More Resident Evil Remakes May Release On PS5 During Capcom Showcase


More Resident Evil Remakes May Release On PS5 During Capcom Showcase

File sizes for more Resident Evil games coming to PlayStation 5 have been leaked, indicating that previously announced updates could be released soon.

the remakes of resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3 may be getting dedicated PlayStation 5 releases alongside Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, potentially as early as the Capcom Showcase scheduled for June 13, according to leaks. Game files added to the PlayStation Network database suggest an imminent release of the Enhanced Versions, which Capcom confirmed earlier this year would also be coming to Xbox Series X/S.

Remakes have long been a staple of the demonic resident series, with the original game receiving one just six years after its 1996 release, but Capcom has more recently been overhauling its classic titles, starting with RE2 Y RE3. The trend continues with the recently announced Resident Evil 4 remake, which reinvents its history. Resident Evil 7However, it was released in 2017 as a kind of reinvention of the series. RE7 and both remakes have been playable on the new consoles with moderate performance improvements, but these re-releases are expected to be more significant upgrades.


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The appearance of the PS5 versions of the three games in the PSN database was leaked by PlayStation game size on Twitter, an account that tracks the size of new game files and updates. This conveniently comes just a few days before the Capcom Showcase scheduled for June 13 at 3pm PT, where the company will share news on a variety of its properties. Although a surprise release has not been confirmed, the PS5 files appearing on the PSN back-end indicate that it will be released soon, and suddenly dropping games or updates like these always sparks excitement from fans.

Earlier this year, Capcom announced the three demonic resident updates for PS5 and Series X/S, but did not specify a release window other than later in the year. There were also no details on what exactly those updates would bring, apart from vague visual improvements. Perhaps the best news for demonic resident fans is that all three updates will be free for those who already own the PS4 or Xbox One versions. According to PlayStation Game Size, there will also be an update version specific to the RE7 gold editionwhich includes all the DLC of the game.

The current-gen versions of these games will likely occupy the demonic resident fanbase until the next DLC for Village is it availabe. Similarly, there is no release date yet for the long-delayed Resident Evil Re:Versea multiplayer third-person shooter game. Reverse recently received a new rating, and Capcom’s showcase seems like the most likely occasion to get more news about him and the RE8 DLC. Players know what to expect from resident evil 2, Resident Evil 3Y Resident Evil 7: Biohazardbut a surprise release of its upgraded versions would certainly continue to be the highlight of the Capcom Showcase.

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