Tips for Jungle Map in COD: Black Ops Cold War


Tips for Jungle Map in COD: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is not without its flaws, but in the eyes of many it is one of the strongest entries in the Obligations Serie. Its failings can be largely forgiven considering the game was commissioned from Treyarch on short notice and was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard has led many players to return to cold war black ops due to its superior gameplay, maps, modes, and frequent updates. This entry brought many new maps to the franchise, but also reintroduced some old ones, such as the fan-favorite Jungle map. There are a few tips that players need to keep in mind in order to perform at their best in Jungle.


cold war black ops was one of the best FPS games in 2020, so it’s great to see it continue to get support.

Ping enemies

Players should look to ping enemies using the D-Pad, as this allows other teammates to be aware of certain locations on the map where enemies may be waiting to be easily killed.

If a team is not communicating with each other in voice chat, using pings is the next best thing. Players returning to COD who were absent during some games may not know that they can do so in Cold War.

move with the team

Players who are not as familiar with the map will want to move around with their team, as this can increase their chances of surviving firefights as long as the other players have quick reflexes. Cold War It has a mix of awesome multiplayer modes that prioritize teamwork above all else.

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While roaming around as a lone wolf, flanking the enemy and being unpredictable increases the chances of success for fast-paced players running SMGs or other speed-based charges; nevertheless, most of the time in cold war black ops it is a better idea to move in a group. This can help reduce the number of kills a player has and improve the team’s chances of winning.

wear cover

Jungle is a well-designed map with many open areas that can spell death for a player if not covered properly. Players need to think about their moves as they traverse the map and make sure they don’t leave themselves open for a sniper or better positioned teammate to take out. cold war black ops it covers well by providing enough for players to make it an option, but not so much that it becomes the default tactic for everyone. This coverage treatment must be in the next COD play.

It is one of the fundamentals of any shooter game that players should take cover whenever they can. As the Obligations games shift towards more tactical gameplay, the use of cover has never been a more important part of the experience.

Use the points of view

There is a cliff smack in the middle of the jungle map that will give the player lines of sight to most of the area. The cliff must be considered as the most dangerous place on the a lot of fights tend to congregate there between SMG and AR wielding players and even snipers who can dominate in public matches.

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Players using the cliff should make sure they are well equipped with a large loadout and the necessary reactions to be able to stand in the most open spot on the map and kill people from almost anywhere.

Wear matching clothes

cold war black ops allows players to customize the appearance of their Operator, with different cosmetic items available and more added with each new Season. Some of these options include clothing such as the Ghillie Suit, but other stealth outfits are available. Changing clothes is a feature that some players didn’t know they could do in cold war black ops.

As Jungle has many areas that are well covered thanks to the inclusion of rocks, bushes and trees, players must wear an outfit that is dark and of a more earthy color. This can cause opponents to miss a player’s location, giving the latter enough time to take them out from behind cover.

Run the outskirts of a map

This advice does not only apply to Jungle but to many cold war black ops Maps When in a game, players can simply go around the outskirts of a map in a full circle, never venturing into the middle. The center of maps tends to be where a lot of the action takes place, so avoiding that by constantly flanking the outskirts can help players keep up with gen changes and get through multiple players with less difficulty. Even players who dominate PvP with assault rifles need be cautious and avoid taking chances for no reason at the epicenter of combat.

This will obviously depend on the game mode, as objective based ones like Hardpoint or Sabotage will move around objective locations. This can sometimes mean that an outskirts section of a map will be busier than a player expects, but this type of path through a map is usually pretty good at helping a player get high kills and low kills. .

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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