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Minecraft Villager Trading Guide – KeenGamer

Minecraft Villagers Trading Guide

The villagers are one of the most important mafias in Minecraft take advantage of. East Minecraft Villager Trading Guide will serve as an introduction to everything you need to know to take advantage of villager trading for resources and powerful loot.

Obtaining villagers

While you can trade with villagers you find in a village, it’s more convenient to have villagers near your base. Villagers can’t be put on a leash, so luring them back to your base can be a bit tricky and a bit tedious. One method of attracting villagers is through the use of job blocks (Fletcher table, lectern, etc.). Unemployed villagers will walk to a nearby unclaimed location. work block. By repeatedly placing and extracting the job block, you can make the villagers follow you, albeit rather slowly.

Alternatively, while you can’t put villagers on leashes, you can put them on boats. By placing a boat next to a villager, you can make them enter the boat. Once inside the ship you can also enter the ship and lead the villager wherever you want. When on a boat, you can’t climb blocks, stairs, or slabs, so you need to make sure your destination is on the same level y-coordinate. If you need to transport villagers long distances, it might be worth making a path through the bottom, as each block traversed in the bottom equals 8 blocks in the overworld. However, once you have obtained 2 villagers, you will be able to breed them for more.

The player in a boat with a villager.

The player in a boat with a villager.

villager breeding

To breed villagers, you need to meet some conditions:

The villagers must receive a sufficient amount of food, for the villagers to be willing to breed, they must have 12 units of food in their inventory. Beets, carrots, and potatoes each count as 1 unit, while bread counts as 4 units. Once they have enough food, the villagers should be able to get close to each other. Finally, there should be enough beds nearby to accommodate another villager for the baby to spawn. For example, if you have 2 villagers nearby, you will need 3 beds for a baby to spawn.

With these conditions met, you can start spawning as many villagers as you like. Areas with high concentrations of villagers will start to naturally spawn iron golems and cats. If you don’t want these mobs to clog up your base, it’s recommended that you spawn tests around your villager spawn spot. However, you can use these spawns to your advantage if you wanted to. build an iron farm.

Minecraft Villager Trading Guide and Other Tips

Trading is a great way to get resources, but you need a lot of emeralds to take advantage of them. You could get emeralds through mining, but they are incredibly rare. It is much easier to obtain them through trade. As a general guide to trading Minecrafthere are some of the easiest transactions to complete to rack up tons of emeralds fast:

Best trades to get emeralds

  • Fletcher: 32 sticks for an emerald. This trade effectively turns 4 logs into 1 emerald.
  • Cleric: 32 Rotten Flesh for an Emerald. Everyone has a bunch of rotten meat hiding in random chests that they don’t know what to do with, this is a good way to take advantage of that.
  • Cartographer: 24 papers for an emerald and 10 glass panels for an emerald. If you have a sugar cane farm, paper 24 is easy to get. Every 6 pieces of glass equals 16 crystals.
  • Farmer: Any harvest for an emerald. The farmer has exchanges for 20 wheat, 15 beets, 22 carrots or 26 potatoes, if he has surplus crops, this is an easy way to get more emeralds.

Once you have a sufficient amount of emeralds you will want to trade some high value items, here are some of the most valuable trades in the game:

Trades for Important Resources

  • librarian
    • Any enchanted book in the game (mending, fortune, falling featheretc.)
    • Name Tags – You cannot craft this item (otherwise it is obtained through chests).
  • Cleric
    • Ender Pearls – Can be used to make Eyes of Ender. These are required to win the game and create ender chests. You can also use them to teleport great distances.
    • Bottle O’ Enchanting – This item will give the user experience upon breaking.
  • Farmer
    • Golden Carrots – One of the best foods in the game because it has a great high saturation.
    • Apples – Useful for crafting golden apples and avoids having to pierce leaves for random drops.
  • Weaponsmith, armorer and toolsmith
Here is a table showing each villager's job and their possible trades.

Here is a table showing each villager’s job and their possible trades.

general tips

If a villager doesn’t have a job they want, they can reset it by mining and replacing their job block. If he finds the trade he wants, he can block his trade by completing a trade. This means that this only works for low level trades, but it’s the best way to guarantee low level trades like specific enchanted books.

In addition to all the valuable items you can get from trading, every time you trade with villagers you gain experience, which also makes trading with villagers a good way to get enchantments. The grinding experience can often be tedious in Minecraft so trading with the villagers is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and guide you towards the best enchantments.

Lower prices

Some of these better trades can get quite expensive, so it’s important to try and lower villager prices if possible. There are two ways to lower villager prices:

complete raids

You can start a raid by entering a town with the bad omen effect active. Raids consist of multiple waves of raiders, witches, summoners, vindicators, and ravagers. However, completing a raid can be incredibly difficult without the proper gear.

After completing a raid, you get the People’s State Hero which reduces trade prices with each villager for 40 minutes. You can accumulate this status by completing multiple raids or by completing higher level raids. However, discounts will be capped and trade prices cannot go below 55% using this method.

zombie villagers

When you heal a Zombie Villager, they will give the player a discount. You can stack this discount by healing the same villager again, which will eventually bring the trade down to 1. This means you may eventually get to the point where you can trade 1 stick for 1 emerald.

discount operations

discount operations

To heal a Zombie Villager, you must first hit it with a weakening potion and then give it a golden apple. When a zombie attacks a villager on hard mode, he will always turn into a zombie villager. On easier difficulties, there is a chance that the villager will die. This means that if you want to heal the same villager multiple times to get the best deals, it is recommended that you play on Hard or Hardcore mode. These discounts will eventually start to wear off, but you can reset them by healing the villager again.

A zombie villager being healed by discounted trades

A zombie villager being healed by discounted trades

Completing a raid will take a lot more effort and time, while healing the villagers will take a lot of resources. Healing zombie villagers is highly recommended, as the ability to stack discounts makes it worthwhile in the long run.

With tons of villagers, the right trades, and reduced prices, now you’re ready to take advantage of everything villagers have to offer! If you enjoyed our Minecraft Trading Guide and would like more information on Minecraft then you can see our review!