancient Greece and Rome. They were first used for fishing and later adapted for fighting. Some gladiators used tridents and nets as their most efficient weapons in combat.

Tridents in Minecraft are not much different. However, while you can use them for fishing, it’s a bit overkill. So instead using them as a weapon is much more effective. In fact, with the correct Trident enchantments, they are the most powerful weapon in the game.

The Trident is the first weapon in Minecraft used for melee and long range attacks. You can use it as a sword or as a bow by clicking the ‘use’ button and charging it.

Not only does it give you divine powers, but it can also make you one of the best PvP players. For example, a Trident has higher melee damage (9) than a Diamond (7) and a Netherite sword (8) in the Java Edition. In Bedrock, a Trident has 9 damage, which matches a Netherite sword. However, everything changes when you start enchanting your sword or Trident.

How do you get a trident?

Here’s the catch. Tridents cannot be crafted, nor can they be found in loot chests.. So how do you get a Trident?

The only way to get a trident in minecraft is to kill a drowner. The Zombie variant is most common in ocean biomes, but can be found wherever a Zombie has drowned. That said, you’ll only find drowned men with a trident in the depths of an ocean, most likely near an ocean monument.

But beware, the drowned are more than capable of throwing tridents like Neptune himself. So you will have to dodge them before you can get to the Drowned. And even after all that hard work, tridents only have an 8.5% drop rate.

However, if you like to farm, then a drowned farm will get you a pitchfork in no time.

How do you get Trident enchantments?

There are two ways to enchant a trident: using an enchanting table or an anvil.

Using an enchantment table is pretty straightforward and works like any other weapon or tool. normal mechanics of an enchanted table, including filling the table with bookshelves.

To enchant a pitchfork using an anvil, you will need to combine two pitchforks or use an enchanted book. There is a high chance that the Trident dropped by a Drowned is already enchanted. Combining two enchanted tridents will give you a weapon with multiple or enhanced enchantments.

We will go into the different enchantment levels in the section below.

Something to keep in mind is that not all enchantments are good. For example, some tridents can be dropped already cursed, ie the curse of the fading charm. As its name suggests, it’s not something you want on your hard-earned Trident.

6 Best Trident Charms

That’s the basics. You now understand what a trident is, how to obtain it, and how to find trident enchantments. Now let’s look at the best Trident enchantments that you can find in the game. Some of these enchantments are exclusive to Tridents, while others can also be applied to tools or weapons.

Exclusive Trident Enchantments:

  • Loyalty (loyalty)
  • Turby waters (turby waters)
  • Canalization (canalization)
  • impaling (impale)

Universal Enchantments:

  • Mending (mending)
  • unbreakable (unbreakable)


Loyalty Trident Enchantment

A Trident with allegiance III that is used to fight Drowned.
A Trident with Loyalty III can be used to fight Drowned.

Unique to the Trident, Loyalty is an enchantment that causes the weapon to return to the player. So no matter where you throw it, the weather, or if it hits a crowd, it will always come back.

You will no longer need to swim to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve your precious combat fork.

However, beware of drowners using tridents with this enchantment – you can do a deadly combo. Additionally, Riptide or Channeling cannot be applied to Tridents with the Loyalty enchantment.

The Loyalty Trident enchantment has a maximum enchantment level of 3.


Riptide Trident Enchantment

Trident with Riptide used to ride in thunderstorms
Riptide allows you to travel with your Trident.

Like a royal tide, this enchantment will sweep you through the depths or in the rain. When in contact with water, the Riptide enchantment will drag the player with it when the Trident is cast.

This is particularly useful when you want to travel fast through water or when dodging a Creeper. Unlike the Ender Pearl, you will be moving around with the Trident and not teleporting to where it lands.

Here’s a cool trick: you can use a Riptide Enchanted Trident to propel yourself with an Elytra on. However, this only works in rainy weather.

The Riptide Trident enchantment has a maximum enchantment level of 3.


Channeling the Trident Charm

A channeled trident that creates a lightning bolt that strikes vines.
Channeling creates a beam of light that tricks your enemies.

The Channeling enchantment allows you to control the forces of nature and summon lightning. When you throw the Trident at a mob (or player), lightning will hit them.

The bolt will deal additional damage and set the player on fire. Also, if you kill a mob, like a cow or a pig, the lightning will cook your meat.

Lastly, the channeling Trident enchantment will cause a mob to transform as if struck by lightning. For example, a Creeper will charge, a Villager will turn into a Witch, or a Pig will turn into a Zombie Pigman.

However, here’s the catch. The lightning will only work when there is a thunderstorm above. Dry, sunny weather won’t cut it.

The Channeling Trident enchantment has a maximum enchantment level of 1.


Impaling Trident Enchantment

Impaling Trident is used to kill an Iron Golem.
An impaling trident makes it easy for stronger mobs.

Impale is the last exclusive enchantment on our list. As the name suggests, this enchantment increases the Trident’s lock on damage, impaling your victim.

The enchantment has different aspects depending on the version of Minecraft you are using. For example, this Trident enchantment only works on fish and guardians in Java. While in Bedrock, the enchantment affects all mobs in contact with the water.

Impale is so effective that the max level adds 12.5 damage to the attack, or 2.5 damage per level.

The Impaling Trident enchantment has a maximum enchantment level of 5.


healing enchantment

Anvil's UI displays the trident and repair book by creating a repair trident.
You can combine a Trident with a repair book to give it the repair enchantment.

Mending is one of the most sought after enchantments in the game. Allows players to redirect XP to the item, increasing its durability. Unfortunately, the enchantment can only be collected through an enchanted book loot, fishing, or trade from librarian villagers.

Applying the Mending Charm to a Trident works like any other weapon. XP gained from killing a mob will repair your damaged Trident.

The best part about this enchantment is that you never have to worry about finding another Trident again. Your Trident will last forever, unless you lose it of course, this is where the Loyalty Charm comes in handy.

The Mending enchantment has a maximum enchantment level of 1.


unbreakable enchantment

Anvil's UI displays the trident and the unbreakable book creating an unbreakable trident.
You can combine a Trident with Unbreaking to increase the durability of your weapons.

Last on our list is the Unbreakable enchantment. Like other tools and weapons, the Unbreakable enchantment increases the durability of your Tridents.

Unbreakable has 3 levels, each of which increases the durability of your Trident. Unbreakable can be applied to your trident through an enchantment table or an anvil.

The worst trident enchantment

Anvil UI shows Trident and a book with Curse of Vanishing.
Curse of Vanishing will cause the Trident to disappear when the player dies.

But like everything in this world, there is always the good and the bad. Tridents can be enchanted with the Vanishing Curse.

If you’re not familiar with this enchantment, this curse causes your item to disappear when you die. All your hard work – down the drain.

There is no exception for the Trident. You most likely won’t use this curse on your own Trident, but it’s possible to find one that already has this enchantment.

Worst part? The Vanishing Curse cannot be removed with a whetstone. The enchantment is stuck there forever, try not to die with it at hand.

If you lose your enchanted Trident to the max, you can kiss your Aquaman superpowers goodbye.

final thoughts

Let’s be honest, the Trident is a pretty powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Whether you’re exploring the oceans or prefer ranged attacks, a Trident is perfect for you.

Combining a Trident with the above enchantments makes for a much better experience. These enchantments make the Drowned army worth fighting for that Trident.

So go ahead and get yourself a Trident and be sure to give these enchantments a try!